love after marriage season 2 (part 15)


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recap: Arvi slaps aishu..
Suji calling Arvi.. He see’s her name and receive call.. She says aishu is having high fever.. Arvi asks her to take care of her.. Suji asks him what happened between them? Arvi says aishu doesn’t trust me.. Suji says every girl doesn’t trust her hubby before marriage.. Arvi says suji she said something because of which I got angry.. She asks what you did? Arvi says I slapped her.. She says aishu is a kid da..she doesn’t understand anything properly..she have knowledge about books not about relationships da.. He says suji I know it..but she doesn’t even think.. Suji says she spoke something which happen after marriage right.. Arvi says yea.. Suji says she doesn’t even know meaning of marriage should make her understand but you also act so.. Arvi says sorry suji I couldn’t tolerate her words.. Suji says come here by Wednesday and talk with her..tomorrow ill talk with her ok.. He says thanks.. She smiles and says you’re my friend and brother in law..ok no need of your thanks..but come here early and take care of my sister ok.. He says ok suji..good night ?.. She replies good night sweet dreams ? bye..
Next day..
Aishu gets up.. Suji smiles seeing her.. Aishu asks Akka you?? Suji says you’re not came to see you.. Aishu smiles.. Suji comes and hugs her..asks her is it paining?? Aishu says Akka.. Suji touch her cheeks and say I know arvi slapped you..i know reason.. Aishu says sorry Akka.. Suji says you have ask arvi sorry not me.. Aishu says he told he wont talk with me.. Suji smiles and says he love you ok..he may get angry but never forget loving you.. Aishu asks really?? Suji smiles and say yea.. Aishu says thanks.. Suji feeds her breakfast and make her have tablets.. She makes her her..smiles says really you’re a kid..I got smallest sister then my chinu who is 4 yrs kid.. She gives her a teddy bear and make her sleep..close curtains.. She comes down..
Amma tells thank you.. Suji says amma you’re my amma should bless me than thanking me.. Suji hugs her and leave for home.. Arjun calls her..she smiles and says don’t worry aishu is fine..she is sleeping.. Arjun says thank you ?.. She says bye im leaving for office.. Arjun says bye..take care ?.. She smiles and cuts call.. Thinks one side brother who care for his future wife so much..other side he who doesn’t know to talk with me.. She leaves..
Arvi’s room..
He gets up from bed..goes get ready by 10min..leave for bank.. He thinks about aishu and say you’re stupid girl..i have make you understand what is meaning of love right now then only I’ll get engaged to you.. He reaches bank completes work there by afternoon.. He calls mom and say her ill reach tomorrow morning.. He leaves for buying something for aishu..thinks of making her fall in true love.. He completes shopping and leave for home..
At night 1:00am
Aishu is sleeping..her teddy bears are lying next to her.. Arvi comes into her bedroom.. He decorates room..wake up her.. She gets up..see him..says you.. Arvi says be quiet.. She nods ok.. He says her chocolate and say I know I don’t have rights to slap you sorry.. She starts crying.. He hugs her and say please don’t are a crying girl I know but please.. She says im not crying girl ok.. He clicks a pic and show her..say see crying girl.. She takes phone and delete it.. He smiles and ask her you know what you don’t know anything? She asks what I don’t know? He says my buddu baby.. She takes pillow and hits him.. He smiles and say you’re okay na.. She says im fine.. He checks her fever and ask did slap hurt you soo much? She says no.. He says you’re my jaan ok..i was hurt because of your’s really bad thing jaan..marriage means union of two souls who find friendship then eventually it turn into will make two families one gives bride family a son and groom family a daughter.. We take seven rounds around Agni..each with a meaning
1. In the first round , the couple prays to God for plenty of nourishing and pure food. They pray to God to let them walk together so that they will get food.
2. In the second round, the couple prays to God for a healthy and prosperous life. They ask for the physical, spiritual and mental health from God.
3. In the third one the couple prays to God for wealth. They ask God for the strength for both of them so that they can share the happiness and pain together. Also, they pray so that they can walk together to get wealth.
4. In the fourth round the couple prays to God for the increase in love and respect for each other and their respective families.
5. The bride and groom together pray for the beautiful, heroic and noble children from God in the fifth step.
6. In the sixth holy round around the fire, the couple asks for the peaceful long life with each other.
7. In the final seventh round the couple prays to god for companionship, togetherness, loyalty and understanding between themselves. They ask God to make them friends and give the maturity to carry out the friendship for lifetime. The husband says to his new wife that now they have become friends after the Seven Vows/Sat Phere and they will not break their friendship in life.
Aishu we both will be friends first okay… She nods ok.. He says we both will complete this 7 vows..but with these we were take other 5 promises to make our relationship a perfect one..
