love after marriage season 2 (part 16)


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Arshu reach suji’s home.. Aishu takes mehandi cones and goes inside.. Arvi goes to park car.. Aishu goes inside..bindhu smiles seeing her and say Akka you’re looking so cute in pink dress.. Aishu smiles.. Both go to give mehandi.. Mom smiles seeing aishu and tell her put mehandi design for suji.. Aishu nods ok.. Suji is getting ready.. Aishu comes inside and say Akka come fast.. Suji says her come and help me with saree.. Aishu says Akka.. Suji asks what? Aishu replies I don’t know how to wear saree.. Suji smiles and say then in your marriage you’ll wear salwar suit only na.. Aishu says I have my cute sister who will help me or amma.. Suji smiles.. Both come down..
Arvi comes inside.. Tapu and Madhu pull him aside and say you are not allowed here..go from here.. Arvi say ill call Surya and Manu to come here.. Aishu comes there and say arvi mom is calling you..winks while saying it.. Arvi understands it, excuses and goes from there… Aishu and her friends apply mehandi for suji.. Aishu applies for tapu and Madhu also.. Mom tell her you also get ready.. Aishu says tomorrow evening I have some work.. Arvi also escape from there.. All gets busy with work.. They don’t notice these two..
Arvi calls mom and asks her to send suji to terrace.. Mom ask why? Aishu says mom please.. Mom tells then you both planned something.. Arshu say together after 15 min you will know mom.. Mom smiles and replies ok ill send her .. Amma tells her they both planned surprise for suji and Arjun.. Suji is with bindhu,tapu and Madhu.. Mom comes there and tells her Arvi and aishu are fighting on something..suji pls go to terrace.. Suji runs from there.. Tapu asks aunty are they fighting?? Mom smiles and nods no.. Tapu says surprise.. Mom smiles..
Suji goes to terrace…see its decorated with roses..balloons.. She goes forward..a carpet with Diya’s on both side.. Arjun is standing there.. She smiles.. Arshu silently move from there.. Arjun comes forward..makes her sit.. She asks what this? He says you always have complaint that I wont say what’s in my heart na.. She says everyone knows this.. He smiles.. Sits on knees.. She says diya..he says wanted to know what is there in my heart na.. She nods yes.. He says you were my friend from 7th std na.. She nods yes.. He says you were so cute those used to talk so used to talk with are the first and last girl in my are first girl with whom I used to talk.. She says I know all these.. He smiles and say I know you know these..but you’re the most important person in my are next to my had all solutions to my relation used patch up my and arvi’s were solution for my tensions and pains..when you first time came and said me about Arun..i got angry on him thinking how can he make you far from me..i was not knowing what that was called but Arvi started teasing me taking your name I don’t why but started feeling im completed with your name..with you..yes suji I feel completed with you.. She smiles.. He says I love you suji.. She smiles and says it would be better if you said this after your kids marriage na.. He smiles and says sorry… She keeps finger on his lips and say don’t say don’t know how much I waited to hear this words from you..I was knowing you love me but I couldn’t confirm it..bcz you never spoke these words with me.. He asks what words? She says I love you.. He says thanks for replying.. She smiles and say you are becoming like aishu your partner.. He says she is not just my partner she is my cute little sister.. She smiles and asks her plan na? He says yea..she asked me propose you.. Suji asks if she hadn’t asked you would never said na? He says you only said na..after our kids marriage I would have said this words…she acts to be angry.. He holds ears and say I would have said it after our marriage.. She smiles and say don’t say I know everything ok? He says sorry.. She asks Arjun for you kept that gift pack.. He says her.. She says mehandi.. He says open it tomorrow ok.. She says ok.. He hugs her and says thank you for coming into my life.. She smiles and say feeling hungry..i need pizza.. He says I know..its here..takes packet and opens it.. He starts feeding her.. Both spend talking with each other…
At night..
Arshu come to terrace and find them sleeping.. Aishu says ill wake them up.. Arvi says they look so cute na.. She says yea.. He says wait for sometime..ill remove camera.. She asks what camera? He says I wanted Arjun proposal to be recorded so.. She says you are really.. He says dont worry he don’t have guts to .. She beats him.. He says aishu for will understand it quiet don’t say anyone ok.. She nods ok.. He does his work.. Then ask her to wake up suji .. She goes to wake up her.. Suji wakes up and tries to wake up Arjun.. Arvi says suji you don’t know to wake up him..wait..he takes water mug..starts sprinkling.. Arjun wake up.. See aishu and suji smiling.. Aishu says Akka I brought dinner..lets have then go down ok.. Suji nods ok.. Arjun and Arvi keep irritating one another.. Tapu comes there and says aishu im going to shop bye.. Aishu says wait na.. Suji asks what happened? Tapu says aishu didn’t buy dress for we are going now.. Aishu says bye and runs from there.. Suji thanks arvi for aishu.. He asks what? She says if you didn’t agree to marry her I would never get such a girl as sister.. Arjun say suji he should go out I think.. Arvi goes from there.. Suji smiles..
