love after marriage season 2 (part 10)

Thank you for your lovely comments…sorry IM busy with exam not able to work on this.. I’ll be back with continuous series..please forgive trying my best..but my books aren’t leaving me alone..i should study and give my best in exams friends please forgive me..this part I wrote one go I didn’t even read it once..

Arshu are having lunch.. Aishu says you got mingled with my friends fast na.. He replies they are like you only..nothing they hide.. She smiles..says I was not knowing about Madhu and Surya..I mean I knew they like each other but this is first time I saw him.. He says I also never saw Madhu..Surya told about her..but first time I met her.. Aishu smiles say in my friends circle only tapu is single.. Arvi says in my friends circle only Manu is alone.. Aishu instantly asks can’t we make them couple… Arvi says nice idea..but how??

Aishu says lets think..then see me you,Madhu Surya and tapu Manu.. So sweet na.. He says yes.. She smiles.. They leave from there..
Arvi drops her near arc.. She says thanks for spending time with me and my friends.. He also repeats same.. Both smile..say bye together.. Arvi says you’re are very beautiful in black dress.. She smiles and say thank you ?.. He smiles.. She says you look good in my favourite colour.. He says thanks.. She smiles.. He asks her to msg when she reaches home.. She nods ok..gets down from car..say ill msg but after going home you read it ok..then reply me..bye.. He smiles and say ok bye.. Till see reaches other end of road he keeps seeing her..she smiles as she see’s him when turning.. She reaches home and text him..thinks he’ll reply within 2sec see.. She gets a msg ok with smiley.. He reach home.. They both are lost in each other thoughts..
8 months leap…

Arvi and aishu are studying.. Their friendship started to blossom.. Talks goes on.. Their parents are happy with it.. Arvi parents are busy with arjun engagement preparation’s .. Arvi is busy with exams preparations.. Aishu’s practical exams are she is busy with theory exam preparations.. Her parents are thinking about fixing engagement date..
Arjun and arvi are sleeping.. Mom comes to wake them up..see them and smiles saying both will fight like enemies when they are awake..really these two.. She tries waking them up.. They both are awake but simply sleeping.. She takes water bottle kept near bed and pour on them.. They scream.. Both say mom let us sleep for a while.. Mom replies them you both are really lazy goose’s..see my dil’s both woke up and busy with their works.. Arjun says girls should wake up early.. Mom tell him you start that practice..

suji will be here by next are completely opposite to her.. Arjun and mom keep arguing.. Arvi sleeps.. They both look at him and say get up.. Arvi says mom suji will come ask him to get practiced not me.. Mom replies ill call aishu to come here then.. He replies she slept at 3am she won’t be awake mom.. Mom asks how you know? He replies I texted her good night at 12 she replied at Mom takes his phone and call aishu.. She receives call say good morning.. Mom ask her when you woke up? Aishu reply at 7 mom.. Mom ask her what is doing? She replies amma prepared breakfast so having it mom..had your breakfast? Mom replies my prince’s didn’t wake till now..both were says stories..after they fresh up we will have dear..bye.. Aishu smiles and say bye mom.. Arvi keeps starring at mom.. She smiles and say learn from her she is smaller than you but does her work properly.. Arjun laughs.. Mom turn to him and say its not only for arvi you also ok..wait ill call suji.. He replies mom don’t call she said im going for shopping..then I should become service man for her.. Arvi and mom laugh.. Mom asks them to get ready and come down..Arjun by the way why are you sleeping here? Arjun replies we were playing games till 2am..then I slept here only.. Mom asks arvi how many days are remaining for exam? Arvi replies mom that 1 week.. Mom ask him to concentrate on studies not on games.. Arvi nods ok.. Arjun and mom leave room…
Arvi texts aishu..

He: Good morning ?
Aishu: Really good morning?
He: No bad morning for me
She: Laughs..ok ok..go take bath and have breakfast..
He: You are having na..
She: Ya..oats and milkshake
He: Ok ok.. Then coming for movie?
She: You complete your exams and then we will go with friends ok..
He: Ok meri ma.. Go study..
She: Im not your ma..ok?
He: But you’re ma Ki chamchi only na..
She: ??
He: Ok don’t be angry..have milkshake and cool down.
She: You go have bath..
He: Ok bye..
She: Ok bye..

