Love After Marriage (Part 9)


Recap: Both come out of hotel
Arvi is thinking nothing as changed in her till now if she remembers me also ill be happiest person of world. Ash ask him to go slowly but he doesn’t hear her. She suddenly calls him Jadoogar./* ash used to call him Jadoogar before memory loss /* He stops and asks her what she say? She tells him I said to slow down. He tells ok./*thinks I felt she called me Jadoogar I really miss ash calling me*/ Both reach mall. She tells him I didn’t buy Diwali gifts for amma and appa,can you help me. He nods ok.
He brings her to shop which is fully of teddy bears. She see’s a poster of animated movie put up in shop ask about it. Seals boy replies Movie ya today released if you want to watch it go top floor. Arvi takes her for movie it’s doraemon new series. Both enjoy it.
After 2hrs, both come out. She tells life would be adventurous if we had such a friend na. He tells let we go out adventurous ride tomorrow. She tells ok done. He tells about gift’s. Suddenly a small boy come hug ash calling mummy papa. Both get shocked. Boy keeps crying so Arvi give him chocolate and ask him to be eat it. Boy refuses,ash asks him to have and tells I’ll also eat it with you. Both have chocolate,he calm down. Arvi ask him why he crying? Where are his mummy papa? Boy says if I had known I wouldn’t come to you I would have gone to them,search for any parents uncle. Ash start laughing seeing how small kid is scolding arvi. Ash asks kid what is your name? He replies chinu.
Chinu orders arvi to get him ice cream. Arvi tells him im not your servant. Ash signs him to I also want it. Ash and arvi take him to ice cream shop. While having chinu tells hey uncle you can’t search for my parents? Go search ill take care of your girlfriend go fast. Ash smiles. Arvi takes chinu pic and go for announced room. He tell manager this kid lost in crowd please display his pic in monitor and ask his parents to come to 2nd floor ice cream shop. Manager does what arvi asked for. Arvi comes back and tells ash I told manager about chinu. Chinu ask arvi doesn’t he know how to talk with girls. Arvi nods no. Chinu says see ill teach you. Chinu hold ash hand and tells Janu I did what you said me to do and kiss her on hand while leaving hands. Chinu ask arvi to do it. Ash nods no. Chinu says ash you both are boring. Ash tells him Arvi is my friend not boyfriend. Chinu says so only you both having two ice creams.
Chinu papa and mummy come there. Mummy hugs chinu and ask him why did leave her hand and run. Chinu says mummy I know you will come and take me back home so, you know she is my new girl friend her name is ash. Mummy and papa tells thanks for helping them and bearing chinu’s naughtiness. Ash tells he is so cute and sweet any one take care of him. Chinu take ash phone and rings his mummy number,say I took your number I’ll call you at night ok. Mummy tells he is like this only sorry. Ash tells chinu no I’ll call first ok . He comes and kiss her, tell keep calling ok. Mummy thanks Arvi and ash. Chinu comes near Arvi and tell him to learn how to talk with girls. Arvi smile and say ok boss I’ll learn. Chinu leave with his parents. Arvi tells ash see he knows his mummy number then also troubled us. She tells he is so sweet I didn’t feel like he troubled him. Both laugh remembering his naughtiness.

Precap: Ash think how Arvi knows so much about her…

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  1. Haaa i like kids very very much especially naughty kids…… nice update dr

  2. Dis stry is getng intrstng day by day:-)

  3. Nice epi and Concept is Awesome di..
    Ya the Story is getting so interesting d

  4. Nice epi and concept is Awesome di..
    Ya the Story is Getting Interesting day by day..
    I loved the Child’s part very much..He was too Naughty..i liked how Chinu kissed Ash and Asked Arvi to learn how to talk to girls..was Damn cute and Naughty…
    Waiting for upcoming epis..pls keep writing..and Update next part soon.
    Take care ? di..

  5. Arvi you’re too crazy in love which may make ash start loving before marriage ? ? ?

  6. Love after marriage ???? title is interesting ????? please update next part soon

  7. Do you want ash to know truth before marriage?

  8. liked it..naughty boy chinu 😀

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