Love After Marriage (Part 89)

Sorry friends im tensed related to results,so I couldn’t update.. I’ll try my best to update..
Sharath thinks about the plan.. He says I just wanted you once but you slapped see what im going to do.. Suddenly a name flash he says Sindhu… She is perfect for my plan…if she comes here then Arvi is gone forever.. He calls Sindhu..
Sindhu: Hi Shari how are you?
Sharath: Im fine.. I want a help from you and also you will be benefited..
Sharath: You don’t want your arvi back?
Sindhu: He is married his will I get back.. He thought friendship but for me he is my love…
Sharath: Come to India ill say you how you will get your love…
Sindhu: Ok im coming…
Sharath smiles and thinks she will disturb arvi and Vinaya will see aishu.. He calls Kumar and tell about Sindhu.. Kumar says ya it’s good..but arshu are planning for baby.. Sharath say don’t worry that baby is their love but it will become reason for their… Both laugh… Kumar say that friend of Arvi who refused for business.. Sharath says Milan .. Kumar say include him in our game of destruction.. Sharath say ill try.. Kumar says all the best and try fast.. Sharath says ok..

At Arshu’s room…
He gets up..see aishu sleeping peacefully with a smile.. He hugs her and think why did Kumar,Sharath,Vinaya came into her life.. Aishu keeps her hand on his hand.. He smiles and holds her hand.. Sleep off..with time.. After 1hr aishu wakes up..she smiles and kiss his forehead.. She moves from there without making sound.. She comes to other room and keeps things in bag.. She thinks of meeting amma once before leaving.. She goes to prepare coffee.. She takes to room.. See Arvi smile seeing her but doesn’t wake up form bed.. She keeps things on table..asking him to wake up.. He comes towards her.. She smiles seeing him…give him coffee cup.. He takes cup and keeps on table..pulls her close.. She asks what? He says madam do whatever you want to do in 7 hrs..after that.. She say once I want to meet amma and mom.. He asks then dad and papa? She looks at home.. He smiles..hugs her from back and say I know where are my mother’s there husband’s will be there.. She say ya… He kiss her cheeks.. She smiles… He say you were looking very cute yesterday..i wanted keep looking at you.. She smiles… He says you’re smile makes me mad… She signs him to have coffee.. He asks will be take bath fast? She nods yes.. He say her I missed you so much.. She hugs him and say I didn’t miss you.. He asks why? She asks did you leave me one to miss you? He says you are my life I can’t live my life for a second without you… She smiles… He says you’re smile is my heart beats ok..if you forget to smile for a minute ..ill lose 1 minute of my life… She say him you started flirting with me now itself.. He asks with whom I should flirt? She says with you’re girlfriend ? He says my girlfriend became my I should flirt with her what to do? She says go and prepare breakfast im feeling hungry.. He laughs.. She smiles… He hugs her and say we should go to Arjun’s home for breakfast mom told.. She says ok..kiss him and runs towards bathroom.. He smiles .. Goes to kitchen.. He prepares juice and toast.. Then goes to take bath..
After bath aishu comes down.. See arvi busy with phone and thinks something and smiles.. She goes near him and hugs him from back.. He cuts call and pull her towards front.. He smiles seeing her and say you look pretty today.. He asks her when did she buy this dress.. She says when you buy something which you can’t say in public.. He smiles.. She asks at least now you can say what is that? He pulls her close to him.. She keeps looking at him.. He says something in her ears.. She hits him..he holds her hand..asks really you don’t want it? She blushes.. He hugs her and say then you will be pregnant…. She says no… He asks what no? She says im hungry im leaving for Arjun’s home bye.. He hugs her and say you look beautiful while being fatty.. She makes crying face.. He kiss her and say you’re my princess I won’t leave you to become fat don’t worry.. She asks how? He replies I heard people who love each other more than anything..will get twins..if twins happen for us then you won’t be able to rest more..than you won’t become fat.. She smiles and says lets see.. He says ok.. Now we will have juice and toast..then go for Arjun’s home ok.. She nods ok… They both seat having juice.. Then leave for Arjun’s home..

