Love After Marriage (Part 92)

Arvi wake up and goes to take bath.. Then pack things.. Arvi try to wake up aishu… Aishu wakes up and say please I want to sleep.. Arvi say if we miss flight today we should be here for 2 week more.. Aishu says ok.. He says you have to be with me and … She hugs him and say im ready for it… He asks ohh really? She says as if we go India and you won’t even touch me.. Arvi say if you don’t want I won’t.. She hugs him and say if you don’t touch life is waste bcz you’re my love…you’re my’re my everything… He hugs her and say now go and take bath.. She says won’t you help me to take bath.. He say I would have but I have to go for down and complete some formalities… She kiss him and goes to take bath.. He goes down..

After 1hr they go for breakfast.. He packs some food.. Then both leave for room.. She says Arvi shall I go out for a while.. He asks but alone? She says yea please..ill be back by 2 hrs.. He says ok…be careful.. She goes out.. He sleeps on bed thinking about aishu.. Aishu is shopping thinks of Arvi talks..smiles and buys dresses which he wanted her wear.. She see some shirts and buy them.. After half hour she reach hotel.. She see arvi sleeping and kiss him.. She wake him up.. He holds by her waist..she smiles and say Arvi please get up.. He smiles and pulls her.. She falls on him… Their lips are just inches away.. She as closed her eyes.. He kiss softly her lips..his hands moving on her back.. She hugs him.. He comes on her top and asks shall we be here only? She says you’re office? He says lets start some business here only.. She asks what business? He says sell some things which couple want ? she laugh and say don’t want..i wanna see our parents and suji Akka.. He says but I wanna spend time with you… She says ok ill promise you every Saturday’s ill spend time alone with you no disturbance from anyone ok? He says but if I get busy in office work then? She says ill give you some surprise on those Saturday’s night ok? He asks promise? She says promise.. His phone starts ringing.. He receives call and talk with Surya.. She smiles and goes to fresh up.. Then gets ready in salwar.. He also get ready.. Then they go for lunch.. Both come back and get ready check out hotel room.. After 3hrs they reach airport.. Then leave Switzerland and reach India next day…

Arshu reach home.. Aishu kiss arvi and say thank you for such a cute holiday.. Both go to room and sleep.. Aishu wakes up and see it’s afternoon 1:30.. She fresh up and goes down to prepare lunch..thinks he don’t western foods but he had just bcz it’s my favourite place.. She prepares his favourite food.. Then goes to wake him up.. She tries but he doesn’t wake up… She brings ice cubes and put on his face.. He wake up..holds her close..takes ice cube and put it near her belly button.. She jumps and hugs him tightly.. He says really this hug is so nice than hugs and kisses in Switzerland.. She pushes him and say idiot please don’t flirt now.. He smooch her… She pushes him and say Arvi please.. He pulls her close and say I can’t leave you.. She says Arvi let us lunch then for meeting suji Akka.. Arvi say at least once you can.. She smiles and say be like a good will get what you want.. He asks promise? She nods yes…kiss him on cheeks and leave from there..

Both have lunch.. She thinks what gift shall I give you on valentines day.. Does he remember it or not? What gift he used give me? What I used give him? He see her lost and hugs her.. Ask what happened? She smiles and say you said I want my memory thinking when it will happen.. Sai said if I go through any shock ill get my memory.. Arvi says her I love my Aishu more than my jaan so if memory is not back also ill be happy ok.. He kiss her forehead and say her to get ready.. She smiles and goes to get ready.. He removes all gifts and takes gifts for suji.. She comes down wearing salwar.. He smiles and say you’re looking fat in this dress.. She asks really? He nods yes.. She runs to mirror and see herself..

Thinks im becoming fat.. He laughs .. She makes crying face.. He hugs her and say my fatty.. I love you ? she says bcz of you only.. He says you look hot don’t worry ? She blushes… He holds her waist..pulls her close and say mostly pregnancy symptoms.. She gets shocked..say no way.. He hugs her and say don’t worry.. She says I’m not worrying but … He asks what? She says I don’t want to become pregnant till suji Akka gets her baby at least.. He asks why? She says bcz she deserves happiness first..i know you love me so much…but please consider this wish of mine.. He smiles and say I thought you’re a kid but now I can say you’re not.. She smiles and hugs him… Both leave for Arjun’s home..

Mom smiles seeing them.. Aishu hugs her and say you didn’t call to my phone so don’t love me na.. Mom say her I thought you might be sleeping so else why would I call him.. Aishu asks really? Mom says yea you’re my daughter na..who is he to me.. Arvi says my both drama queens are acting to much.. They laugh.. Arvi gives gift packs to aishu and say you carry this will reduce weight ok.. Mom says she is not fat to lose weight.. Aishu says no mom I increased weight.. Mom asks really? Aishu nods yes.. Mom tells start dieting fast ok..i want my daughter to look pretty and beautiful.. Aishu nods ok.. They go suji room and keep the gifts.. Aishu gives gifts for everyone.. Suji asks you were busy with shopping or enjoyed holidays? Aishu says both.. Suji laugh.. They have good family time..

