Love After Marriage (Part 99)

Arshu finish dinner… Aishu thinks complete cleaning kitchen…goes towards kitchen.. He hugs her from back and say you said we will compete yesterday’s work.. Aishu says cockroach will come if I don’t clean afraid of it… He asks list out what all you are afraid off? She says cockroach,rat,cat,dog,cow,monkey… He starts laughing…she see him and say Arvi im afraid of losing you most than these all.. He asks why? She says Sindhu… Arvi says don’t think of have many things than that ok.. She nods ok.. He hugs her and say I have much work with my wife,… She asks what? He kiss her forehead.. She hugs him..and ask why you always kiss my forehead? He says I want you by heart not by body so.. She stare at him.. He says I love you not your body… making is just formality between us.. She says don’t give me lecture now..i wanna spend time with my hubby not lecturer ? He hugs her and say you’re the one who started asking questions.. She says I can’t hide anything you know na.. He says bcz of that only I got to know you love me.. She asks was I like this before also? He says more than this.. She asks really? He says once you asked me why you love me..for s** ..then I slapped you for 1st time.. She asks does amma know about slap? He says we both had reason not to’re question and me.. She smiles..hugs him and say goodnight.. He asks what? She says im sleepy.. He says morning you got at 11 am ok..ill not leave you sleep so early…lifts her and takes her to bed room.. She says but you said something this morning.. He says I don’t remember anything… She asks you will r**e me or what? He says you.. She kiss him and say don’t force me..ill give you myself..? Runs from there.. He goes behind her and say you are really drama queen…

He holds her waist and kiss her pining to wall.., he slowly kiss her belly button… She loses balance and falls down.. He holds her and sleeps on floor.. She. Keeps saying arvi please… He kiss her lips…she close her eyes.. He moves down… Kissing and biting her.. He ends up tickling her foot.. She starts laughing…seats and say no please da….don’t make me die now itself… He hugs her and say ill not leave you die you so early…ill trouble you first ? saying so he makes her and removes her saree petals.. Kiss her waist.. Play with her skin… He removes her saree completely…she says Arvi it’s cold here lets go for bedroom.. He hugs her and say you wanted to spend time with me in cold weather na.. Start kissing her neck.. They both get intimate…

After 4-5 hours.. She wakes up and say him I want my saree where you throw it? He says only im here na..why you need it…i have seen you in birth suit many times.. She says you don’t have shame na.. But I have.. I want my saree please… He gives his shirt.. She wears it and gets up goes to wash room.. After she comes out.. He says you look hot in black shirt…nothing else ? She seats next to him and say you have gone mad… He pulls her and say bcz of you and only you… She hugs him.. He kiss her and both sleep off.. He thinks I didn’t sleep on floor I used make scene..but bcz of aishu.. She made me have road side food… Ice cream I still remember.. I tried to escape but she suddenly put a spoon of it into my mouth.. She said this ice cream is tasty than ice cream at malls..just enjoy it.. She changed my life completely..before her I know I should respect all but she thought why I should respect them.. ( sorry friends I didn’t give proper introduction about aishu or arvi..).. He sleeps off thinking about her..

Morning.. She wakes up and see him sleeping.. Goes takes bath.. Smiles remembering about last night.. She comes out and get ready.. He comes there..say her good morning.. She says you could have called me na.. He asks why? She says you’re shirt.. He says it’s have seen me many times like this.. She says but.. He pulls her and say you.. She hugs him… He says when did you decorate room? She says yesterday night..but… He says we got close there na.. She nods yes.. He says don’t worry now we can.. She looks at him.. He kiss her forehead and say shall we start? She pushes him and say go take bath first.. He pulls her and lifts her.. Take her to bathroom.. She says I took bath.. He says if you take once again will be there any problem? She nods no.. He makes her stand..removes her top..say when im top less you should also He removes remaining clothes.. They take bath and come out.. She says I wanted to prepare food.. He says don’t worry ill prepare whatever you say.. He makes her wear dress.. She smiles and say I don’t have any return gift for this… He says I don’t want…

