Love After Marriage (Part 98)

Arshu are in car.. Arvi says im really happy today I didn’t think this much of happiness will come in our way.. Aishu says i was.. Arvi says first call amma and mom.. She does so.. He says them about report … They bless them and say now cut call..go for office don’t spend time in traffic okay.. Arvi says ok… Aishu says can we go for temple tomorrow morning? He says ok… Both reach office.. Get busy with work.. At evening mom call arvi and say him go out for candle light dinner..ill send you address ok.. He says ok mom..

Arvi comes to aishu’s cabin.. She is busy with work doesn’t see him..her back is towards him.. He hugs her and say madam shall we move for candle light dinner? She says we should go for Arjun’s place na.. He hugs her and say please not now … I wanna spend sometime with my wife.. She smiles.. He asks her can we go for long drive? She says you want to just long drive..not candle light dinner? He say you just get ready .. She smiles..see whether door is locked properly.. Turns his side.. Lightly kiss his lips.. He holds her and say please Aishu don’t make me die… She looks at him and ask what happened? He hugs her and say till now i was thinking when ill see you’re smile..but now… Hugs her his breathing near her make lose herself.. She hugs him back.. Phone rings… He see her and say everyone disturb us… She smiles and say its not perfect timing and place.. He says then we will go for honeymoon.. She say but office.. He says let it go to hell I don’t care bcz you’re brother is here to take care of this office.. She says tapu.. He says please.. She nods ok but we will go for some coolest place ok.. He says ok then.. Leave for his cabin..

Ankith comes to office and talk with Arvi regarding Sharath and Vinaya..he says they wanted to meet you before 3 months only but I didn’t say you about it… Manu and Arvi say ok we’ll meet him day after tomorrow ok na.. Aishu comes there.. Ankith see her and smile.. She asks how his he? Forgot us all? He says who can forget his own’re more than that.. She says don’t butter me no use butter your future MIL so that you can get married fast? He smiles and says engagement and marriage is after 2 months I want to enjoy freedom… She says wait ill record your words.. He says don’t blackmail me… She smiles.. He hugs and say sis im waiting for our princess ok .. Can you give her as my marriage gift? She smiles and say first your marriage then we will plan about it… He smiles and say take care of yourself first ok.. She nods ok.. He leaves..
Arshu leave for home.. Aishu thinks im also waiting for my princess..i wish she will come earlier… Arvi see her and holds her hand.. She see him and smiles.. Both reach home.. Get fresh up.. And leave for candle light dinner.. He asks are you ready for long drive? She nods yes.. He hugs her and say don’t worry ill not eat you..

She smiles and say you have every right to eat me… He hugs her and say with your wish… She smiles.. Both seat in car.. She keeps staring outside and smiles.. After 2 hrs of travelling they reach mostly looks like a guest house.. She asks what is this? He hugs her and say new farmhouse in you’re name.. She asks why you always say in my name? He says I want everything to be in you’re name..bcz my heart belongs to you and only you.. She says I know but I want everything in our name.. He asks why? She says if we separate then.. He stares at her and say don’t dare to repeat this words..ill kill you.. She says what can be more than that if I die in your hands.. He hugs..

Both go inside and see its fully decorated with flowers and candles.. Mom call Arvi and say its for my love birds..enjoy and be away from tension ok.. Arshu thank her.. Mom says bye and good night sweet dreams ?.. Arvi smiles and say shall we have dinner first.. They go to dinning hall.. See a cake and champagne bottle.. He smiles seeing her.. She see him and say I wont have ot don’t worry ? He hugs her and say I want to say see you’re naughty side..again.. She smiles and say you can see any how..but after child birth dear..bcz I don’t want anything which may hurt my child.. He hugs her and say you’re thinking about child not about me..☹☹ She says you’re my child’s father…hugs him.. He says I want to spend time alone with you now.. He lightly pull her close..she keeps seeing his eyes.. He says shall I have dinner… She smiles and nods ok… Both have dinner … He says tomorrow is Saturday… She smiles and say I know… He asks what is surprise for tomorrow? She says a long drive back home.. He asks what? She smiles…goes to wash her hands..

