Love After Marriage (Part 97)

Arvi leave from room at mid night.. He goes out and meets Varsha at hospital.. She see him and ask what happened? He says aishu results? She says you are really tensed but don’t take tension bcz her reports are normal when I checked last week.. He says I don’t want anything to happen.. She says ok don’t think much arvi you know very well that you’re love for her is the only to make her strong.. He says but now im not so strong to make her strong.. She asks you don’t want your aishu to be happy? He says from 3 months 2 weeks im searching for her smile.. She smiles and say all the best.. He thanks her and leave for home… She thinks these love each other so much..i wish there problem gets cleared…

Arvi reach home.. He goes inside and see aishu sleeping..thinks aishu you wish should be fulfilled else we will adopt a child from orphanage.. She wakes up bcz of light and ask him you didn’t sleep? He says im not getting sleep.. She hugs him and say Arvi sleep na.. He sleeps in her lap and sleep… She keeps starring at him..kiss his forehead and sleep next to him..

Arvi wake up and see aishu sleeping.. Make her sleep properly and hugs her..thinks aishu you and you’re smile make me laugh and they are my heart beat please don’t any wrong decision if results are negative.. He kiss her forehead and sleep next to her.. She gets up and keep her head on his chest..sleep.. Both get up bcz of alarm.. She smiles seeing him and say Arvi I want to go for temple.. He smiles and say ok… Both get ready and leave for temple.. They pray that everything goes well..leave for hospital..

After 2 hours of test of aishu comes with Varsha… Arshu meet each other.. He asks what happened? Varsha smiles and say just 15 min arvi you will get the results..i think it will be good if you book honeymoon suit ? Aishu says Varsha… She smiles and say okok im leaving wait for 15 min.. She leaves… Aishu says how was the test..what doctors tell about it.. Arvi asks what happened? Aishu smiles and say doctor aunty was telling 95% its positive… Arvi asks what just 95%? Aishu see him… Arvi says what 95%?? Really??? Aishu nods and say yea 95%… Arvi hugs her.. Aishu smiles and say Mr its hospital…. He leaves her and say from today I can do anything… She keeps seeing his face… Both are lost in each others eyes..

After 20min.. Doctor aunty calls them inside… Arshu ask her what happened? Aunty smiles and say aishu can become pregnant… Both smile.. Aunty adds results are 95% +ve but only 5% chances are there for miss carriage.. Arvi see her and ask what to do? Aunty say him it common level what other ladies undergo but you will take care of her right? He nods yes and say more than myself… Aunty say you’re family life gonna start but one thing you both have to be careful.. Arshu asks what? Aunty says arvi aishu is putting weight now itself after pregnancy it will be more? Aishu say aunty you gave such tablets which makes me sleep more.. Arvi say aunty she increased 5kgs max in 3 months..above that it became her normal weight for her height so no problem.. Aunty say you both love each other so much that weight,height are just numbers..not any like this forever ok.. Arshu smile.. Aunty ask them to keep secret about your health till 5 months aishu bcz .. Arvi says ok aunty..thank you soo much…. Aunty smile and say mostly next month on aishu’s birthday both are leaving for 2nd honeymoon trip.. Aishu says aunty please… First we have to Inform this to our family then only we will decide..

Precap: Arvi meeting Sharath and Vinaya..with his friends…

Friends just more 28 parts please

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  1. Pooja will miss Arshu alot if this story ends.. Just love this story…

  2. They are made for each other dear ..arshu….Awesome episode …I am eagerly Waiting for good news of arshu 🙂

  3. Really good but only 28 parts are remaining….???

  4. only 28 parts remaining this is not fair pooja dr pls don’t end

  5. What meeting woth villians

  6. It was superb. everything is now settled. so happy.

  7. Nice yaar it’s swsome

  8. its awesome i was a silent reader till now bt now i cant be more bcz ur thinking to end it
    plz dont end it yaar

  9. I love much..feeling bad dat its gonna end!!

  10. Nice part l lyk it….lve u arshu

  11. Awesome, marvellous episode wowwww pooja, lovely episode. …arshu can be parents now….so happy for them…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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