Love After Marriage (Part 91)

Thank you friends for your prayers for my results.. I got distinction.. Im really happy… Thank you soo much.. This part I wrote but I didn’t read it once also.. Please let me know how is it.. Friends thanks for your comments short synopsis.. Sorry I’ll include tittle tragedy…

Aishu wakes up…see Arvi sleeping… Goes to fresh up.. As she comes out..Arvi hugs her.. She smiles… He says you could have wake up me…we could have fresh up together.. She smiles.. He cups her face and say im feeling hungry.. She says lets go for dinner.. He smiles and say I wanna have you… She nods no… He pulls her close.. She comes close to him.. He holds her by waist…she hugs him and say I want to change dress.. He says there is no need to wear dress.. Her eyes widens.. He pulls her by holding her shirt.. She nods no… She pushes him.. He holds her hand.. She turns back.. He pulls her close and lifts her.. She keeps seeing him.. He says don’t worry I won’t have you..i want to give you something.. He makes her seat on bed.. He goes to bring her her.. She opens and see it.. Then look at him… He asks her to wear.. She says but… He says please.. She goes to wear it.. After 10min she comes out.. She is wearing red saree.. He smiles seeing her.. She asks what? He says I wanted to see you in red saree.. She smiles..hugs him.. He cups her face and kiss her forehead.. Says lets go for dinner..ill fresh up and come.. She plate’s her hair.. He comes out.. She asks him am I grown up? He smiles and say ya little.. She asks what? He pulls her close and says something in her ears.. She blushes as he says..hugs him… Then both leave for dinner…

Sharath and Vinaya are enjoying their life.. Her parents see them and feel happy.. Granny thinks of keeping them busy so that they won’t interfere in Arshu’s life.. Arvi’s parents come there.. Mom and dad meet them..bless them.. Dad say now you are happy Vinaya.. She nods yes.. Then both leave form there.. Mom and dad with Vinaya parents go for temple..

Arshu are leaving for room.. Snow fall starts.. She holds his hands.. He asks what happened ? She nods nothing.. He takes her to for room..checks her temperature.. He asks what happened? Why you are feeling so cold? She says don’t know im feeling somewhat.. He makes her sleep and goes to bring tablets.. After 20min he comes back.. See her shivering.. He makes her have tablets and makes her sleep.. He hugs her and sleep off..

Morning.. He wakes up and see her sleeping.. He checks her temperature thinks she is having fever..ill order breakfast here itself.. She wakes up and tries to get up from bed.. He say her to sleep.. She stands up and suddenly loses her balance.. He holds her and makes her sleep on bed.. She hugs him and say please don’t make me like princess ill definitely get addicted to you.. He says don’t worry each and every second of my life belongs to you.. She asks till when you’re love be like this? He replies till my death.. She keeps seeing him with tears.. He kiss her forehead and ask her to sleep.. He makes her sleep…seats holding her hand.. She asks him can I sleep in your lap? He smiles and make her sleep.. Waiter knocks door, arvi goes to receive breakfast.. He makes aishu have her breakfast.. She keeps shivering.. After finishing breakfast arvi makes aishu sleep.. Aishu thinks why did i get fever now? He.. Arvi see her and close her eyes.. Say sleep you are important not honeymoon..we love each other means each day of our life is a day of honeymoon ok..

After 3 days..morning
Aishu wakes up..smiles seeing him..thinks when will I return your love on me.. He gets up and see her.. Asks her how is her health now? She says when you are with me how can fever live with me.. He smiles and hugs her.. Checks her temperature.. She says ok? He smiles and say ok.. She say sorry arvi.. He asks why? She says I got fever in honeymoon and made you.. He close her mouth and say you’re my first priority ok..not love making and all ok.. She says but also.. He says don’t worry we are married for 6 months not more than that okay.. You can became pregnant after 1 year.. She says yea but.. He hugs her and say you stop thinking about child’re only child for me.. She says im not kid ok.. He hugs her and say but you’re.. She says no.. He says are.. She says no im not.. He says you’re ok.. Without teddy you cant sleep..with ice cream and chocolates you will be happy.. She says ill sleep hugging you not teddy bear.. I’ll be happy with your care and love not with chocolate and ice cream..

