Love After Marriage (Part 96)

Aishu gets up..see arvi smiling seeing her.. He pulls her and say get ready I have to see my hottie… She smiles… He hugs her and kiss her forehead.. She says ok…goes inside restroom… He keeps her dress and goes down to take bath.. She comes out after 15 min and gets ready… He see her think ill try to bring you’re smile back… Both leave for hospital.. She asks him arvi can you drive slowly please… He says ok… She msgs Amma that they are going for hospital.. Amma reads msg and thinks everything will be perfect don’t worry… Varsha also is waiting for arshu at hospital.. She talks with doctor aunty and decide to say everything to arvi before they start treatment.. Arshu reach hospital.. Varsha takes aishu and ask arvi to talk with aunty.. Aunty talk with arvi.. She says Arvi you have to very careful about her.. He asks what all he should do.. She says take care food, then you both have to be far from each other for 4 months..else for 3 months at least.. He says ok aunty then what about her work..can she work at office? Aunty says yes but see that she takes enough rest.. He says ok..

She tell him ill mail you other details ok.. He nods ok.. Aishu comes there with Varsha.. Aunty asks what happened? Varsha says she as 85% chances to recover..but she is little feared about results.. Aunty asks aishu to take care of herself just for arvi at least.. Aishu nods ok.. Aunty give her tablets list.. Arshu leave office from there..
Aishu goes inside her mom and amma.. She says what doctor aunty told her.. Mom and amma say her to take care of herself.. Arvi comes inside see her busy with phone.. He hugs her and say see how you wished like that only it’s happening.. She asks what? He says you used to say I wish at least for a week I would like to wake up without love marks.. She smiles and say but now for 3-4 months.. He say ya… She kiss him and say but we can enjoy like lovers na.. He asks what? Im not understanding.. She hugs and say my innocent hubby..i said I don’t know how will be loves phrase will be lets enjoy it.. He asks when did you become intelligent? She says Arvi… He asks what?.. Slowly holding her waist.. She smiles and say loves not … He asks what? She nods nothing… He smiles and holds her near to him..says from tomorrow your tablets course gonna start.. She says hummm.. He says tonight ill be with my wife and from tomorrow with my girlfriend.. She understands what he meant and blushes… He kiss her forehead and goes to his cabin…

Arshu leave for home… He keeps seeing her and think you should have never met with accident then I would be so happy… You would have been pregnant by this time then our baby.. She see him and say ill not drive for tomorrow don’t worry… He says ok but im thinking about the life which it would be if you hadn’t met accident.. She smiles and says by now I would be carrying baby in my lap… He says don’t worry now also you will carry baby within 5 months.. She smiles.. He says ill make this four months of our life so special that you will never forget it.. She says flirting… He kiss her on cheeks and say her please list out all you’re wishes…ill fulfil them.. Ya only lover’s type wishes ok not.. She stops car and stare at him… He hugs her and say I to have some wishes which I wanna fulfil in this 4 months.. She smiles… He asks how will we celebrate our first anniversary? She says like you have celebrated your and you’re jaan first love anniversary.. He says good idea..ill show you how we celebrated those days… She smiles.. He thinks if you get you’re memory back by 4 months then… They reach home..

Ankith is getting ready.. He gets Sharath call..
Shari: I wanna meet you ppl..
Anki: Why?
Shari: I wanna ask aishu sorry I was not knowing that my revenge against her..will make her suffer so much in life.
Anki: I’ll talk with Arvi and let you know..
Shari: Ok thanks..
Shari talks with vinu and say ill rectify my mistake.. Vinu says I should also ask her sorry but how to make Kumar sir rectify his mistake? Shari says once Arvi forgive us ill make everything proper.. She smiles and hugs him..
Arshu are busy cooking.. Arvi says from tomorrow ill only prepare dinner and breakfast ok.. Aishu say ill become fatty.. Amma calls them.. Aishu puts on loud speaker.. Amma say them from tomorrow daily breakfast and lunch will come from here ok..Arvi you don’t decide to cook ok.. Arshu laugh and say ok amma… Amma cuts call and say herself these two are really.. Aishu calls and says kids amma.. All 3 laugh.. Amma say now also you will guess what im gonna say na.. Aishu smiles and say Amma I love you..from tomorrow you should cook for us also so better sleep early..good night sweet dreams ? you amma.. Amma cuts call.. Arshu have dinner.. Arvi says see within 5 min mom will
call… Aishu smiles.. Both keeps seeing watch..within 3 calls Arvi..he keeps on loudspeaker.. Mom says from tomorrow come here and have dinner ok..aishu don’t take tension and rest properly ok.. Aishu says ok mom.. Arvi says mom she was sleeping you called and disturbed..