1. We both have rights to take decision in our life..but we both together decide which decision will our decision..
2. You will continue your education.. I’ll support you in each step of your life.. I can expect same from you na? She nods yes..
3. We both will respect each others wishes and parents and family.. All will be given priority.. No one will be considered as our family..
4. This vow is from my side’s a promise to you..till you aspect our relation from your heart and say it to me..i wont touch you.. What I said you understood na? She nods yes..
5. We both had..individual life’s till now..but after marriage we will be leading aishu’s life..Arvi’s life and aishu and arvi’s life ok.. It consists of 3 life’s ok.. She nods ok..
At last but not least.. You and I will be best friends forever ok.. She says okay.. He hugs her and say now there is gift for my bestie.. She asks what? He gives her a dress and say when you really accept me as your hubby you will wear this one ok.. She nods ok.. He gives her other gift and say sorry jaan for hurting you..forgive me.. She takes gift and keep it aside.. She gives him a gift pack and say sorry arvi..i really didn’t wanted to hurt you.. He smiles and say we both will forget that incident ok .. She smiles and nods ok.. He says keep smiling ok.. She nods ok.. He says ok ill leave now on Wednesday ill meet you in mehandi function ok.. She nods ok.. He goes from there.. She sleeps.. He says my confusion are so confused that you will fall in love for sure ?
He reaches home.. Ring door bells.. Dad opens door.. Arvi hugs him and say thank you hero.. Dad asks him did you have dinner? Arvi says sandwich.. Dad asks shall I bring anything to eat.. Mom from back tell them to have fruit salad and juice.. Arvi says mom go you also.. Mom and dad tell together have this.. Arvi says okay..please don’t scold.. Dad tell him go have morning we can talk.. Mom tells not morning ok..sleep till afternoon and have good sleep without tensions of business.. He smiles and goes to have fruits salad.. Mom and dad leave for room.. Then arvi goes to room and sleeps thinking about aishu..smiles..
Aishu wakes up and see her room..she is surprised fully.. Smiles and say Arvi you’re the best.. She hugs teddy bear and say thank you arvi.. She keeps everything in wardrobe.. See Arvi’s gift..checks it..see’s her colour saree and bangles set..she smiles.. Goes takes bath and wear red colour dress..thinks I don’t why but I like to your favourite colour dress.. She thinks arvi why you are making me feel so special? But I promise you today whatever may happen you’ll always be my first priority..whatever you want ill do it without thinking twice..
Day goes soon.. Arshu are thinking about each other.. Aishu removes mehandi marks on her hand and think I want to put new mehandi design.. Aishu sleeps.. Arvi is also sleeping..
Mehandi function day..
Aishu is getting ready for function.. Arvi thinks I should go and meet her today.. He gets ready and leave for getting mehandi cones.. Mom asks him to take aishu with him.. He nods ok and leaves.. Mom calls aishu and tell go with arvi to temple and then come directly to suji’s home ok.. She replies ok mom.. Amma and papa leave for function.. Aishu is waiting for arvi.. He comes there..see her waiting for him..smiles.. She see and go towards to car.. She is wearing pink salwar suit.. He says lets go.. She says ok..
After buying mehandi cones’..arshu reach temple and pray for suji and Arjun.. Aishu says pandith uncle about mehandi function and ask him pray for couple.. After completing puja.. Arshu leave for suji’s home.. Arvi asks aishu you had your breakfast ? She says yea..u? Arvi says no.. She asks why? He says I didn’t get time..but now im feeling hungry.. She says stop near hotel.. He says okay..stop near a hotel.. She goes inside and bring his favourite vegetable biryani..ask him sit in her place she will drive.. He says you didn’t bring your license.. She says ok..sits in place and feed him.. He keeps seeing her..she says first complete food.. He is driving..but also she feeds him.. He gets hiccups.. She makes him drink water.. He says thanks.. She smiles.. He says im full.. She says shut up..have this else I won’t talk with you.. He says ok.. She feeds him and smiles says it’s completed.. He stops near a dustbin.. She gets down and throws package.. Then they drive to suji’s home..
Precap: A proposal and followed by a dance..
Guess whose proposal & dance???

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  1. Shruthis

    woww di masth.. whats wrong with arjun and suji?

    1. Thank you ??? Arjun is reserved type guy around girls.. He talks with suji but only how much is required.. There is no problem between them.. Suji wants him to express his heart feeling

  2. Hey I really can’t stop appreciating u really ur narration is good

    1. Thank you ??

  3. Ani

    nice i am new but i read your season 1 and now following your season 2 …..

    i love the characters and story line

    wishing you and ur husband a happy married life . i know i am late i am saying na because for the first time i am talking with you

    nice to see u soon with next part..

    1. Thank you for your wishes ?? dear wishes can’t be late..

  4. too good

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