Mom is preparing breakfast.. She takes breakfast for suji.. She makes her have breakfast and give her tablets.. Aishu comes there.. She asks mom you won’t feed me na? Im so hungry.. Suji and mom laugh hearing her.. Suji says if you become pregnant then she will take care of you ok.. Aishu asks not now? Mom asks where is arvi? Aishu says with dad and Arjun… Mom goes down.. Aishu seats with suji.. Suji asks aishu packed things? Aishu says arvi did it.. Suji say ok what all you packed? Aishu says I didn’t pack anything when I returned from airport I slept off and morning just before 1hr I got up.. Suji smiles hearing her.. Aishu asks you’re baby bump is looking so big many babies are there? Suji say aishu only before yesterday I had been for hospital.. Aishu says ok what shall I bring for baby from Switzerland? Suji says a sister or brother or both.. Aishu says how? Suji smiles.. Aishu says akka.. Mom calls aishu down.. Aishu say ok ill have breakfast and come.. Suji says you’re looking like newly wed girl with this mehandi and all.. Aishu say feeling hungry now ill come back.. She goes down.. Suji thinks she is kiddo only..don’t know what to say or not..

Aishu is keeping dishes on dinning table.. Dad comes there and say her you could have come little early na.. She asks why? Dad say her to prepare breakfast.. She smiles and say mom prepared good breakfast.. Arjun and Arvi come there.. All seat having breakfast.. Mom asks aishu did she go for amma’s home? Aishu say her afternoon we should go there.. Mom say her ok.. After finishing breakfast,aishu and arvi go to suji’s room.. They make her laugh by their fights,talks.. Suji say you both are really made for each and happiness follow’s you both everywhere.. Aishu says Akka..when will baby comes? Suji say after 4months.. Arvi says ok our baby princess will come.. Aishu says no baby prince ok.. Arvi say no princess.. Aishu say no prince.. Both keep arguing with each other.. Arjun comes there and see them fighting..suji smiling holding her head.. He asks what happened? Suji says they are fighting for baby prince or princess.. Arjun say them whoever come we don’t mind..just we love child more than ourselves.. Aishu asks after that you won’t love suji Akka? Arjun say her baby is our love symbol not love robber ok..ill love her but love will be shared after baby.. Suji smiles..and asks aishu if Arvi don’t love you what you will do? Aishu says in coffee ill put chilli powder and give him..i will not leave till he complete it.. Arjun and suji start laughing.. Arvi say aishu don’t worry ill prepare coffee for myself.. Aishu says ill mix chilli powder in coffee powder and keep.. Mom calls them to come down.. They both ask suji to take care and Arjun to take care of suji.. Say bye and Leave from there.. Arjun and suji keep smiling.. Seeing them..

Aishu and Arvi come down.. Mom see them and say its already 12pm leave for amma’s home.. Asks them to take care of themselves.. Dad asks them shall I come to drop you both? Arvi says dad night airport roads are not safe so I booked taxi .. Dad says ok.. Arshu leave from there.. Mom and dad see them off.. Arshu reach amma’s home after 40min.. They enjoy family time with them till 3pm..have lunch and reach home at 4.. Both go inside..they keep everything ready and go to take bath.. After 30min arvi comes out and gets ready.. He thinks ill keep aishu away from Vinaya and Sharath..i won’t say to her about their marriage also.. Aishu comes there and see him thinking..asks him you don’t want to go for Switzerland? He turns and say no I want to go..i want to enjoy my time with my wife.. She says then come down faster.. I’ll be waiting for you.. She goes down.. After 15min arvi comes down… Taxi arrives.. Both seat inside…. After 2hrs they reach airport.. At 9 their flight arrives..both go and seat inside.. They sleep off as flight take off.

Next day morning
They reach Switzerland.. Arshu’s come to take taxi.. They both smile.. After 1.5hrs they reach their destination.. Mountain hotel.. She gets down and see its fully covered with snow.. She smiles.. Arvi pays taxi and both go inside.. They check in.. Aishu enter room first..she goes and open windows..see oneside its dark green forest and other side lake.. Arvi keep luggage and come stand next to her..ask how is the place? She hugs him and say it’s really beautiful… He asks her to fresh up and then we’ll go for breakfast.. She nods ok and goes to take bath.. Arvi thinks of checking whether there are any hidden cameras and checks it.. After aishu comes out..he goes to take bath… She gets ready in red anarkali.. She apply sindoor.. He comes out and see her.. She asks what happened? He nods nothing..gets ready.. Both go for breakfast..

Precap: Arshu’s honeymoon period..

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