love after marriage season 2 (part 14)


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Arvi leaves from there.. Tapu keep pulling Aishu’s leg.. Aishu thinks why she is back of me today. Suji smiles says ok enough now lets go for movie. They watch movie enjoy after that. Aishu and suji go bringing popcorn and juice. Suji asks aishu will you come out with us on Sunday.. Aishu nods yes.. Suji says I know you are so comfortable around arvi.. Aishu says Akka I was comfortable but engagement and marriage thoughts are making me feel somewhat.. Suji say her you’re his friend first na.. Aishu nods yes.. Suji say you know aishu Arvi is not like others he will take care of you as a friend first then he will give you freedom for your wishes first aishu.. She replies Akka I know he will take care of me..he will give me freedom for my thoughts.. But.. Suji asks what? Aishu replies will I complete my responsibility towards him? Suji hugs her and say you will aishu bcz I see concern about may turn into love in few days..or few months or by one year.. Aishu keeps seeing her.. Suji says I think my friend is so good that any girl will fall in love with him.. Aishu smiles.. Suji also smiles says I think we will be late for movie.. Both go inside..
Aishu keeps thinking about arvi..she thinks about their first meet..his words on that day..second meet at home..his words regarding education..their meet with his friends and then her friends.. His talks regarding marriage..his thoughts regarding friendship.. She is fully lost.. Madhu see her and take her aside..ask what happened? Aishu says nothing I want to go home.. Madhu says ok ill come with you.. Aishu says I will alone you be here with friends da.. Madhu says ok be careful da.. Aishu leave from there.. See herself in mirror and say aishu go home before anything happens to you.,..
Aishu reach home.. Amma see her lost and thinks what happened to my daughter..she lost her smile from yesterday.. Aishu goes to room..and sleeps.. She starts crying saying im not good..i don’t have rights to love feeling like cheating arvi..he loves so much..but me..i feel I can’t love him back..i feel I can’t do anything for him.. She decides ill get married to him..ill give him all rights..i mean my b*dy..i don’t know about my heart.. She sleeps..

Arvi is with his friends.. Manu shows him a guy and say he wont change in this life.. Arvi says murder won’t change forever.. Surya says guys lets go from here.. Three goes towards door .. That guy stops them and say hi guys,,don’t you want to meet my new girlfriend..he introduce girl named swapna.. Arvi starts moving from there.. That guy says arvi your baby doll was not so beautiful right.. Arvi holds his neck tightly and say him you don’t right to speak about her..if her thoughts come into your mind think that you will gonna see me.. Swapna say please leave him.. Arvi leaves him and warns him at least be with this girl for years.. Swapna slaps him and goes from there.. Guy start saying baby don’t listen to him..swapna leaves from there.. He thinks arvi and his friends are always back of me…shari do something before Arvi breaks bindhu’s trust on you..she is only way to take revenge from him..
Next day..
Arshu are sleeping in their rooms.. Arvi gets up early..thinks I didn’t talk with her yesterday properly after meeting Sharath..ill go and meet her today.. He goes to get ready.. Aishu on other side wake up and goes to get ready.. Both think about each other.. Aishu says you didn’t talk with him..he might feel you’re avoiding him.. Arvi says aishu you will fall in love with me.. Aishu starts gets hiccups.. She goes to drink water.. Aishu is wearing black dress..thinks arvi I’m wearing full black dress for first time..i don’t know how I’m looking… Amma see her coming..smiles..tell aishu for first time you’re wearing black dress.. Aishu smiles…asks how is dress? Amma tell her my princess looks good in every dress.. Aishu says Amma im feeling hungry.. Arvi says same from main door.. Aishu and amma see him.. Arvi says Amma im also feeling hungry.. Aishu and amma smile.. Amma asks to sit she will get food them.. Arshu sit .. Arvi says aishu you are gone mad are what.. She asks what happened ? He says you’re wearing black dress.. She pulls knife and shows him.. Arvi says amma amma aishu is.. Amma comes there.. Aishu says he is irritating me.. Amma tell them to have breakfast first.. Arvi smiles seeing her.. Aishu says ok amma.. Arvi says Amma we are going outing..can aishu come there? Amma asks who all are coming? Arvi says suji Arjun Madhu Surya Manu tapu bindhu .. Amma asks you? Arvi says Amma me too.. Amma tells you didn’t say aishu’s name.. Arvi says Amma you didn’t give permission to take her.. Amma tells when you’re taking my daughter full life..then why you are asking now for a outing?? Arvi says Amma but she will be your daughter forever..if you can please make me also as your son then son in law.. Aishu keeps seeing him.. He see her while talking about her.. Amma tell him you both are my kids only.. They have breakfast..

