love after marriage season 2 (part 11)


Sorry not able to update..just more one week please wait.. Then it will be regular updates.. Arshu’s romance will start from this part..but it’s not really romance..just it will lead to it…

Arvi is sleeping.. Mom comes to his room see books on bed.. He sleeping on sofa.. Room is fully messed up.. She tries waking him up.. Smiles says aishu is opposite will she adjust with him.. She arranges book..clean his room..Same time aishu’s room is’s clean..her teddy bears are covering her face.. She gets up with alarm..she smiles seeing sun..goes out to balcony and say good’re so cute..kiss rose flower and go inside.. She arrange her bed and keep teddy bears on place.. She sends arvi good morning..wake up…you have to study..goes to take bath..

At 11am
Arvi wake up.. See’s room clean..say mom as done it.. Mom comes there and give him coffee..says you could have slept for some more time na.. He asks why? She replies so that I can say good afternoon.. He says ok..what?? She shows him watch.. He runs to take bath..say aishu said she wants to buy gifts for Arjun and suji..come afternoon .. Mom tell then ill call her and say you didn’t even get up from bed.. He says please.. She smiles.. Goes to kitchen to warm food.. Aishu is getting ready..thinks he might have woke up by now mostly.. She thinks of waiting till he calls. She keeps study.. Arvi have breakfast..leave for Aishu’s home.. Mom smiles says Aishu come here fast I want to see my Arvi’s madness after your coming..
Arvi comes to aishu’s home.. Amma smiles seeing him..asks did you wake up late? He nods yes..asks where is aishu.. Amma replies her room.. He goes to her room.. Amma say him she is she thought you won’t come early for sure.. He smiles and goes.. See aishu talking with parrot(muna).. Muna starts saying Arvi Arvi.. Aishu see him and say good morning.. He smiles.. She says I thought you will come at 4.. He says I wanted to come but you have exams from tomorrow na.,so I came early.. She smiles..says ill change and come.. He says ok.. She goes towards wardrobe..suddenly slips..he holds her..they share small eye lock.. Muna disturb them saying aishu aishu.. Arvi make her stand properly..asks are you okay? She nods im ok… Goes to change.. He thinks im getting attracted towards her..lord please save me..ill be distracted fully.. She comes out..see him lost..smiles.. He sense her..say lets go… Both go..

Aishu sits back in bike.. He starts bike..she says it might rain.. He says you like it na..enjoy.. She says im wearing white mix dress will scold me.. He says ok ill increase speed.. She smiles.. At signal he puts sudden break.. She hugs him off.. He says signal.. She says it’s ok.. See’s her lip gloss mark on his shirt..thinks im gone.. He asks what happened? She takes his shirt pic and show.. He asks is it too dark? She says yea.. He asks her not to worry.. She asks what you will do?? He replies lets buy a shirt or a pullover ok.. She says ok.. They reach mall. She buys a pullover for him.. He wears that.. She says sorry.. He says ill forgive you if we have ice-cream.. She says ok.. Both smile and go to ice cream shop.. They have ice-cream.. He says forget it just a small thing.. She nods ok..thinks if mom see it.. He says don’t worry ill wash it ok.. She asks how do you know I was thinking that.. He says you’re eyes says many things.. She smile.. He asks shall we go.. She nods ok.. Both go to gift shop and buy gift for Arjun and suji.. Aishu shows arvi a gift..says its so cute na.. He nods yes.. They both leave from there.. He says wait I forgot keys and go inside shop and buys that gift..asks them can he come and collect it tomorrow. They say ok..he thanks them and leave from there.. Then both leave for home.. Both keep silent.. Aishu says after exams I’ll msg you till then.. He says ok after coming out from exam hall don’t forget ok.. She says ok.. He asks her you want anything else.. She asks what.. He says you didn’t shop for you.. Aishu says after exams lets go.. He says ok.. They reach Aishu’s home.. He says bye and leave from there..

Aishu goes inside.. She shows Amma gifts and say ill go and study now. She leaves to room.. Amma keeps gifts safely.. Aishu sits to study..she takes her phone..see gallery and smile..she says its just happened nothing in my mind or heart.. She switch off phone and study.. Arvi while driving thinks about aishu and smile.. He reach home and say mom i have to study now..goes to room..close door..
He changes and keeps his safely that no one sees that.. He switch off phone and sit to study..
At night…
Arshu are still studying.. Their mothers check them and feed them food.. Arvi says mom I have to study can you please wake me up after 3hrs.. Mom nods ok..and go from there.. Arvi sleeps.. Aishu is still studying.. She feels sleepy but thinks about marks and wash her face then start again.. She calls Arvi and says get up else you’ll fail.. He says you always say negative things go yaar.. She says won’t get up else.. He says ok.. She says sorry.. He says ok now you sleep.. She says ok good night..

Precap: Arjun’s enagement..

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