Love After Marriage (Part 90)

Arshu are having breakfast.. Arvi see watch and say it’s 12:40.. Aishu smiles and say its ok..ill have to tablets don’t say about you.. Arvi smiles.. They both leave for roaming.. Aishu holds arvi hands.. He smiles and say I love you… She replies I love you too.. They go for snow skating.. She says im scared of skating I wont do it.. He smiles and hugs her.. She says please go and enjoy.. He says hug me ill make you enjoy weather.. She smiles and hugs him.. He does skating.. After 15min they come back.. Other couple asks them how you can do this? Arvi says I love her and she trust me so.. Aishu smiles.. They smile and leave.. Aishu says shall we will have ice cream? He asks do you want have ice cream in this weather? She says yes please… He nods ok.. They both go for shop.. She haves chocolate ice cream.. He goes to take his favour..

They both move from shop.. While walking she fools him and have his ice cream.. He gets angry… She says sorry..asks for another one ice cream.. He says ok..close her eyes take her to snow mountain.. Open her eyes and say her to have how much ever she wants.. She gets angry and start chasing… He runs.. She catch him..he hugs her.. both fall in snow.. They roll and reach down of mountain.. Both are covered with snow.. She is above him..takes snow and apply to his face.. He pulls her.. Their lips meet.. She pushes and say public.. He says we are in honeymoon ok.. She smiles… Then after some time they leave for room… She thinks should I execute my plan today or tomorrow.. He will not leave me today for sure.. Arvi comes ,asks her shall we have lunch..i mean dinner.. She nods ok.. Both go having dinner..
In Vijayawada..

Sharath and Vinaya are getting married.. Her parents bless her and go off from there.. Her mom cries and say we planned so much for her marriage.. Her dad says its ok leave let she be in life and don’t any mistake.. Arvi’s granny comes there and bless them.. She says don’t worry you’re Vinaya will be here only.. Her mom keeps crying..say Arvi made so much plans for her marriage..he found such a good guy for her but she chose the guy who made her away from her parents family.. Granny say her to control herself.. She bless Vinaya and Sharath..takes them to her home.. They both are confused but follow whatever granny say..

Arshu’s dinner is completed.. Arvi thinks of doing so shopping so that room will be ready.. She see him..asks what happened? He says nothing..shall we roam im feeling heavy… She nods ok.. She hugs on a bench.. He says you are not sleepy.. She asks you brought me here for sleeping? He nods no.. She smiles and say you are first then my sleep..i know I didn’t allow you.. He close her mouth.. They both go for hotel.. After 40min of walk they reach their room.. She opens door gets shocked..its same how she had asked to be decorated in that indian hotel.. She smiles.. He asks aren’t you happy? She says im happy.. He says I know that day you saw me disturbed and cancelled plan of spending night with me in hotel.. She says you’re not disturbed but worried about me.. He say my sweetie know everything.. She hugs him.. He asks her to fresh up.. She nods ok and goes to restroom.. After 10min she comes out..

He goes inside.. She changes to pink colour saree.. He comes out see her.. She smiles… He hugs her… She says Arvi…. He holds her waist.. She keeps seeing him.. hair cover her face.. He slowly moves her hair.. She smiles.. His fingers touch her lips… She closes her eyes.. He pulls her near… She hugs him.. He kiss her forehead.. Her eyes closes as he kiss her eyelids.. She smiles.. He smooch her… She lose herself..he takes her lower lips and bites it.. She tightens grip… He cups her face..asks her can I? She nods ok… He hugs her,removes her blouse knot.. He un-petals her saree.. Lifts her.. She keeps seeing his eyes.. He smiles.. She blushes… He makes her lie on bed..her pullu is covering her womanhood..but he slowly removes it..she says lights.. He switch off.. She covers herself with blanket.. He comes inside blanket.. She smiles… He hugs her.. She moans ammmma…he hands are playing with her belly button.. She nods no please… He hugs her tightly..unbuttons her blouse..

She holds him tightly..he frees himself..and remove her blouse.. She closes herself with her hands.. He smiles and goes down…removes her saree completely and throws out..then he removes her skirt.. He slowly holds her tummy.. She holds his hair… He bites her skin.. She screams.. Arvi hugs her..his head is near her stomach… Her breathing becomes deep deeper.. He goes out blanket..undress himself.. She is closing her eyes.. He comes inside.. She feels his bare skin..against her skin.. He smooch her…with time ..they get inmate…
Next day morning…

She wakes up… See him sleeping keeping his head on her… She slowly makes him sleep on bed properly,.. She thinks he slept late..let him sleep ill take bath and come then.. She search for his shirt..wear it and goes to take bath.. She see’s his teeth makes and smiles..thinks really he is wild in bed.. I don’t need to execute my plan..if I do then I’ll really on bed taking rest..then enjoying honeymoon… She takes bath..comes out wearing bathrobe.. He awake…see her and smiles.. She comes near him.. He pulls her on bed..say her you also slept sleep na..please… She says im hungry da..feeling tried so.. He says ok..dress up..ill take bath and come.. She nods ok.. He goes to take bath.. She wear black anarkali..remembers his words”you also look hot in black”…. She wears high ponytail.. Simple chain and ring.. She takes lipstick but say herself he wont leave me..he’ll kiss me… Better ill wear only lip gloss.. He comes out after 5 min..see her getting ready.. He asks why black?

She smiles and say my hubby said I look hot in black soo.. He asks her take clothes for him.. She smiles and goes to take..

He comes and hugs her from back.. She says please arvi not now … He takes his clothes and goes to wear them.. She switch on her phone and see tapu’s message..she replies her and calls amma.. She keeps talking with her.. He comes there.. She says bye amma and cut call.. He asks shall we go? She nods ok.. Both go for breakfast.. Arvi gets a call from mom.. He gets to know about Vinaya’s marriage.. He talks with her and say her not to worry I’ll take care of aishu.. Then cuts call and start having breakfast.. Aishu comes with coffee..she gives him.. Both have coffee.. He asks her did she have tablets yesterday after going room? She nods no.. He says because of that only you’re tried .. She nods ok.. Then both reach room.. She haves tablets.. Both sleep off after changing..

Precap: Arshu enjoying their honeymoon…
…..A 5 months leap on way…..

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  1. What is going to happend dr i am very tensed any plm is there

    1. A good news followed by bad news on way.. Their bonding gonna increase but with some twists..

  2. It’s nice……pooja….but why leap…… anything will happen to our aishu…..?????

    1. She will get back her memory but she lose herself in before that..

  3. Nice and really very romantic !! Hate all the villains in Arshu’s life .

  4. fantastic romantic episode

  5. wat???? will lose herself…???? waiting for next update soon….

  6. Awesome, marvellous episode, arshu very lovely couple. …hate all the villains…what is aishu’s surprise plan?… What…she will get her memory back but she will lose herself…what do you mean…..noway…no pooja plzzzz don’t separate arshu or loose their future baby…it’ll be disaster….oooo…I’m sooo scared….eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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