Love After Marriage (Part 94)

Arvi call amma and say her Aishu wants to spend time with you for some days.,.. Amma says ok..asks is there any problem? Arvi says I don’t know.. Mom takes phone from amma and asks Arvi if aishu is going there then you also come to here.. Arvi say… He cuts call and thinks ill take reports and then decide whether to say mom or not.. He see aishu busy.. Arvi goes inside and holds her by waist,say you are dam hot today shall we go home? Tomorrow morning ill drop you at amma’s home.. She smiles and say ok.. She thinks ill do whatever you want..i don’t know.. He kiss her cheeks.. She gets shocked..says if your employees see? He says it’s ok I don’t care.. She hugs him and kiss him.. Both leave for home..

She prepares dinner according to his wishes.. He comes down after taking bath.. His hair are wet.. She see him and gets angry..says arvi how many times shall I say to dry your hair before coming down.. She takes towel and dries his hair.. He hugs her..smiles and kiss her near belly button..tickle her.. She beats him and say Arvi have dinner after that you do whatever you want.. He smiles and hugs her.. Both have dinner.. He smiles seeing her.. After dinner he takes her to bed room..she says I should clean kitchen.. He says ill do it morning… She nods ok.. He makes her lie on bed.. She smiles..both get intimate.. After 4hrs aishu wakes up and say herself arvi I wish reports are positive.. Arvi wake up and pulls her close.. Cover themselves with blanket.. Her bangles are thrown out… Her laughing sound is heard.. She pinch him.. He says ouch… She says tit for tat? he move on top and smooch her.. She dig’s her nails on his back as he comes close to her…screams… Her eyes her filled with tears.. He kiss her eyes and smooch her… She says Arvi please don’t this ill die bcz of pain.. He hugs her.. Both sleep off..

She gets up and seats slowly on bed..says herself this is second time he did this I can’t afford pain… He hugs her and say tomorrow you can go home na.. She says Arvi please ill come back tomorrow evening.. He says ok… She lie down and pulls blanket. He hugs her.. She smiles and ask why do you such a wish? He ask which wish? She says in his ears.. He says I don’t know I just did it.. She says you know that pain na? He says yes.. She smiles and hugs him..thinks I don’t know whether I can give him his princess or not but this I can give him.. He kiss her forehead… She sleeps off.. He takes bath and goes down prepare breakfast… She wake up at 10 am.. He hugs her and give her coffee.. She smiles.. He says from yesterday evening this is the first smile with any pain.. She asks what pain I’ll have? He says I don’t know you’re hiding something.. She smooch him and say im planning for some surprise for our anniversary ? Arvi says we will go for coolest place in India… She says as you wish…

She goes to get ready, he asks shall I help you? She smiles and say come inside we will have bath together but you already took bath☹ He says ill take once no problem… She smiles and close door… He keeps dress for her and go down.. She comes out and wear salwar.. Then comes down.. After breakfast they leave for Amma’s home..

They reach home.. Arshu go inside.. Amma gives them coffee.. After a while Arvi leave for office.. Aishu says Amma I have some work ill be back by evening and leave for hospital. After 30min she reach hospital and go inside.. Her friends Varsha is waiting for her.. Aishu under goes different tests.. Varsha say her not to worry everything will be positive.. Aishu smiles and ask by evening ill come to know about it Na? Varsha say wait for 2hrs you will come to know.. Aishu nods ok.. They both go for lunch.. After lunch they come inside.. Varsha check report and say aishu tomorrow we will get report it seems.. Aishu says you are doctor Varsha don’t lie.. Varsha hugs her and say there is a problem.. Varsha explain her and aishu hugs her crying.. She adds there is treatment for this aishu please don’t cry… Aishu asks whether the treatment results will be positive? Varsha says 60% dear.. Aishu says ok..ill come tomorrow bye ..

Aishu reach home and goes to room..close door.. Her phone is in silent mode.. Arvi keeps calling her but she doesn’t receive it.. He thinks mostly she is busy with amma.. He leaves for hospital.. After 1hr he reach hospital.. He goes inside cabin.. Aunty asks where is aishu? He say her Aishu is at amma home.. Aunty say ok.. He asks what happened? Aunty say you’re aishu can become mother but she cant carry baby for long time.. In that accident her stomach got hurt but I didn’t expect this problem will arise.. Arvi asks there are any treatment for this? She says yea but she should know this..but it may take 5 months more from day of treatment.. He says okay and leave the place.. He reach home.. Mom welcome him.. He silently goes inside room and start crying.. Mom comes inside and see him.. Asks what happened? He hugs her and say her what doctor aunty said him.. She says you have to be strong don’t have behave like a kid..

He says mom im acting strong but how much more time I can.. She says Arvi… He asks mom can I sleep in your lap.. She makes him sleep.. He keeps crying.. Mom goes and calls Amma.. She tells her everything.. Amma also start crying..say mom always our kids undergo such problems why?.. Mom says don’t worry..let them undergo treatment.. Amma say but how to say this to aishu.. Mom says arvi will Amma say but he should be strong enough na..but till when he will be strong? Mom says Arvi.. He moves out..