Arjun comes home.. Aishu serves coffee for him.. He asks when did you come back ? She says morning.. He says I thought you both will celebrate valentines day there and return.. Aishu says I wanted to know what gift you are going to give for our prince and his mom so I came off.. He smiles and say what my sister is doing enquiry now? She says no im just asking my brother.. He says I brought a pendent for my wife and a LIC policy for your prince.. She says superb ? Arvi comes there.. They become silent.. Arvi asks what happened here? Aishu say nothing it’s sister and brother talks don’t interfere.. Arvi says really I feel im son in law of this home not son… Arjun says you better think that only.. Aishu and Arjun laugh..

Arvi says Arjun you bad of you all.. Suji comes there and say you and me have to feel that only.. Arvi holds hand and bring her down.. They both make them jealous by their talks.. Arjun and aishu leave from there.. Arvi and suji laugh.. Aishu and Arjun prepare for suji’s surprise.. They both complete work and give hifi.. Mom call them down.. Arvi and suji smiles seeing them.. Arjun winks at aishu.. She understands and goes sits next to Arvi.. She says mom im feeling sleepy shall we move? Mom ask her about dinner? Aishu says we had lunch at 5 then why dinner? Arshu leave for their home.. Arvi thinks why she is not speaking a word.. Aishu thinks of surprise and say herself my hubby forgot valentines day so bad.. He reach home.. Aishu goes inside without talking with him.. He thinks did she get angry with me? She is in room getting ready..wears dress which she brought in Switzerland..smiles..
He comes inside and switch on lights… He gets shocked seeing its fully decorated with balloons and roses.. He thinks why is this? She comes down.. He is fully shocked..see her without blinking.. She smiles.. She is wearing knee length gown sleeveless.. Her hairs are open. She smiles and say happy valentine day in is kiss day na.. She hugs him…say I love you my sweetoo.. Smooch him.. He holds by waist.. Both dance on song Jadoo Hai Nasha Hai.. It’s 11:55 aishu brings cake and say Arvi? He smiles seeing her..hugs her and say you are really looking beautiful in this dress.. She asks then.. He smiles and say hot..really… She smiles…say now cake? He nods ok.. Both cut cake and feed each other.. She apply cake cream to his face.. He runs behind her.. He catches her dress tightly thread pulls it.. She holds dress and stands still.. He asks what happened? She nods nothing..tries going from there.. He touch her exposed back..kiss her.. Slowly move towards her ears..bites her ear.. She bites her lips..bcz of pleasure.. He kiss her neck… She holds his head.. He hugs her from back.. She smiles.. He bites her near neckbone.. She leaves her dress and holds his hair..

Her dress fall down.. He says you are looking hot in birth suit ? She see herself and close her eyes… He smiles and hugs her…say her you used to say to close my eyes while moving to restroom in morning but now… She says im in birth suit front my hubby only so I don’t care.. He smiles and takes her inside room.. He gets shocked seeing it’s fully decorated with flowers..She smiles seeing him..asks him at least make me lie on bed so that I can cover myself with bed sheet ? He makes so… She smiles and pulls him towards her.. He smiles and say please don’t kill me like this…you look so hot im going mad…now ill die bcz of you and you’re smile… She hugs him and say I don’t any gift give you.. He says you gave me yourself more than that I don’t want anything… She says you took everything from me but I want to give you something that will complete our life but not now.. He says I know… She hugs him and kiss his lips… He asks really? She nods yes… He switch off lights… Both get intimate…

Arvi wake up and smiles seeing her.. Thinks I feel in love with a girl who was playing with her sister like a kid.. She smile and cuteness made me mad.. She became my friend..i came to know about her naughtiness then became my lover.. She became so close to my family that I feel im son in law my own parents.. She takes care of my Bhabhi and understands her.. She became my brother’s sister and best friend.. From naughty girl to matured girl so much changes.. But she is really Kido from inside but acts matured.. Her love towards made me feel im luckiest on earth.. He see her opening her eyes.. She says good morning.. He replies and hugs her..say thank you aishu for coming into my life…making it so beautiful… She smiles…
5 month leap…

Arshu are sleeping hugging each other.. She wakes up and kiss his forehead.. Goes to take bath.. She smiles seeing herself in mirror and say I don’t know when ill wake up without love marks on body.. She takes bath..comes out and gets ready.. Arvi wake up and say sweetie why you make me mad daily with you smile..11 months over im addicted to you so much… She smiles and comes near him say go get ready today is my prince naming ceremony… He says I wanted princess but.. She hugs him and say im now ready to give you princess but now go get ready please… He asks her really? She smiles and say yea…go now.. She gets tapu’s call.. She smiles and goes to receive it.. He goes to take bath.. She is busy with phone and cuts call saying tapu first go for hospital and then come there it’s ok.. Arvi comes out and ask what happened? Aishu says you’re sister went to hospital for check up.. He asks what check up? She says my budduu pregnancy test… He asks what? She smiles and says ya its confirmed but if doctor say it will be good na? He smiles.. She holds his hands and say first became uncle and then became dad da.. He hugs her and say as you say my sweetie..i love you….

Precap: Some ladies in naming ceremony saying arshu married for 1yr but no good news yet..

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