love after marriage season 2 (part 13)


Sorry friends i couldnt update early my exams completed at more studying till august.. While writing this I was smiling so much that my mom asked if abhi is texting you? I said no mom.. She asked me to learn cooking then typing?..enough of boring you talking about myself.. Let me bore you all by updating this fiction?? Now ill concentrate on fiction and update it daily..
3 weeks later..
Arshu’s exams have completed.. Aishu is playing with her teddy bear..tapu and Madhu come there.. They ask to get ready.. She asks why? Tapu says you’re BIL engagement Idiot.. Aishu says tomorrow na.. Madhu says you should look best tomorrow ok.. Aishu asks why? Tapu says simply come.. All three leave for beauty parlour..

At beauty parlour..
Tapu asks them to put mehandi to aishu.. Aishu see’s them and say I didn’t have my lunch also.. Tapu and madhu look at each other..say we will feed you don’t worry.. Aishu says ok.. Tapu brings fruit salad and feed aishu.. She asks them also to get ready.. They say ok.. After 3hrs all are ready.. There hands are full of mehandi.. Aishu asks who will drop us home now? Tapu smiles and shows her a car waiting for them.. Aishu says Manu.. Tapu nods yes.. They all sit.. Manu smiles seeing aishu.. She asks don’t smile bro? I know im looking bad.. Manu say sis im smiling seeing your hands.. Aishu asks why? Manu say I heard suji Akka saying mehandi colour tells how much colour tells how much hubby loves.. Madhu asks do you love tapu? Tapu and Manu see each other..and smile.. Madhu says stop smiling and answer me.. Tapu says ill say you forwards .. Manu pls drive fast we should before 7. He drives faster.. Madhu and aishu see each other smile..
They drop Madhu and aishu at their home.. Tapu says thanks. He replies its ok.. She says im feeling hungry.. He asks shall we have anything? She shows her hands.. He asks I think I have rights to feed my girl.. She smiles.. He takes to her to hotel..while feeding her..both remember his proposal and smile.. She says thank you ?. He says it’s ok.. Both spend time together.. Then they for home..

Amma show aishu dress to wear tomorrow.. Aishu says amma which ever you like ill wear..i want to sleep.. Amma tells her ok then get ready in saree.. Aishu says please amma.. Both smile.. Amma gives her half saree and go from there.. Aishu sleeps thinking about Amma and papa..
At Arvi’s place..
Mom is calling arvi..he replies im nearby mom don’t be tensed ill reach.. Arjun takes phone and asks him shall I come? He replies Arjun its time to talk with suji not me? Arjun replies come here and say this.. Door bell rings.. Mom goes to open..she see’s Arvi and smiles.. He hugs her and say mom tomorrow is Arjun’s engagement and you are wake up till will get dark circles.. She holds his ears and tell stop flirting with me..I know you saying all these so that I won’t scold you for coming late.. He says my mom became intelligent ? .. His dad come there.. He asks Arvi did you bring files in? Mom asks him was Arvi with you? Dad tells yea I went to pick him from airport. Mom asks does airport to home way is so long? Arvi says mom we are hungry please give us some food..else I may fall down. Mom goes to bring food.. Dad and arvi give hifi.. Arjun who was watching this thinks dad and he had been to have charts for sure.. Arvi see and smile.. Arjun says nice drama.. Dad and Arvi smile.. They have dinner .. Mom asks Arvi flight time was 6 na? Arvi says no mom it was 8:30.. Arjun starts laughing.. Arvi glares at him.. Mom thinks now both will fight for sure.. Tells arvi go to sleep early else you won’t attend engagement tomorrow.. Arvi goes from there.. Arjun also leave.. Mom asks dad how was charts which you both had outside ? Dad smiles replies it’s was good..arvi wanted to have that.. Mom smiles say him I know you both father and son are just.. Dad replies her I want my son’s to be my friends.. Arjun became close with you but Arvi became close towards us..he became my friend then my son.. Mom tell him he was close with you more than me.. He smiles and say her he became my life..I still can’t believe he will married next year.. Mom tell him im thinking about aishu then him..because she will suffer more.. Dad laughs replies both are perfect to each other..she is grown up as a princess and here arvi is our prince.. Mom replies suji and aishu will be my princesses.. He replies yeah that’s true.. Both go for sleeping..

