Love After Marriage (Part 88)

Aishu and tapu wake up relatives talks.. Tapu smiles and say aishu good morning… Aishu says good morning…go have bath fast..ill keep your clothes ready dear.. Tapu goes inside.. Aishu msgs arvi I love you hubby..good morning ? He is sleeping..doesn’t reply her.. She gets busy with work.. Tapu comes out and aishu helps in getting ready.. Aishu goes to get ready… They both go down after getting ready..

All relatives and friends are busy with works.. Aishu gets busy with friends.. Arvi keep calling her, he thinks she might be busy.. Aishu and friends keep tapu busy.. Aishu see phone with tapu,say my phone..runs to take phone.. She see Arvi’s misscalls and say my hubby is missing me.. She calls him and say just more 1 day ill be with you.. He says I was packing clothes,I wanted to ask which all clothes I should pack? She replies my cutie pie ill pack my bags don’t worry ..tomorrow evening ill be at home na.. He says I know but also bcz you’re so busy I thought you forgot.. She says my hubby I kept everything ready but just packing is remaining.. He says ok..i can never win you in talks.. She smiles and say I can never talk you if you’re near me.. He says ok shall I come there to shut ur mouth.. She says bad boy bye.. Both smile…. She goes down..gets busy with work..

At evening.. Aishu and friends are busy chatting.. Tapu’s mom comes there and say don’t you want mehandi again don’t say I did cheating.. Aishu and her friends go for mehandi room.. After 3hrs.. There designs are completed.. They go for sleeping..
Morning.. 4am..

Tapu wakes up and goes to take bath.. Then aishu goes to take bath next.. They both ready in saree.. Tapu is in red and white saree.. She is wearing simple jewellery set.. Aishu is in purple and green saree.. She is wearing heavy ear rings and bangles.. Tapu and aishu go down.. Tapu’s mom see them.. Then all leave for registration office.. At 10am.. Manu and Arvi with their parents .. Then Manu and tapu’s marriage takes place.. Then all leave and go for temple.. Tapu and Manu take blessings from god and pandith.. Aishu and arvi keep looking at each other..think about there marriage related After that they all get busy with lunch.. Mom keeps observing aishu and arvi,thinks these two are going for honeymoon tomorrow morning.. After some time..they leave for tapu’s house.. After sometime..Arvi and aishu go to drop tapu and Manu .. After 1hr they reach airport.. Aishu and Arvi see off them.. Aishu smiles seeing Arvi.. He holds her hand and say you have just 1day for our honeymoon.. She says I have to pack things.. Arvi say her what you want pack?you have time till tomorrow 5pm.. She smiles.. He say you can come with me out na.. She says mom.. He say her mom will be at Arjun’s home.. She says ok.. He asks her to drive… She nods ok.. He keeps seeing her.. She blushes… He asks her to stop near hills.. She stops.. Both get down..

He gives her a file and ask her to check.. She checks it and smiles seeing him.. He smiles.. She hugs him and say thank you so much ?.. He says then.. She say mom’s wish will be completed.. He say yea..but you’ll be far from me na.. She says but ill be connected to you more na.. He smiles and nods yes.. She asks shall we go? He says ya..i also wanna spend some time with my wife.. Both leave for home…

Arvi hugs aishu from back.. Aishu smiles..say Arvi in home please.. He says you.. Both go and sit inside car.. She hugs him while he is driving.. She sleeps off… He smiles seeing her.. They reach home.. He lifts her and takes her to room..make her lie.. She holds his hand and say you don’t go please…sleep with me.. He lie next to her and hugs her.. Both sleep off..
At Vinaya’s home

She comes with Sharath and introduce to her parents.. She say I wanna marry him.. Her parents say do whatever you want we don’t care.. She says next Wednesday morning we are getting married at temple please try to come.. Her parents nods ok and leaves.. She smiles seeing Sharath.. He hugs her and say you are really great.. She says aishu made me away from everyone now it’s my turn..ill make sure that she never think of smiling in life.. Sharath say im with you.. Kumar call them and ask what happened? She says everything is perfect.. Kumar smiles and say bye.. He starts laughing and points to aishu’s pics and say you are died..i thought to enjoy you and leave off but you made me mad…your marriage was your first step towards honeymoon huh..enjoy enjoy.. When you come back I,Sharath and Vinaya are waiting to make you’re life hell.. He gets call from someone and after talking he throws phone in anger.. He takes Arvi pic and say you want child now.. I won’t leave you Arvi.. If I keep you my target I won’t get any benefit and plus Vinaya loved aishu you are only one target for us

Precap: Aishu and arvi reaching Switzerland..

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