love after marriage season 2 (part 17)

Thank you for your lovely comments..??? sorry friends I couldn’t update yesterday..I said about my friend na..Shona.. Her guy’s heart transplantation surgery failed and he expired so mood off..sorry…
Sangeet function finishes.. Arshu go serve food for elders.. After dinner..amma comes to feed aishu.. Arvi is also there.. She feeds both and tell you were looking good together.. Arshu smile..aishu goes as she gets a call.. Amma asks arvi do you like Aishu? Arvi replies he loves her.. Amma smiles.. Arvi goes from there.. Aishu who heard this smiles thinking about arvi.. Amma see her and tell her you’re really lucky to get him..always be with him.. Amma and aishu leave for home.. Aishu asks Amma will you put mehandi for me? Amma nods ok..
Next day…
Arvi is sleeping still.. Mom comes to wake him up..tells you brother will become groom by 7am but you’re still sleeping.. Arvi replies let him become..what for me? She replies you go see other works.. He gets up goes to take bath.. She thinks god save aishu from this fellow..goes down.. Arvi comes out and gets ready..thinks about aishu..say she will be wearing red saree today..i should go and see her..yesterday she was so cute in white dress..she was looking like angel… Arjun come there and say you should also look like prince to match her him a packet and ask him to wear this ok.. Arvi says ok..
After 1hr..
Arvi comes to Arjun room.. Arjun smiles and say you’ll match her for sure.. Arvi thanks him.. Arjun says golden colour and red colour combination looks good na.. Arvi says you ll be wearing white colour dress..which suji don’t like.. Arjun smiles and say be like’re the best brother.. Arvi says yea everyone can’t be like you na.. Both start laughing.. Mom and dad come there tell be happy forever.. Arjun takes blessings from parents.. Arvi hugs them and say Arjun you forgot taking blessings from me.. Mom and dad start laughing.. Arjun chases arvi..
Aishu’s home..
Aishu gets ready in red and golden colour half saree.. Amma make her wear jewellery.. Aishu removes heavy jewellery and say Amma smile from heart is best jewellery then lakhs of diamonds.. Amma tell her really for you smile is enough.but.. Aishu asks what? Amma tells for that smile arvi should be reason.. aishu says amma.. She smiles and hugs aishu..
Suji’s home
Suji is getting ready.. Bindhu keeps irritating her saying Akka you’re looking gorgeous in white colour saree.. Suji says Bindhu please.. Aishu comes there..with tapu and Madhu.. All irritate her taking white colour else Arjun.. Suji smiles.. Suji’s mummy come there and bless her..tell her more 1hr you’ll become sujitha Arjun.. Aishu smiles.. Mummy holds her hand and tell her you are gonna be her sister after 1yr.. Aishu replies her im already her sister… Suji hugs her and say mummy she is more than bindhu for me.. Bcz she will be with me till end of my.. Aishu says Akka please don’t say a word.. Suji hugs her and smile.. Mummy tells be like this forever..
Marriage hall..
One side suji is busy with gowri puja and other side Arjun is busy with pandith..he is doing whatever he is telling him.. Aishu and arvi are with bride and groom respectively.. Arvi thinks of seeing her but keeps quiet.. Aishu msgs him to welcome guest’s.. He leaves from there.. Bindhu,tapu and Madhu are welcoming guests.. Arvi comes there.. All three start giggling.. Arvi asks what happened? They nod nothing.. They get busy with guests..
At 10:25..
Pandith tells call bride.. Bindhu goes to call her.. Arvi keeps seeing way bride enters.. He see’s bindhu..then tapu..then Madhu..then Vinaya..then some girls who are suji’s friends.. At last aishu and suji come together.. Girls surround them.. Tapu says Arvi is more excited to see aishu then Arjun.. All laugh.. Bindhu and aishu make suji sit next to Arjun..they both leave from there..
Bindhu gets a msg..she moves towards main entrance.. Aishu comes towards Arvi.. He asks who asked you to wear this dress? She shows suji..ask same question to him.. He shows Arjun.. Both smile..
Precap: Nothing..
Pls tolerate it..i know it’s not upto mark..i couldn’t think anything..sorry..

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  1. Shruthis

    dii i can understand..please take your time to write..i’m with you 🙂
    love you a lot :$

  2. it was very short,but was nice

  3. Don’t worry pooja everything will be alright..

  4. nice but short…

  5. AvniEsha

    Di v can understand time will heal every wound v all r wid u TC di n ur frnd

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