Love After Marriage (Part 87)

Aishu calls Arvi,he doesn’t she calls mom..ask her to come fast.. Mom say her dear ill be there by 7:30..arvi didn’t take bath yet so.. Aishu says Arvi comes,mom ask him to get ready.. He thinks I can aishu at least if I go there.. Mom smiles and goes from there.. He comes down within 10min.. Mom and he leave for tapu’s house..

Sai,amma and ranju reach tapu’s house.. After that Arvi and mom come there.. Arvi takes haldi as mom gets down.. Ranju comes there and greets him..takes haldi from him.. Arvi say it’s ok ill keep inside.. Mom turns back and say Arvi go home,have breakfast and go for office.. He nods ok..leaves from there.. Aishu is standing near window and see this..she laughs.. He try to see her,but she closes windows with curtains.. Ranju and mom go inside.. Mom see aishu and say you won’t be quiet na? Started laughing at my son huh? Aishu says I laughed at my hubby.. Mom goes inside.. Aishu and ranju go to bring tapu down.. After 5min all three come down.. Mom,tapu’s mom and amma start rituals .. Mom ask Aishu to dance with ranju? Don’t you remember about your haldi huh? Aishu goes to on music system.. She keeps video recorder also..thinks my hubby didn’t see me.. She comes near tapu.. She starts dancing on song..Nimbooda, Nimbooda ..

Then ranju joins her for Dola Re Dola .. After some time tapu goes to take bath.. Aishu sends tapu’s pics to Manu.. Arvi who was in office gets her dance video and pics ..with a msg… See I wore your white and yellow dress so you didn’t meet me na…so bad I know you don’t like yellow bcz of colour you didn’t meet na…☹☹☹ .. He see her pics and think who wont like yellow after seeing you wearing this saree that to such a way.. He msgs see I wanted to meet you but mom didn’t allow me…if I had come there after seeing you like this I would have gone mad… She replies so funny..bcz of colour you would be mad at me huh? He replies not bcz of colour,ill be bcz of you..your love.. She replies shut up and complete your work.. He replies ok… I love you… She replies till you directly say this words I wont reply.. He asks what directly? She replies standing front of me.. He says ok..take care..bye..

Tapu comes out after taking bath.. She gets msg from Manu..” Your looking beautiful in girls wear pls continue this after marriage also” she smiles and replies ok… She comes down,see aishu and ranju talking.. She comes to them..Aishu asks what happened? Tapu says I want buy some dresses da.. Aishu says ok lets go them.. Amma comes there and stops them from going. She says tapu go inside you should directly go for wedding hall,no other places.. Tapu say her ok.. They go to room,aishu asks her to try online shopping na? Tapu says but I wanna try and check once.. Aishu says however you’re dress size mine are same ill do shopping,you take whatever you like in it.. Tapu says go and bring.. Ranju and aishu leave for shopping.. Tapu msg aishu to bring you’re old size dress not new marriage(you increased ur weight??) Aishu say ok..she thinks yesterday amma,then suji Akka and now tapu everyone are telling same..☹☹ .. Ranju see her and ask what happened? Aishu says im becoming fatty ☹ Ranju laugh and say you’re becoming bcz of some reason dear not bcz of food.. Aishu looks at her..

Ranju say her something in her ears.. Aishu smiles hearing her.. Both start laughing.. Aishu asks how do you know this before marriage? Ranju says when I attended physical education for girls classes these things they said.. Aishu says then you are prepared for it? Ranju stare at her..then both start laughing.. They reach mall..
Ranju and Aishu do shopping..have chat’s.. Keep talking about one or other things.. Aishu see Vinaya and Sharath.. She ignore them and enjoy time with ranju..there childhood memories.. Both leave mall.. After 15 min Arvi arrive to same mall.. He meets Vinaya..
Arvi: Why did you call me here?
Vinaya: I wanted to talk about Sharath..
Arvi: What?
Vinaya: We both decided to get married..
Arvi: What can I do in that..matter
Vinaya: Talk with my parents please..
Arvi: Sorry im little busy with my family and my life…

