Love After Marriage (Part 95)

Arvi wake up and see for aishu..remember yesterday night.. He hugs her teddy and say aishu is not my jaan… He thinks making her learn a lesson.. He goes and prepares breakfast..takes to have it but remember aishu pack it and keep it in fridge.. then take bath and get ready leave for office.. He says himself sorry aishu I have to make you my jaan..i know what to do.. Reach office.. He calls tapu and Manu inside cabin..say what happened yesterday night asks them for help.. They say ok..

Aishu wakes up and see its 11 am.. She gets up..runs to other room search for arvi.. Goes down..see breakfast prepared but its completely finished.. She takes water keep for boiling.. Simply drink and goes to take bath.. Gets readyq and leave for office.. After 1hr she reach.. Manu see her and ask why is she late? Aishu says sorry.. Manu says you know na..just follow company rules.. Aishu nods ok and leaves.. Manu says himself sorry aishu you’re my sister I cant leave you do any wrong things.. She gets busy in work.. Arvi see her but just act as if he didn’t see her.. Tapu says aishu im feeling tried can you please sign on leave application so that I can give it to arvi.,. Aishu does it without reading.. Tapu takes those papers to arvi and say she signed without reading.. He says I know.. Thank you ?.. She smiles.. He takes those documents and leave for hospital.. He says aunty..aishu is little busy with work so please approve it.. Aunty says ok but within 2 weeks she will start treatment.. Arvi says ok aunty..thank you.. He leaves for home.. At 8.. Aishu is still working… Watch man comes inside and say her its 8pm.. She thanks him and leaves for home..thinks arvi didn’t talk with me.. Reach parking lot..see her car is flat.. She goes out and stands near gate.. Thinks of taking auto..but says herself Arvi scolds if he comes to know.. She takes common bus and it reach to her place by 9:30… She gets down and walking.. Current goes off..she gets scared… She takes phone and uses torch..reach home.. A guy is following her from her office… He is none other than arvi.. He knows how much she is scared of travelling alone.. That too night.. She reach home..

Arvi goes inside his room from back door and act like sleeping.. She comes inside and feels hungry but she thinks what’s use of having dinner without him.. She sleeps off on sofa in hall..

Aishu wakes up and prepares coffee.. Go to give it for Arvi .. He is getting ready… She just keep it and leave from there.. He throws coffee and keeps cup on table..comes down and leave for office.. Aishu keeps looking at him..scared of he may react… She prepares resignation letter and takes printout.. Leave for office after getting ready.. She goes inside Manu’s cabin and submit letter.. He reads it and ask what is this? She says I have some personal work till it complete I cant concentrate on work so.. He says you know very well after submission of application you have to wait for 1month.. She says ok..leaves cabin.. He goes to Arvis cabin and tell about aishu’s resignation .. Arvi asks what? He gives letter .. Arvi reads it and goes to meet aishu.. Aishu is working with laptop.. He comes insides and close door.. She see him and say please im busy with can we talk later.. He makes her stand and slaps her hard… She loses her balance but holds table and stand… See his eyes..its red.. He says what you think of yourself ? She keeps silent… He says you don’t have any right resign job ok..more than that you’re not a employee but a boss ok..

She says I dont want to do job I have my personal reasons for this.. He asks what? She says I have appointment with doctor I have to move.. She goes without answering him.. He goes back of her… She reach hospital after 45 min.. He gets stuck in traffic..reach after 1 hr.. She seating and crying… In hospital garden.. He comes there and hugs her… She hugs him back and say sorry Arvi…i don’t want to hurt you but…. He takes her and make her seat in car.. Both leave from hospital.. He reach place where he took her first time after there first month anniversary.. She keeps crying…
He gets down from car.. She keeps crying..she don’t know what to do.. He goes and stand near edge.. She see him…and gets down.. She anklets sound is heard… He see her and ask aishu do you really love? She nods yes..
He: Can I ask one question?
She: Yes
He: If I had any problem regarding children birth what you would have done?
She: Keeps silent..
He: Will you marry again?
She: Gets angry and slaps him…
He: Smiles and ask how would you expect me to do so?
She: Bcz I don’t want to snatch happiness from your life..
He: You’re my happiness..
She: But child is important in you’re life…
He: Why?
She: You love children…

He: You too..
She: But…
He: What?
She: Parents will expect child from their son..
He: Even you’re Amma asked you to plan for child..
She: I said amma..
He: I said this to mom..
She: Problem is with ..
He: You think mom call you as daughter for fun?
She: Nods no..
He: The moment when she came to know about you how much she is praying you know..
She : Yes..
He: For children you will leave me and go off..
She: Silent..
He: You will break all promises for child?
She: No…

He: If you love me please say…
She: Hugs him…
He: Will you take treatment?
She: Nods yes..
He: Will you resign job?
She: Yes…
He: Why?
She: Bcz I don’t want to take chance….
He: I wanna see you every second of my life…please don’t resign…
She: But I can’t manage everything na….tapu is also taking leave..
He: I’ll see that someone is there to help you…
She: Ok…
He: Aishu comes lets go and have feeling hungry…
She: You didn’t have breakfast…
He: From yesterday morning we both didn’t have anything…
She: But…i saw dishes in kitchen..
He: I prepared and kept it in fridge…
She: You are really…
He: Hugs her and say without you I can’t have my food also…
She: Ok..come lets go…