She hugs him and say thank you .. He says you take rest.. She says I have some work.. He asks what? She says I want to cut my nails.. He asks why? She says you back..its hurt.. He asks where? She shows him.. He says you also got hurt bcz of me many times.. She says you have that right.. He says than you also have that right.. She says but.. He says you don’t speak more .. She hugs him.. He says I think I already said you if you keep hugging me I can’t control myself..i may do anything wrong.. She says that is not wrong now.. He asks really? She nods yes.. Both seat on sofa.. He hugs her and say you will be like this only after children birth na.. She says no da..ill be fat .. He says I said you already you won’t be fat.. She says ill be.. He pulls her and say you will have twins I said you.. She says if I don’t get then? He says then I won’t love you.. She makes crying face.. He says I know you will get twins… She asks how? He says her something.. She blushes.. He says if we get twins then? She asks then?

He says you will be busy with them..not give time for me.. She says ok…then ill be with you only till they come…after that.. He says so bad.. She kiss his forehead and say I’ll try spending time with you more…even if im busy.. He says ok…. She asks is your back aching? He asks why? She says I heard from your mom that you never slept on floor in life.. He smiles and says no.. If I say yes what you will do? She says ill massage with move.. He says ok I have… She says you didn’t say anything…so bad..wait ill bring runs towards bed and takes out move from from side table..asks him to sleep.. She starts massaging… He pulls her and say I don’t want this massage ok.. She asks what else you want? He pulls her close and say this room decorations will feel bad if we didn’t.. She blushes and says you said about pain… He says no im fine..

i thought of continuing that work… She hugs him and say you have wait at least till 8pm… He asks why? She says bcz you said you will take me for out for ice cream date.. He says ok.. But in honeymoon you didn’t say anything if I.. She smiles and says it’s honeymoon and this is.. He hugs her and say for me each and every day of my life with you is honeymoon ? She smiles…says im feeling hungry…please not now.. He smiles and say get ready we will have at hotel.. She smiles and say ok..gets up from bed.. He pulls her holds her hand.. She falls on his chest.. He lifts her face and make her lie next to her.. She asks what happened? He says I wanted to say something…smooch her.. She holds his hair .. As he leaves her she asks this is what you wanted to tell.. He says yeah.. She smiles..

Both leave for hotel after getting ready..
Arvi says aishu I wanna meet one friend with Manu and ankith will you be at tapu’s house.. She says ok but while you come back you should get me celebrations.. He says you should share else you will become 100kgs.. She says no I wont ill become 100kgs.. He says then you don’t have dresses to wear na..ill get you credit card wait.. She pulls his hair and say shut up.. He says you know how to close my mouth ? She hugs him and say not now… They reach hotel have breakfast.. He then drop her and leave with manu..
Tapu,aishu and ranju.. Are talking..
Aishu: Tapu you need xxl clothes from now onwards..
Tapu: Aishu…
Ranju: Ok aishu we will buy 3xl for her..
Tapu: You both…
Aishu: You have became fat and keep teasing me fatty na..
Ranju: Aishu to say you have become fat.. Increased 5kgs?
Tapu: That to before getting pregnant.. At least me and baby together you see yourself..
Aishu: Im normal ok.. If you want check my bmi
Ranju: Ok ok now stop.. Aishu now a days you’re face glow increased..
Aishu: I said that honey and lemon face pack..
Tapu: Ya you said..
Ranju: Ok lets cook something na..
Aishu: Ok.. Sweet or sour
Tapu: You’re favourite taste..
Ranju: Aishu sour da..
Aishu: What you need sour? I mean you’re…
Ranju: Aishu no no nothing like that..