Mom says okay okay take rest..sorry aishu sleep properly okay.. Cuts call.. Aishu smiles … Arvi kiss her forehead and say see there love for said off you wanna will they live without you.. Aishu says I know I did a mistake… He asks how can you think ill live without you.. She says sorry please forgive me…kiss him and say sorry… He says don’t even think of repeating it ok.. She smiles.. He hugs her and say shall we go for bedroom… She looks at him.. He smiles and say ill be your boyfriend from today only don’t worry.. She smiles and say you are becoming good boy.. He asks why did aunty say so… She smiles and say because while taking those tablets and treatment there will be more chances of pregnancy and if I become before 5th month then that treatment is of no use… He asks whom did you ask all these? She says Varsha.. He smiles and say you will not leave your investigation nature na… She smiles and say never.. Both leave for sleeping…

Aishu wakes up and prays to God if my pregnancy goes good ill come for your temple.. Arvi wake up and see her praying.. He smiles and say god please fulfil her wish.. He gets up form bed and go down… She goes to take bath… When she comes back..she see yellow and white dress..thinks when did I buy these? He comes and hugs her saying you didn’t buy but I brought it for my girlfriend.. She says ok..,takes those and gets ready… He keeps starring at her.. She smiles and say Mr ill tell my hubby if you keep staring at me like this… He hugs her and say I wish I could flirt with you whole day.. She smiles.. Both leave for Aishu’s home.. They have breakfast and take lunch..leave from there.. He gives her tablets and say all the best.. She smiles and say same to you.. He hugs her and say don’t take tension and I have kept cc camera in your cabin.. Each and every moment ill keep watch of it through it for 3 months ok.. She says ok.. He says don’t have cold water also ok… She says ok baba ill not have anything without your permission ok.. He says ok..

She says if I say ok..then you will carry me for cabin and make me seat na.. He says good idea..ill try now itself.. She says nooo please.. He says ok in home ill do it ok.. She says from tomorrow you should come for walking with me remember? He says ya..adds if we could do it in treadmill then it would be better na.. She says you are lazy.. He says challenge lets see who is lazy? She says ok… Both go inside office and get busy with work..
Afternoon..Arvi feeds aishu lunch and make her sleep in his cabin extra room.. Arvi finish work and at evening he makes aishu wake up.. She is fully sleepy.. He asks her are you feeling tried? She nods no.. He hugs her.. She says please Arvi.. He asks what happened? She nods nothing.. He says ill bring you coffee.. She says can you please bring water.. He says ok and goes to bring water.. She says herself why im feeling so tired.. He comes and gives her water.. She says can you leave me alone for sometime.. He says okay and leave from there.. She calls Varsha and say these tablets.. Varsha says I know but you have to take care of it.. Aishu asks there is no other way ? Varsha says for few days everything will be ok.. Aishu says ok..bye. Thinks if I sleep like this ill become fatty..really.. Arvi and aishu seat talking after office hours…
Arvi: Feeling sleepy now also?

Aishu: Ya im..
Arvi : Few months na..
Aishu: Ya..
Arvi: Aishu let celebrate.. Our marriage anniversary after 4 months..
Aishu: As you tell..but just we will for temple ok..
Arvi: Ok dear..
Aishu: After 3 months on my birthday I want to spend time with you ok…
Arvi: As your wish… He hugs her and kiss her…
Both leave for home.. Arvi drive slowly to Arjun’s house.. He thinks more 3 months… Everything will be life wish will be fulfilled.. Our love symbol will be with us.. They reach home and have dinner.. After sometime they leave for home… They reach home and have good sleep..
This goes on for 3 months…
Arshu’s are getting ready for office.. Aishu smiles seeing him and say tomorrow is test not today..why are you so tensed… He hugs her and say im tensed bcz you’re tensed more than didn’t sleep whole night thinking about it.. She see him and say im really tensed know na depending on tomorrow results we can.. He hugs her and say everything will be positive… Don’t worry.. She smiles.. Both leave for office.. Get busy with work… At evening they go for Arjun’s home.. All have dinner together.. Suji takes Aishu and they go to room.. Aishu play with Arjith.. Suji says don’t take’re results will be positive.. Aishu smiles.. Arvi call her.. She say bye and leave for home with arvi..

Arshu reach home.. Both try to sleep but are tensed.. Aishu hugs him and say don’t worry ?.. Arvi says I know you have taken decision that if results are negative then… She hugs him and say now I don’t have such will power to be far from you da..moment ill go from you will be my death.. He
hugs her and make her sleep…

Precap: Arshu’s love result..

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