Mom comes to wake up arvi.. He is sleeping keeping foot on pillow.. Mom smiles and say he will never change.. She wakes him up..ask him to go for bath.. He says mom I want to sleep..yesterday I was wake up early mom pls.. She tells arvi afternoon you sleep na.. He says ok mom.. He goes to take bath..gets ready and goes down.. Arjun and Arvi see each other smile.. Arvi say him night we didn’t complete our fight but it will be completed the way you looking good.. Arjun say thank you..lets leave..

Engagement hall..
All are busy talking.. Amma and papa with aishu come there.. Aishu is wearing pink and cream colour dress.. Aishu takes amma’s permission and goes to suji’s room.. Suji smiles seeing her..aishu hugs her and say congrats Akka.. Suji asks her talked with arvi? She nods no.. Madhu and tapu come there.. Aishu smiles seeing them.. Madhu see her mehandi colour and shows Tapu.. Suji asks what happened? Tapu asks her Akka her mehandi colour.. Suji checks aishu’s hands and smiles.. Tapu says Akka someone love her so much na.. Aishu glares at her.. Tapu and Madhu starts laughing.. Aishu says you both shut up.. Suji smiles and say aishu.. All start laughing.. Aishu hugs suji and say tapu ill see you afterwards..
Arvi and his family reach engagement hall.. Aishu sense Arvi’s presence..smiles.. They enter hall.. Manu and Surya are with them.. Engagement related puja starts.. Pandith asks call suji.. Bindhu (suji’s sister) comes to call her.. All girls come down.. Arvi,Surya and Manu see their girls are shocked.. Suji smiles seeing them..say girls about them.. Aishu see them and say all are blank Akka.. Aishu make her sit next with Arjun.. Mom smile seeing them.. Madhu and tapu pull aishu from there.. They say lets go see them.. Aishu says no da.. Aishu see Vinaya coming inside and goes towards her.. She meets her and ankith.. Ignore arvi and his friends completely.. Arvi thinks her anger didn’t reduce yet.. Vinaya smiles seeing arvi asks what happened? He nods nothing.. Ankith gets busy with boys.. Aishu smiles seeing Arvi’s condition..thinks he got angry bcz he couldn’t do paper well,showed it on me na. Now let him ask him sorry till then I won’t talk with him.. Ankith say Arvi to ask sorry till then she wont talk with you.. Arvi says okay..

Aishu gives suji and Arjun gifts.. Arjun smiles and say thank you ?.. Aishu asks him to open it together and goes from there.. She is moving by corridor.. Somebody pulls her into inside a room.. She screams suddenly..hand close her mouth.. She looks at the person.. Its arvi..he is smiling seeing her..she signs to remove his hand.. He says sorry..removes his hands.. She asks what? He gives her chocolates and say sorry.. She asks why? He says that day I got angry na.. She smiles say it’s ok.. He asks really? She nods yes.. He hugs her..she is fully shocked.. He says you are very beautiful in this dress..thank you so much.. She says thanks.. Leave from there.. He smiles seeing her and say I wish you could hug me problem you will do it for sure ?.. Aishu is with her friends.. Tapu asks her did you forgive arvi? She smiles.. Tapu says you could have mad him wait na.. Manu comes there and say aishu you did good job don’t get into her words.. Aishu and her friends leave from there smiling.. Tapu stare at him..he smiles and hugs her says you are looking so pretty today.. She smiles..both get busy with one another..
Arvi comes to Arjun.. Suji asks him where is my gift? Arvi says I came for your engagement that is gift what else you want.. Suji says you didn’t even wish okay.. Arvi smiles and give them gift..say you both are really.. Arjun opens it and finds chain with a pendent.. He opens pendent and see’s suji’s pic.. Suji open her pendent and see Arjun pic.. Arvi asks how is this? Suji say best thank you soo much.. Arvi asks her to open aishu’s gift. Arjun and suji say him to call aishu there.. Aishu comes there.. Ask what happened? Arjun asks her promise me you will be on my side? Aishu asks means?? Arjun replies suji and arvi are a team..will you join me? Aishu smiles and say okay.. Arjun side hugs aishu.. Arvi says aishu he is very boring person in our home.. Suji stare at him.. Arvi says suji it’s truth only na he didn’t even propose you till both are friends from 6yrs.. Arjun say shut up Arvi.. He says if I had got girl friend like you I would have proposed her daily.. Arjun says okay then you propose aishu now.. Suji holds Arjun’s hands and signs to keep quiet.. Arshu excuses and goes from there..
Engagement gets over.. Everyone are busy with food.. Arshu exchange many eye locks.. Madhu observe them..thinks of talking with Surya about them.. Bindhu give Arvi a packet and say bhaiyya I have kept in this.. He smiles.. She leaves from there.. He comes near one are around her.. She see him..her heart beats keeps increasing..thinks what is happening with me.. He gives her that packet and say tomorrow we are going for movie.. She nods ok.. He say come at 9:30 near coffee shop.. She nods ok.. He leaves from there.. She thinks why im not able to talk with him..what happened to me.. She opens packet and see it’s the same gift which she liked at that shop..smiles..