He drives and reach hotel… While having food he asks her if I agreed to marry again then? She replies I planned everything.. He asks what? She saying I planned to die… But after fulfilling my promise to bindhu.. He says it will take more time na? She nods yes… He asks do can you say that whom I would marry give me child? She says I don’t know… He says if I would have agreed to marry also that moment you left me would be my last minute of life… She asks him not to say about it… He says ok… They leave for home…

He drops her and go to office.. She seats crying thinking about arvi,amma… Remembers mom wish..her promise … She says herself im ready for treatment as well as get arvi married to someone special who can fulfil mom’s wishes… She seats staring at wall…thinking about arvi….their love… She says herself im strong enough…to be far from him..then says he is my heart beats if I go far from him ill….. She prepares dinner and takes bath…
He busy with work but remembers aishu thinks she will never turn back from her decision I should be careful if treatment results are negative then.. He calls mom and say what aishu said him regarding treatment results… She say don’t worry God will not make you both suffer so much… He says she said she’ll make me get married to someone it seems mom.. She replies don’t worry she won’t she don’t have strength to go for from you.. He says mom please try out…something… She says don’t worry go home and have dinner… He says ok bye mom.. She cuts call.. She prays god to show some way to clear this problem..

Mom calls Arvi’s granny in Vijayawada.. Granny receive call in her room..same time Sharat receive it in hall.. Mom says granny about aishu’s problem and say she is fully broken…both are going far from each other bcz of this reason… Granny say her to pray for god everything will be perfect..asks her keeps puja at their home… Mom cuts call and gets busy with work.. Sharath thinks about aishu and say himself I did mistake I thought to teach her lesson just for a slap but this is too much for a girl.. Vinaya comes near him and ask what happened? He nods nothing goes for there… She thinks what happened to him… She runs to washroom…she vomits ..thinks what is happening to me these days…im feeling so tried above that this vomiting sensation.. She to granny’s room and say her she is vomit sensation please tell some home remedy I cant .. Granny smiles and takes her to kitchen..give her tamarind.. Ask how is it? Vinaya says it’s good.. Granny asks did she miss her menstrual cycle? Vinaya says from 2 months granny.. Granny call Sharath..he comes there asks what happened? She says you’re wife is pregnant.. Vinrath see each other faces.. Granny smiles and leaves from there.. Vinaya hugs Sharath.. He says why you get to know this? She says how can I know im pregnant for first time .. He says ok.. Sorry..Wait ill come and take rest dear… She nods ok.. He goes to granny and ask her can she keep this matter away from Arshu? Please.. She asks why? He says sorry i heard mom and your talk… I don’t want to hurt them more please.. She says ok take care of vinu.. He nods ok and goes from there.. She thinks at least now he changed I wish vinu also changes..

Arvi reach home.. He see aishu seats and writing her dairy.. She see him and smile.. He observe her smile and say aishu be how you want to be…you’re smile as pain than happiness… She says you’re smile also as pain arvi… He hugs and say please aishu I can’t hide pain more.. She says you can cry off na..adds you said boys can cry in front of 3 ,wife and god.. He says you … She is crying…he sleeps in her lap and cry.. After 30 min aishu asks him to fresh up…we will have dinner..from tomorrow treatment gonna start na.. He goes to take bath.. She says herself arvi im reason for your sadness..i wanted to be reason only for your happiness but see now.. Arvi comes down..both have dinner.. She gets busy with work.. He goes to terrace..keeps starring at sky.. A star falls from sky.. He makes wish that his dream for aishu comes true… He remembers that dream and smiles… He says himself it will happen for sure… After a while Aishu calls him.. They both sleep thinking about each other..

Precap: Aishu’s treatment starts…

Friends ill turn all villains in Arshu’s life positive.. Their love story ends with happiness… From now on you will read only there love story..there lovely fights.. Wait for 110 Th part for good news.. Sorry friends I made some of sad..☹☹

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  1. Thank you sweetheart..luv u loads…arshu are made for each other ..:-) πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ at least now sharath has changed for good ,,,waiting for new updates πŸ™‚

  2. fantastic pooja thank you so much

  3. Lovely chapter…i almost cried…plz let the treatment be +ve…. Arshu had enough hurdles in der life….sharath also realized his mistake….thank u so much…..write soon…!!luv!! You!!!

  4. now change other devils also

  5. Very emotional one dear . Hope everything gets fine asap. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  6. Its gud dat sharath realizd his mistake. . . Waitn for lovly chirpy aishu to b bak πŸ™‚

  7. By 105th part all will turn positive..
    110th part good news..
    115- Arshu’s baby… And memory back…
    120- naming ceremony
    124- Arshu’s remarriage
    Short synopsis….. Please comment let me know if you liked it..m

  8. Hey pooja you are just amazing iam loving this story like anything …I never read this type of pure love story …it’s too hard to find also dear …I love you darling …..

  9. Yeah…i like it a lot pooja ,but since 2 days it’s very emotional??☺☺☺☺☺

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  11. Hi Pooja,
    Please don’t end this love story soon….we will be missing it…..try to continueeeee :):):)

  12. Awesome episode pooja dearrrryyy, very heart touching…arshu going through very tough phase…only their love n faith can give them true happiness. ..loved it very much. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug.

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