He smiles and says ok ok..ill have ice cream you won’t ok.. She says you are’ll have ice cream without me.. He hugs her and say see I told you are a kid.. She smiles and say no im not a kid.. Amma tell im married I can give birth to child so im not kid.. He smiles hearing her..say her you can’t become mother without me.. She asks why? He looks at her and say you really don’t know? She recalls what she said and say sorry.. He smiles and hugs her..asks really you want to become mother? She says don’t know..see ill become fat then my tummy amma it will be so large..I cant hug you properly then we both will become busy with kid that we won’t give time for ourselves..then if we fight? I cant fight with you.. He say really you are thinking so much… She says I should because after that I cant get you’re love like this..

He says aishu child is our love symbol..not.. She see him and say ll love me like this only after child na? He says you… She hugs him.. He says ill love you more than this.. She asks really? He says not really but truly..asks her to get ready we will go out.. She says ok.. After 1hr both go out..

Arvi say her just more 3 days then we will return back to India.. She asks really? He says yes I booked return ticket for Thursday so that we will have 2 days to be at home.. She smiles and say thank you so much.. He asks why? She says im fed up of seeing your face.. He asks really? She says yea.. He holds her hand and drags her near to him..asks really? She smiles.. He asks you didn’t see anything else? She nods no.. He says ok then for 3 days I make sure you will see everything with my face ? she says ok lets see.. They keep roaming till evening.. At 6 they move back for hotel.. She goes to fresh up..after 15 min comes wearing knee length gown.. He see her and ask aren’t you hungry? She says no.. He asks really? She smiles..and say I have ordered dinner.. He pulls her close..say why you are not using my weakness in honeymoon period? She says simply.. He says simply? She says bored shall we play a game.. He says ok..which game? We don’t have anything here.. She says I have snake and ladder game in my bag..

He asks when you brought it? She says after my MCA trip I didn’t remove it from bag ? He says lazy girl.. She says at least now its useful na.. He smile.. She says ill win in it everytime.. He says not now.. She says challenge? He says yes..but game should be little interesting na? She says yea..we will drop cloth on snake bite and can wear a cloth if we get ladder? He says ok.goes to take bath.. She changes to long skirt and top.. They have dinner.. After that game starts.. They start playing

Aishu: 3
Arvi: 4
Aishu: A ladder..she takes a sweater and wear it..
Arvi: 5 he moves forward
Aishu: 2 move forward..
Arvi: Snake bite.. He removes his shirt..
Aishu: 3 more forward
Arvi: A ladder. He wears shirt back..
Aishu: Snake bite she removes sweater
Arvi: 4 move forward..
Aishu: 2 move forward
Arvi: A snake bite he removes shirt
Aishu: Snake bite.. She removes her top..
Arvi: 4 move forward..
Aishu: Snake bite she remove skirt..
Arvi: Gets a ladder.. He sees aishu and say won?
Aishu: I’ll try till end
Arvi: Ok..
Aishu: 6 move forward..again 5 move forward..
Arvi: 4 move forward
Aishu: Snake bite she removes her leggings..
Arvi: Gives his shirt to her.. Say wear this I can’t concentrate on game..
Aishu: Game is game.. Cover herself with blanket
Arvi: 6 move forward
Aishu: 4 move forward..

Arvi : Smiles and say just 3 .. Plays and win off..
Aishu: Okay… Congralation..
Arvi pulls her near to him and ask for gift which she had to give for that sari thing? She asks whatever I have is yours..take as you wish.. He asks really? She says yea.. He says something in her ears.. She is fully shocked..say no no.. He says yes it’s gift remember? She says please.. He says then you won’t fulfil your promise? She nods ok.. He asks really? She nods yes.. He cups her face and smooch her.. Both get intimate with time..