Tapu: Ya im also feeling..ranju don’t get advanced before marriage..
Ranju: Tapu and aishu you both…
Aishu: Hugs her cool down..
Ranju: Aishu you started it…
Aishu: Ok sorry.. Sai flirts alot
Ranju: But he will be in limits..
Aishu: Really?
Ranju: Yeah…
Tapu: He is not like arvi aishu..
Ranju: what Arvi?
Tapu: These two used to spend so much time with one another.. Aishu’s granny told once to amma that be careful before marriage they might..
Aishu: Tapu shut up da..
Ranju: Smiles.. I really never thought so.. I know Arvi doesn’t leave a chance to romance.,
Aishu : He doesn’t leave..
Ranju and tapu: Smiles…say you also don’t stop him..
Aishu: He knows my weak points..he will use those..

Tapu: But don’t know his na..
Aishu: I know if I use ill get into trouble..
Ranju: What trouble?
Aishu: After 2 months you will know..
Tapu: Aishu did you plan for your anniversary celebrations?
Aishu: Nods no
Ranju: On that day you just went to temple..
Aishu: Ya.. Took god’s,parents blessings.. Friends wishes..
Tapu: Plan something special that you can remember for life time..
Ranju: Go out for a week na..
Tapu: Ya it’s good idea.. Manu,ranju will manage office..
Aishu: Ok lets see..
Ranju: Wait ill call Sai and ask him to book tickets and hotel..
Tapu: Place?
Aishu: Let arvi decide it..
Ranju: You should give him surprise..
Aishu: Ok ill think….
All get busy with cooking..

Arvi and his friends reach Vinaya house.. Sharath greets them.. All go inside and seat.. He asks Arvi sorry for whatever mistake happened with Aishu bcz of us both.. Arvi says we forgot about it..if not then your marriage would be at problem na.. Sharath thanks him.. Vinaya comes with coffee for them.. Arvi asks her you didn’t say about you’re pregnancy? Have become so far?.. She says no Arvi were busy with aishu’s treatment,Sharath said it wont be good if we inform about it.. Arvi say her I always considered you as my sister so ill be happy with your news.. She thanks him.. Asks him shall I arrange dinning table? Manu say her tapu will be waiting we have go sorry next time we will have for sure… She smile.. Arvi leaves with his friends.. He seats back and ask ankith to drive.. They start towards home.. Arvi thinks all are happy why not my aishu? She underwent so many troubles bcz of vinu and Shari but they are happy now… I want my Aishu’s happiness.. Manu see him disturbed and say Arvi you have you’re target to be completed focus on it.. Arvi says ill do whatever aishu say me da..i don’t want anything that makes her get pain… Manu says ok.. They reach home.. Ranju opens door.. They all get inside.. Aishu comes down with tapu.. They all have lunch together.. Arshu leave for home..

While driving Arvi asks aishu if she gets that person who made her accident what she will do? She replies I don’t right to hurt anyone so ill forgive them.. He asks you wont be angry with them? She says Arvi you were with me before and now..i just lost memory but I have you more than that I fell in love with you twice.. Ill be having many memories if I get my memory back.. Arvi smiles and say ok.. She hugs him and say if you get that person forgive him just underwent problem with pregnancy na…but bcz that problem also I got to know how much you love me.. He says ok..asks are you sleepy? She says yeah..can you carry me to bed room after reaching home? He says it’s afternoon my dear… She says please.. He says ok.. He stops car.. She smiles and look at him.. He asks what happened? She says nothing…pulls him near and say I love you ?.. He says if you come so close to me than.. She smooch him… He says I thought you will complete my sentence but you completed it through a action ? She says this is for lift … He smiles and say ok… He lifts her and take her room… She says you also sleep ok.. He asks why? She says you will call me Kiddu if I hug teddy bear so.. He says now you’re not kid I know… She says please… He lie next to her.. She sleeps hugging him..says I don’t know till when I can hug you like this and sleep.. He says don’t worry ill hug you and sleep if you can’t…

Precap: Sadhana(Kumar’s daughter) joining hands with arvi and his friends to teach her father a lesson..

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