Sunday morning..
Suji and Bindhu are at aishu’s home.. Aishu comes down with bag.. Suji smiles seeing arvi..asking him to come fast.. Aishu says good morning..Akka..hugs her.. Then says good morning doll and hugs bindhu.. They go out after saying bye for amma and papa.. Suji says don’t worry aishu we all be with you.. Aishu says Akka.. Arvi and Arjun come there.. Aishu smiles. They get inside car.. Arvi is driving..aishu is sitting back of him.. Arjun call Manu and ask where they are now? Manu replies 5 min we will reach spot and from there lets go.. Arvi drives faster.. Bindhu and aishu are sitting with headphones.. Suji signs Arjun plan is perfect..
They reach spot.. Bindhu gets call.. She gets to know her friend is serious,say about it suji and leave to hospital. Now only suji,aishu and Arvi Arjun are in car.. Arjun is driving.. Arvi texts aishu” I think we should give them some privacy” aishu replies” what shall we do?” Arvi replies” after 5km my friend’s place is there I can take his bike if you are okay?” Aishu replies okay.. Arvi asks Arjun to stop near Kiran’s house. Arjun replies okay..
They reach Kiran’s home.. Arvi goes inside.. He comes out with bike keys and signs aishu to come out.. She gets down.. Arvi says suji we will meet you near hills bye.. Arshu leave.. Suji and Arjun see each others face and are shocked.. Suji says I never thought they this plan.. Aishu texts her..Akka you both are getting married next week we don’t wanted to disturb you’re privacy so.. Suji smiles reading it and Arjun to drive to hills.. He asks what happened? She shows msg.. Bothqq laugh and say they also need privacy.. Suji say ok drive faster.. He says ok madam ill drive.. Otherside arshu.. Arvi says thank you.. She says it’s ok.. He asks if I drive faster any problem? She says drive faster.. He says careful hold something ok.. She says Mr this is sports won’t be having anything to hold in proper way.. He says sorry I could have brought my bike.. She laughs and says you’re bike also same problem.. He says ok sorry.. She hugs him from back and say drive fast now.. He thinks what are this? She is getting close to me.. He drives faster..

After 1.5hr..
Arshu reach hills spot.. He asks her to be careful while getting down.. She says ok.. He parks bike.. Both sit and wait for other to reach.. Aishu says arvi.. He asks what happened? She asks if I hug you..didn’t you feel anything? He says you’re my friend what’s there to feel in it.. She says ok..after marriage also same huh? He asks what? She says after marriage you can do anything.. He holds her tightly and ask what?? She says you can do anything in bedroom.. He understands and slaps her hardly.. She starts crying.. He says im not marrying you for that work’s just a formality of souls becoming one..if you really love me only you will allow me to touch me..else im okay of being bachelor whole marrying you so that I can get my soul mate not bedroom mate or s*xmate ok.. She keeps crying… He says now stop crying im sorry for slapping you but I wanted to do it after hearing your words.. He leaves from there.. She runs after him and say sorry.. He asks if I cut your hand and ask sorry will it join? She says every guy wants it .. He says not me ok..i respected you..i wanted to marry because you’re heart not for your body.. She says sorry..pls arvi.. He just leave from there.. She thinks I said what was in my heart arvi..i didn’t know it will hurt you so much.. He thinks I know Aishu you said what’s in your heart but those words broke my didn’t trust me..aishu.. She thinks sorry arvi.. He thinks your sorry wont make me feel you trust me.. Both see each other.. She goes towards him.. He stops her and say please let not even be close..i won’t talk with front of all lets be like friends but we are not friends from now onwards.. She is crying..says sorry I didn’t mean it da..i wanted to be clear with you..because.. He asks do you think im wanted it? She nods no.. He says if you really think so then please for your kind information I don’t want to marry for that..marriage is union of souls not bodies ok.. She remains quiet.. They both hear car horn sound and act normal.. She goes and stand near tree..far from him.. He smiles seeing Arjun and suji coming.. Suji asks where is aishu? He shows her..

Suji goes towards her.. Tapu and Madhu also arrive there.. Suji see aishu’s eyes and say you’re crying.. Aishu says Akka why will I cry it’s because of dust.. Madhu and tapu see them..go towards them.. Manu and Surya join arvi..they all enjoy taking photos.. Arshu keep avoiding talking or being with each other.. Manu sense something is wrong.. Arvi gets call from his college friends..excuses and goes from there.. Tapu asks aishu go give him sandwich and juice he didnt have anything from morning it seems.. Aishu takes and go towards him.. Manu says there is something going wrong between them.. Suji asks what? Tapu says aishu likes hills spot but she is silent.. Surya says arvi never be so silent when he with his arjun.. Both will keep fighting or doing something.. Arjun says yea for first time im seeing him so silent..

Aishu give arvi sandwich and juice.. He asks her to keep it next to him and go.. She says ok..does so.. He says aishu.. She turns back.. He says sorry for hurting you.. She says you have that rights being friend .. He says mam I think I said you we are not friends.. She says sorry and move from there.. Both come to there friends.. Arvi says I should go for Delhi tomorrow..i had applied for loan for starting business some problem is there in that process.. Arjun asks him to talk with mom.. Arvi says ok..ill leave now..i should pack..also.. Arjun asks him to wait for sometime.. Arvi says pls it’s urgent work and leave from there.. Manu says aishu.. Arvi ask him to drop her and leave.. All are shocked seeing him so.. Aishu remains quiet.. Surya and Madhu are with Arjun and suji in there car. Aishu,tapu and Manu in other car.. Aishu remains quiet..tapu and Manu confirm there is something wrong for sure..Arvi while driving thinks about aishu words..his slap..

They reach home..aishu goes inside..say amma im tried..ill sleep.. Amma say okay.. Aishu keeps crying sleep off..but because of crying she gets fever.. Amma comes to her room after a while.. She see’s aishu sleeping.. She places her hand on aishu’s head..say aishu have fever… She goes to call doctor.. Doctor visit aishu’s home.. She gives aishu injection and ask Amma to take care of her..she is very weak.. Amma tells ok.. Doctor leaves..
Mom calls amma.. Comes to know aishu is not well.. She tells it to Arjun and dad.. Arjun thinks of aishu and decides to talk with suji.. He goes to call her.. He says about aishu’s fever..ask her to talk with arvi.. She says ok don’t worry ill talk with him.. Arjun thank her.. Suji decide to talk with arvi and ask what happened between them..

Precap: Arvi and suji’s talk.. Followed by suji’s mehandi..

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