Mom keeps calling him but he doesn’t receive call.. He reach mountain side.. He seats in place where he proposed aishu and start crying.. Aishu comes there and hugs him say if you cry then who will take care of me? Who will love me? Who will bear my naughtiness? Who will make me blush and hug me? He says but you will not become mother means you ll cry how can I see you crying? She says you always say im Kiddu na..ill consider you as my kid and you consider me as kid..that’s all..else we will adopt a baby.. He says you will happy with whatever decision time takes? She smiles and hugs him..promise him.. He smiles.. It just his imagination.. He says himself ill take decisions after talking with aishu… He goes home.. Mom is waiting for him…he smiles and goes inside sleep thinking about aishu…

Amma goes inside aishu’s room..see her sleeping and cries say you didn’t have your dinner.. Aishu hears her and cry say herself amma don’t worry if I come to know that I cant become mother, ill go away from all.. To say ill die off.. Amma goes outside and cry thinking about aishu.. Aishu remembers her promise for bindhu and say I have you’re marriage responsibility ill complete it with ranju’s marriage.. Aishu search for phone and see Arvi’s miss calls..think mostly by now he would be sleeping thinking about me after knowing reports.. She takes her tab and search for medical cases like her and read about it till morning 5am.. She smiles knowing 5 months of treatment can change her life.. She decides that she will undergo treatment if I cant become pregnant then ill search a someone special for arvi… She sleeps off..
Morning at 9…

Arvi wake up and see it’s 9.. Fresh up and leave for office.. He keeps thinking about aishu..decide to tell all that aunty told him and ask her to undergo treatment.. He gets a msg from aishu” arvi come home evening ill be waiting for you..i love you” He smiles and replies okay…i love you too ?..,.. Aishu thinks of hiding about hospital matter.. Arvi gets busy with work.. Amma observe aishu lost,thinks mostly she is thinking about Arvi.. She gives aishu breakfast.. Aishu asks can she feed her? She asks is it age to feed you? Aishu see her.. She starts feeding her..says it’s your age to feed your children.. Aishu says Amma if I would able to give birth to children I would have…. Amma drops food plate.. Aishu hugs her and cries says amma that accident didn’t only take my memory but also my motherhood… She keeps crying.. Amma says don’t say like this…asks did arvi say you this? Aishu nods no… Amma asks then? She replies I had been for Varsha’s hospital.. Amma hugs her and say if you break like this what will Arvi will go through? Please think of him … He was saying about that 5 months treatment… Aishu says its 50-50 chances treatment… Amma says don’t take any decision without his whatever he asks for.. Aishu says ok Amma..please don’t tell about me going for hospital he will.. Amma promise her..

Aishu leaves for home.. After 1hr..arvi leave office.. He drives fast and reach home.. Aishu smiles and opens door when he comes.. They have dinner together.. Arvi goes to terrace after that.. Aishu comes there after him cigarette box.. He see her face.. She says I know you are tensed use it.. He says aishu…hugs her..aishu that.. She says Arvi tell na.. He narrate what doctor aunty told him… Aishu asks what is your decision? He asks can you try that treatment? She nods ok..says arvi you said its chances are rare of results na.. He says hummm.. She asks can you please obey my wish if that treatment does not succeed? He asks what? She says you will marry once again if… He slaps her hard..she falls on ground…
She is crying.. He goes from there…after 1hr… She as slept crying… He see her and takes her to room.. Make her sleep on bed.. He kiss her forehead and say sleep ill talk with you tomorrow… He goes to other room.. Sleep hugging her teddy which he had gifted her.. He remembers her smile when he gave her.. /*flashback…
valentines day..

Aishu meets him.. Gives him a new tab to him..asks for her gift.. He gives a small key chain.. She says better you only keep it..leaves from there.. Arvi then gives her bangles.. She smiles and say I have bangles my future hubby brought .. He gives her chocolate… She says doctor said I shouldn’t have chocolates.. He then gives her ring.. She says I will wear only engagement ring.. He smiles and gives her maths text book.. She says so bad of you…goes from there… He then give her a big teddy bear… She smiles and hugs teddy… He says you’re really… She says im kiddo…i know… He smiles… She starts jumping saying you’re my best friend… He asks what? She say you’re my best friend…aren’t you? He says I really don’t know.. She kiss him and say you’re my best hubby ? too.. He says im not your hubby..yet., she says however you will be na? Are you planning to make new girlfriend ? He hugs her and say yea.. You are my wife.. She says better if you had said me about anything else..then this would be your last valentine’s day.. He asks why? She replies I would have murdered you and done suicide.. He says never repeat it…*/
he sleeps off.. Both are crying more than sleeping..

Precap: Sharath coming to know about aishu’s health

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  1. Very painful chapter yar . Hope everything gets fine soon . Take care dear 🙂 🙂

  2. pooja …very hard phase for arshu yaar ..the way aishu said her mom about the result that was too touching …arshu deserve to be together don’t separate them plssss…..

  3. Hey pooja please don’t trouble aishu much really very hard to feel yar

  4. pooja today you make me cry emotional episode

  5. Pooja just loved it…..

  6. very painful, I feel like crying seeing dem hurt

  7. Hi pooja, episode is emotional. I liked the scene when Arvi slapped Aishu.
    You are showing their love and concern for each other very beautifully. Iam big fan of this story :).

  8. Oh really so painfull

  9. Awesome episode, so lovely n emotional. …heart touching episode. …I hope she get ok after treatment….love you loads pooja. ..

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