He goes behind her..wash his hands hugging her from back.. After washing hands,he pulls off hair band.. Her pony tail opens and covers her back… He smiles.. Keeps his head on her shoulder.. Ask her did you take tablets? She smiles and say no..just one I took.. He asks that tablet huh? She smiles and nods yes.. He says her than you feel more comfortable than ? She pushes him and say Arvi…please da..don’t make me remember about those tablets.. He asks why? She says first day I took only those na I don’t know what happened to me I just want to be with you.. He smiles and say I was with you only na.. She says not like that.. He asks then how? She says like how we were in honeymoon period.,.. He says oh like that.. She smiles.. He hugs and say don’t worry from now onwards we will be like that.. She smiles.. He says now we also got freedom na.. She asks what? He smiles and say her something.. She blushes..and say you don’t have shame na.. He says I have but not in front of you ? .. She pushes him… Runs from there.. He catches her saree pallu.. He pulls it off.. She nods no.. He takes off her saree fully.. She closes herself with hands.. He lifts her and take her to room.. She keeps seeing his eyes….

He asks her now also am I eating you up with my eyes? She says no…you’re eye’s.. He makes her lie.. She smiles and move to other side of bed.. He sleeps next to her..holds her by waist … She removes his hands and goes stand her window.. He come to her and hugs her..pins her to wall and keep kissing her neck… She tries escaping from him.. He softly kiss her lips slowly that turns rough… She pushes him and say Arvi… He holds her waist and kiss her near ears…slowly puts his other hands near belly button… She closes her eyes.. He says aishu.. She opens eyes and blushes..hugs him.. He says you can’t escape from me.. She says I also don’t want to escape from you… Both go towards bed… Sleep hugging eachorther..

He wake up and thinks i wanted to see you sleeping peacefully i saw that… She wakes and say so you didn’t do anything.. He smiles and say you always add to my words na… She smiles and say good morning.. He hugs her and say don’t worry within 2 months you will be… She see him and say you… He pulls her up and say we can continue that work now… She says tonight.. He smiles and say but now you have some work.. She asks what? He says come inside restroom ill show you… Both go inside… She see’s there is a bathtub with rose petals… Then a bench with white sheet.. He asks her get ready for bath.. She goes and comes out wearing bathrobe.. He makes her seat on bench.. She is clueless..just follow his orders.. He make her lie on … He starts massaging her with almond oil.. She sleeps with massage… After 1hr he wakes her up and helps taking bath… He makes her wear bathrobe and lift her…take her to bed and make sleep on bed… After that he goes to take bath and get ready..think of her and say she slept peacefully..her smile is also like before..

Afternoon they leave for home.. Aishu : Why you don’t get angry on me
Arvi: Your my love..
Aishu: Is that slap enough for my words?
Arvi: I wanted to kill you that moment but I don’t have that right..more than that what ill do if anything happens to you..
Aishu: If test results were negative then what you would do?
Arvi: Just adopt a baby girl from orphanage and grow her like our baby…
Aishu: Now you wont adopt huh?
Arvi: You really want?
Aishu: Yea at least one baby da..
Arvi : Ok after our kid ok..bcz you have to take care of yourself and next your baby… I promise you that we will adopt a child from orphanage..
Aishu: Really?
Arvi: Yea…
Aishu: Hugs him and say thank you…

Arvi: But you have to take care of kid like your baby..
Aishu: I’ll take care of baby more than my baby..
Arvi: If you get twins also?
Aishu: Ya.. But after 2 yrs of our baby we will adopt ok..
Arvi: Ok…
Aishu: If we get twins also no problem.. Mom will take care of one and amma one.. So if we adopt then that baby we can take care na..
Arvi: Ya..

They reach home.. Go inside… Arvi see her and say lets cook dinner and have.. She says Arvi im felling tried bcz of long drive can I fresh up? He nods ok.. She goes to room.. Take bath and decorate room with candles..and rose flowers.. Gets ready in white colour saree and come down… He see her and ask her to prepare roti.. She gets busy with it..

Precap: Arvi going to meet Sharath and Vinaya..with his friends..

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