Arvi see her smiling..thinks aishu I want you to say me im ready for marriage on your own till then ill make sure everything that you make you feel what’s going on in your heart.. Surya see him and smile.. Madhu msgs him to come out.. He goes.. Arvi gets busy suji and bindhu.. Aishu goes out to keep gift in car.. Vinkith and their friends are talking about arshu.. Aishu see them.. Tapu see her and say aishu Sunday lets go out na.. Aishu says okay.. Tapu say ask arvi to come with us na.. Aishu says ok ill try.. Manu says you will OK not trying and all.. She says okay.. Aishu goes from there.. Tanu and Vinkith say Surya you only say arvi.. Surya say okay.. All start leaving for home..
Arshu family’s also leave for home.. Amma tell aishu next 3 months you’ll also be engaged.. Aishu says amma im feeling so sleepy.. Papa drives home.. Aishu thinks about Arvi’s hug and his words..she closes her eyes..see Arvi smiling..says herself im going mad bcz of you..your’re touch..I don’t know why but I felt happy when you hugged me with a shock.. They reach home.. Aishu goes to room.. She goes change..she see’s arvi standing behind her..turns back and see’s no one.. Arvi why you are disturbing me.. She switch off lights and change dress..then sleeps..

Arvi gets up and msg aishu to come out at 9am itself..ill pick you from our common place.. She smiles seeing his msg..goes to get ready..thinks he used to get up at 12 pm on Sundays but today..sir is changing so much.. She gets ready and leave for movie.. She see arvi waiting for her.. She sits in bike..they both move from there.. She keeps her hands on his shoulders.. He thinks about their first bike ride how she was sitting far from her and now how she is sitting freely.. Aishu smiles..
Arshu reach mall.. Aishu gets down.. Arvi asks her to wait for some time ill come.. She nods ok.. Arvi goes to park bike.. Aishu keeps seeing animation movie poster.. Arvi comes there and ask her shall we go? She nods ok.. Arvi thinks what happened to her? Aishu holds his hands seeing dogs.. Arvi see aishu and then dogs.. He takes her from there.. They come near movie hall. Bindhu is waiting for them.. Aishu smiles seeing her and thinks thank you I was feeling somewhat..but you made me comfortable calling bindhu here.. Suji and with Madhu tapu.. Arvi say her its girls outing im going don’t worry… All start laughing.. Aishu feels embarrassed.. He says bye girls enjoy.. Tapu and bindhu push aishu towards him.. Arvi holds her before falling down..make her stand..asks are you okay? She nods yes..

Precap: Arshu’s and friends outing in hill station.. Followed by suji’s mehandi function and sangeet..

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    Hey Pooja Di… U are doing an amazing job. I just have request and would like to know the episode no. Where the exact details of Aishu’s accident in season are present. I’m not able to find. Please. Thanks and Sorry for troubling you.

    1. Thank you ?? you didn’t trouble me. But sorry to inform.. Bcz of marriage accident part is not mentioned properly. Shree just wrote as aishu saying it to arvi in 120 part. Sorry dear..

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