She says this fellow..thinks Arvi you’ll be dead after our marriage..ill irritate you to core wait and didn’t tell about Tapu and Manu’s proposal to directly took it her place.. I and Madhu were shocked tapu said. But you somehow fulfil my wishes.. Amma calls her.. She goes to hall..see pandith uncle think what is he doing here.. Papa and amma ask her to sit.. She takes his blessings and sit opposite to him.. Pandith uncle smiles and say she was so small when I saw her last im here to fix her engagement date.. Aishu says herself what? Amma smiles and say girls grow up faster than guys.. Aishu thinks what are these talks.. Uncle tell them according to Arvi’s and aishu’s birth date 4 months from now that is September 20 is best date for their engagement.. Aishu says amma my second year will be just started..

Amma signs her not to talk.. Aishu gets up from there and goes..being angry.. Amma keeps calling her.. Papa say it’s ok she is tensed..asks pandith what about marriage dates? He replies after her 5th sem but she.. Papa say its ok..she will be ok.. Pandith leaves after sometime.. Amma and papa goes to aishu’s room..

Aishu is lying on bed..she is crying.. Amma sit near her.. Aishu say don’t talk with both don’t love so your sending me far from you na.. Papa say aishu you’re my princess na..please dear understand.. Amma say Arvi and you are friends now na.. Aishu says but also.. Amma say ok..think about it..see you’re friends are getting engaged na..don’t you to experience it.. Aishu says not now..please.. Papa tell her leave this prepare for exams.. They both leave.. Aishu pulls her teddy bear and say ill talk with him .. She texts arvi asking him to meet her in park by 11 am.. She goes to change.. He checks msg after bath and thinks what happened to her now..see it’s 10:30..gets ready and leave for park..
At park..

Aishu is waiting..thinks mostly he didn’t have breakfast.. See him coming.. He sits next to her..asks what happened? She gives him tiffin box and say have this first.. He stares at her and say for this you asked me to come.. She says have it first..then ill say.. He eats.. She smiles.. After he completes he asks her what happened? She replies our engagement date got fixed.. He asks what? She says September 20.. He asks when this happened? She replies morning @9 am.. He asks what should we do now? She says im blank.. He replies me too.. She asks are you ready for it? He replies I don’t know bcz if ill be busy with interviews that month.. She asks him to speak with her parents.. He says let it reach mom ill talk with her..

she may help us out.. Aishu says ok.. He asks her are you ready for it? She replies im ok with it but I should go for college after that na..all will tease me.. He replies ok lets see wait.. She keeps her head on his shoulder and say I really don’t ready or not..but if you’re ready im ok with it.. He replies we both were knowing this would happen..but we wanted sometime na.. She says yea.. He smiles and say lets study for exam and do well then think this ok.. She says ok.. He asks her 5 days na.. She replies ya..5days form this Wednesday to next Friday.. He says for me from next Friday onwards.. She says for 3 weeks na.. He says yeah.. He gets mom’s call..receives it.. Mom tells him about engagement date.. He doesn’t reply anything.. Mom asks him come home early I want to talk with you.. He says ok.. Aishu says ok then lets go.. He says don’t think all this we have 4 months time ok.. She nods ok..say bye..both leave in opposite directions..

Aishu thinks I know arvi you like me but I really don’t know what’s in my heart..sorry da.. Arvi thinks aishu you’re confused about your feelings but one day you will know it ill wait till then.. Aishu goes home..she is fully lost..she thinks about amma papa mom dad..she says herself Im going mad..let me fulfil their wishes..if it leads to happiness of them then definitely it would lead to my happiness.. She smiles…calls arvi and say im ready for engagement..don’t talk anything about it with mom… He asks what happened?suddenly you changed your decision.. She says we have so much time na..more than that its just why simply to break their wishes.. He says ok as you wish..we are friends okay whatever is in your heart let me know..if I can ill do it definitely.. She says start studying for exams..we should score more than 80% remember… He says ok..we will score more than that ok…bye now.. She says sorry I got scared of really scared of it..i don’t know what will happen.. He says don’t worry about it..we will be friends till we both are ready for husband and wife relationship ok.. She says ok…bye..

Mom who comes to his room asks what happened? He says aishu said engagement dates are fixed..she is scared about it.. Mom tell him every girl will be be in phase of life..don’t worry with time everything will be ok.. He says ok.. She tells him one more thing not only engagement date but your marriage date is also fixed. He asks what? She replies its after 1yr from your engagement.. He says aishu didn’t say about this.. Mom tell him it was fixed after she got angry.. He asks means.. She tells him what happened before aishu and Arvi’s meeting.. He says inform her.. She tells wait till engagement after that you tell her she will be tensed… He nods ok.. She leaves..he gets busy with studies..

Precap: Arjun and suji engagement… Arshu’s first step towards finding love..(I mean eye lock ??)

Thank you for your best wishes..please pray for me..that ill do my exams well.. After exams it will be regular….but it will be regular..sorry friends..

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