He wakes up and see she is sleeping..goes to fresh up.. She wakes up and search for him..slowly seats on bed..thinks how come arvi have such dam wish? He comes out see her thinking…goes near her and say thank you.. She smile.. He asks her something in ears.. She nods yes.. He takes some tablets and give her.. She takes those.. He lifts her and takes her washroom..helps her getting ready.. She say him you are really.. He says I know.. She asks from you guys get such dam plan? He says don’t know.. She say really it pains a lot Idiot.. He says but it’s good comparatively na? She says you are really mad… Breakfast comes.. Both have it together.. She says im sleepy..asks him not to disturb her.. He says ok.. She hugs him and sleep off.. They wake up at evening 5 pm.. She says Arvi tomorrow lets complete shopping ok? He says ok.. She says what happened? He say don’t know im going mad seeing you so near to me.. She says they say first 6 months of marriage it’s common.. He hugs and say it will be same to end of my life ok..even in my 80’s ill go mad seeing you.. She says you are mad only na.. Mom call aishu., she ask about her health? Aishu say im fine now..we will be back by 3days.. Arvi take phone and talk with her.. After 10min.,., Arvi says bye mom..

Aishu asks why you took phone from me? Arvi says my wife is really so innocent that without thinking she talks of She smiles.. He hugs her and ask her get ready..we can will go out for dinner.. She nods ok.. He asks her does she needs any help? She says no no I don’t want..i know what will return thing for it.. He pulls her near..says you look so cute from… She closes his mouth.. He winks at her.. She smiles and say ok leave now..i can’t forget what happened last night..i don’t want to repeat it again.. He pulls her close and say really? Then ill take whatever I want ok.. She say him you said you won’t force me.. He holds her by waist and say that was before you propose ok.. She say then why you didn’t say about this before I would have not proposed you.. He asks really? Slowly starts playing ear.. She tries saying something but his hot breath makes her lose herself..

She turns and hugs him.. He lifts her and takes her to window..make her stand.. She see out and smiles.. He says you really lose yourself… She hugs him and say you use your breath to make me go breathless.. He slowly hugs her and say my jaan really look so cute in … She looks at him.. Both smile.. She say him tapu said me to prove myself not a kid… He asks what? She says nothing.. He seats and makes her seat on lap.. She smiles and say him I planned to wear some dresses and make you mad.. But you made me mad with love… He asks her to which dress? She says you’re favourite colour saree.. He says I thought you will wear some mini skirt or something like that.. She says im not kid ok.. He hugs her and say not only kid…my s*xy can wear those for me na? She says but you always said you will go mad if I wear saree.. He says but I wanna see you in some new dresses na.. She says feeling hungry now..lets order here only na.. He says as you say… She hugs him close and say you are really romantic… He says then? She says Rakshas… He hugs her and say you are really so hot that I can’t..resist myself from.. She smiles.. He holds her close..she keeps her head on his chest.. Both sleep talking with each other..
Next day morning at 5 am…

Aishu wakes up and tries to arvi to wake up but.. He pulls her and makes her sleep.. She says im feeling hungry da..we had food only once yesterday.. He says you slept off what can I do? She says you gave me pain killer tablets ok.. He says ok .. Pulls her close.. Smooch her.. She pushes him and say Arvi I am feeling hungry… He says ok..go fresh up.. She gets up..he pulls her by holding her shirt..she falls..asks what happened? He says lets have bath together.. She says ok.. He lifts her and take her inside.. After sometime they come out and get ready.. Then leave for breakfast and after that shopping.. Till evening they are busy.. After dinner they reach hotel and sleep off..

Precap: Arshu reaching back India..

A 5months a leap on way…. With little happiness and romance..

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