Vinaya: Don’t you consider me as your family member
Arvi: I had but not now…
Vinaya: Ok thanks..
Arvi: Bye I have some important work..
Vinaya: Ok bye..
Arvi leaves for office.. Vinaya and Sharath seat in restaurant..they laugh thinking their plan will work for sure.. Vinaya say him I want to destroy aishu not physically but mentally.. I’ll go for extent to do it.. Sharath say her as you wish my partner.. Both have ice cream and spend some time…

Aishu and ranju come home.. Aishu keeps dresses in front of tapu and ask her to select.. Tapu try dress and say ill keep all aishu..ill pay for your next time.. Aishu say my SIL don’t act too much..think it’s small gift from my side.. Tapu thanks her.. Sai come near gate and horns.. Ranju say them bye and leave with him.. Tapu asks aishu how was your day out with ranju? Aishu say her how they were spoke about childhood memories,ice cream,etc etc.. Tapu asks her then after my marriage whose marriage you planned ? Aishu say her Sai and Bindhu marriage na..he will come back to India and her education will complete.. Tapu smiles.. Both enjoy time with coffee and snacks.. Aishu say her thank god arvi is not here else he would have said to have fruits and juice instead of this.. Both laugh.. They watch horror movie.. Then both sleep off..
At Arvi’s home..

Arvi and Manu are watching movie and having dinner.. They are talking about match in between.. Manu say him Sai is very lucky dude ,see him staying with ranju..we are there waste only… Arvi say but they are with amma,who wont allow them to spend such a romantic time don’t worry.. Both laugh.. Manu ask him but you got that lucky chance na? Arvi asks what? Manu say you used to meet her night time.. Arvi replies him Aishu is more than amma… On our first love anniversary we cut cake had little then she packed remaining and pushed me out of room.. Manu laughs..and ask shall we go and meet them now.. Arvi thinks for a second and says yes lets go.. Both leave for tapu’s house..

After 30-45 min they reach.. See tapu’s room lights are on..think they might be wake up chatting .. Both go through back door and reach room..see TV is on and both are sleeping nicely.. Both go inside and lock door.. Arvi and Manu try to wake up them.. Both scream thinking about horror movie when they wake up.. Boys close there mouth..ask what happened? Tapu say we watched horror movie.. Both laugh hearing her.. answer. Aishu and tapu take pillow and hits them.. Arvi holds aishu hand and take her out.. Tapu and Manu smile seeing each other.. Tapu say him their love will never decreases.. Manu keeps seeing her without hearing her..she shakes him.. He say you look really beautiful in India attrite.. She smiles.. He holds her hand and both get into eyelock..
At terrace… Arvi and aishu are talking.. She say about shopping.. He asks her did she plan for any gift for them? She say I don’t know what to give them.. Arvi say Im also concerned..bcz they are very close to close to us..

Aishu say we thought of honeymoon trip tickets..but mom and dad gave them.. Arvi say you plan something na.. She hugs him and say we can give them a house according to their plan.. He say you are best?? she smiles and say you know about his wishes na? He say ya but her wishes… She smiles and say ya but now we should know about their wish for their home.. He says ok..kiss her on cheeks.. She smiles and say I thought you didn’t do anything till now.. He says for next two weeks I wont leave you for a second ok.. She says you have gone mad.. He slowly kiss her neck bone.. She pushes him and say you know na.. He says ya but also.. She looks at him and hugs him.. He says im going mad… She looks at him..and ask what happened? He say her sorry I said him without knowing.. She smiles and say its ok dear.. He asks can I call you like that? I really don’t know how could I live my life without my jaan.. She hugs him and say you can call me anything anytime.. He lightly kiss her on her lips.. She closes her eyes.. He smiles and say you look beautiful in this moon light.. She smiles.. He say her I wish I could romance with you under moon.. She say him you..really.. He hugs her and bites her near ears.. She looks at him and say I… He keeps rubbing his nose near her ears… She tries to move away from him.. He says you look cute while trying to escape from me.. She smiles..say I wanna say you are getting late… He say her but Manu didn’t call me..i don’t want to disturb them.. She says they might be thinking same.. He say ok ill msg him..he texts shall we move.. Manu reply ok ill be come directly near car.. Arvi hugs aishu and say goodnight.. She kiss him and say goodnight.. Arvi and Manu leave.. Aishu comes down.. Tapu and aishu sleep…

Precap: Tapu and Manu marriage.. Aishu and arvi see each thinking about their marriage..

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