Next day..
Arshu are talking..they decide to about Arjun and suji dance.. Arvi says they should else I wont leave them.. Aishu smiles..says ok lets meet there then.. They both get busy..
Evening… Sangeet hall..
Arvi and Manu are busy with arrangements.. Surya comes there and say Arjun is not ready yet.. Arvi says call aishu and say her about Arjun.. Manu says ok..goes to call her.. Aishu gets to know about Arjun and she comes early to hall.. Arvi see her not ready yet..ask her you didnt buy dress? She says shut up goes to give Arjun his dress. He goes to get ready.. She goes to mom’s room to get ready.. Mom smiles and tells her you have just 15min.. Aishu says ok mom..
Mom comes to arvi and tell him aishu is getting ready..before she comes your decorations as to be completed.. He asks am I servant? She laughs and tell after marriage you’ll be.. He says mom..please.. She tells wait after 1 more year.. He goes from there.. Mom laughs.. Manu and Surya join her..say aunty arvi will be married after 1yr..2months.. Mom turns to them..tells Manu you will be married after 6 months and Surya you will be married after.. Surya replies 3 months..aunty arvi is gone on you in teasing matter but aishu is becoming his lock.. Mom replies not lock she is key for him.. Surya says yea aunty.. Manu shows them aishu coming.. Mom asks where is arvi?? Manu points arvi.. Mom tells what about??.. Surya says ok aunty.. Manu says some kids to push Aishu when arvi comes near her..ill get you celebrations pack.. Kids says ok Anna..
Aishu is getting down stairs.. Manu says arvi Arjun was calling you.. Arvi goes towards winks at Manu..runs and make aishu fall by force.. Arvi holds her..they both get into eyelock.. Surya takes there photo.. Arvi makes her stand and ask her when you’ll learn to walk? She says I know ok.. He says oh really.. She says ya.. He says you.. She says ya me.. Mom observe them and think they are getting into fight.. She goes to stop..them.. Arshu stop seeing her.. Mom tells them why you both start fighting .. Arshu say sorry mom..they both go from there.. Arvi says thank god aishu I saw manu and kids together.. Aishu says then you msgd me.. Both smile.. Aishu says bye and go from there.. Arvi says don’t forget we both have a dance performance together.. She nods ok..goes from there..
At 5:40pm..
Suji’s family come for sangeet function.. Suji is wearing green and pink combination saree..with simple jewellery.. Arjun comes down..sits next her.. He holds her hands.. Suji says Arjun please.. He says I have rights to hold my wife hands ok.. Suji smiles says im not yet married.. He smiles says yesterday evening we both got only.. She stares at him.. He smiles.. She blushes.. Aishu comes there and say someone is blushing so much ? Suji pulls her and say her you are so cute that arvi can’t take his eyes off you.. Aishu says Akka.. Suji shows her arvi.. Both smile.. Aishu goes from there. Arjun says arvi is also looking handsome ok.. Suji says ya..both are looking so cute together.. He asks what about us? She blushes and says bad?.. He says really..she replies everyone are seeing us da..leave my hand.. He says let them see.. She says I love you..and winks at him.. He leaves her hand.. She smiles says don’t have guts huh.. He replies I have ill show you afterwards ok.. She says Arjun..
Manu and Arvi come on stage..asks everyone to pay attention.. Aishu who laughing because of kids naughtiness..becomes quiet.. Arvi see her and sign her to be quiet.. She signs sorry..he smiles.. Manu says everywhere wedding couple will be asked to perform at end but we should do something else common is always bad .. Arvi calls Arjun and suji.. They both perform on song Nesthama Nesthama song from Dhamarukam .. Everyone smile.. Arvi says these two are always hide there love in name of friendship.. Arjun holds his hands and say shut up.. All smile.. Manu says enough bro.. Arjun says now lets see arshu’s dance.. Arvi glares at him.. Arjun smiles and says all the best… Manu says cutie where are you.. Aishu comes there.. Arvi signs her.. She signs ok.. Manu plays..Bommarillu song Appudo Ippudo.. Arshu perform for it.. They both get into eyelocks.. Smile as it ends.. All enjoy their performance.. Mom dad and amma smile.. Suji smiles says see them hiding their love behind eyes.. Arjun smiles says it won’t hide for more time..

Precap: Arvi says he loves aishu..

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