Love After Marriage (Part 86)

Aishu smiles.. Sai come there.. Amma say her come to home at least once before leaving ok.. Aishu say ok..see ranju… Ranju come near amma, she says Namaste aunty how are you? Amma recognize her and ask her about her parents,what she is doing? Aishu says stop stop amma.. I’ll tell you everything.. She introduce ranju as Sai’s girlfriend..she is working in Arvi’s office as manager.. Amma look at Sai and ask ranju are you okay with him? He flirts with girls,he is one mental doctor.. Ranju nods yes.. Amma bless them both.. Papa say Sai do you really want to marry so early? Even after seeing Arvi’s problems.. Aishu say papa.. Sai says I want marry but after some time.. Papa say ok.. Amma asks ranju to come with her.. Aishu say Amma.. She say you spent time with it’s my time to spend time with my other daughter ok.. Ranju say aunty ill come after marriage.. Amma say its ok now you’re coming with us.. Sai go bring her bag.. Aishu give ranju’s bag and say don’t worry whenever you want to come here Sai will drop you.. Ranju nods ok and leaves with them..

At Arjun’s home..
Mom and dad go to see suji.. She smiles seeing them..gets up from bed. Mom bless her and make her sleep say don’t need to get up from here to take care you ok.. Arvi comes inside , suji see him.. Arvi comes near,say why did you became fat? She holds his ears.. He says don’t worry mom is here na,she will make zero size with her food.. Dad and Arjun laugh hearing him.. Mom stare at him.. He starts moving from there.. She beats him.. Suji asks mom pls leave him..I was missing you all.. He knows that so only he is making fun.. Mom leave him.. They enjoy family time..
Surya come to tapu’s house.. Aishu see him..ask what happened? He says moku is not well.. So came to take her to hospital.. Aishu see Madhu coming with moku.. Madhu say aishu be with tapu,ill come whenever any function da.. Aishu nods ok.. She hugs moku and say get well soon.. Moku kiss Aishu’s cheek’s and say bye.. Aishu and tapu come till car.. Madhu leaves with Surya… Aishu and tapu go inside.. They decide to go for palace.. Then both leave..

Arvi and mom are working in kitchen.. She asks him when aishu will come here? He replies I don’t know..tomorrow morning tapu’s haldi na.. She asks did you go to meet her at night? He says mommm.. She smiles and say you love her more than anything I know..she might started loving you after marriage but you… He smiles and say mom please concentrate on cooking..else we have prepare again.. She pats him on his shoulder and say my son is teaching me cooking huh.. He say no mom im hungry so… She laughs.. Then everyone starts having dinner.. Aishu and tapu come there.. Mom doesn’t see them.. All others see them.. Aishu and tapu close mom eyes.. Dad asks her to say who is that? Mom tell to my left my 2nd DIL aishu and to my right my daughter tapu.. Aishu and tapu give her gift and ask her to open it.. Mom opens and finds sarees.. Tapu say her to wear it for her marriage.. Aishu say one is from my first salary and other one from tapu’s first salary.. Dad asks everyone forgets me na.. Aishu say really dad..i forgot.. Dad looks at her.. She gives him tablet..say I didn’t knew what to buy so.. He smiles and say it’s really useful for’re mom doesn’t let me watch match now I can be up-to-date.. Tapu gives him his favourite writers book collection.. He says really now I feel daughters are better than son’s.. Mom says bcz you’re sons only you got 3daughters.,ok don’t act much now..have dinner.. All have dinner… After sometime Aishu and arvi go out.. They bring inside teddy bears, doll’s,playing set etc inside house.. Tapu,aishu go to arrange things in room.. Suji and Arjun come to room see it’s filled with their photos,doll’s,teddy bears etc.. Suji smiles seeing it.. Aishu ask her did she like this? Suji hugs her and say you really gave beautiful gift for me.. Aishu say thank god! I was tensed if you don’t like then.. Suji say my sister choice is good.. Aishu says after 4months..ill fill room with prince or princess choice..but till then adjust.. Arjun thanks her… After sometime Aishu and tapu leave.. Arvi also leave..

Tapu and aishu reach home.. They go for sleeping.. Aishu texts arvi please don’t come here sleepy… He replies ok.. Tapu asks her what happened? Aishu say her.. And sleep.. Morning.. Aishu wake up early.. She thinks about arvi..what all he used to do so that she can feel better in these days.. Tapu wake up and ask remembering Arvi huh? She nods yes.. Tapu say missing his love na.. She smiles..
Tapu ask her can I ask you something?

Aishu: Ya..
Tapu: How was your first night? I mean pain?
Aishu: Smiles and say really pain was more but his made took care of me…
Tapu: Ok… Aishu in films they show everything happens in seconds..above that a romantic song in background..
Aishu: What they much we suffer.. They show marriage,first night..are so beautiful..but they don’t think how much changes a girl undergoes.. Even a boy undergoes but we.. We don’t know what gonna happen after that.. Fully scared about pregnancy..morning works, if we are in joint family then what elders may tell if we wake up late.. What will happen if we don’t become pregnant..what will elders think…
Tapu hear her without saying a word…

Aishu: Tapu you know we have to clean room.. We have to keep everything properly.. See that marks yaya love marks needn’t be seen while dressing up.. What others may think if its seen.. How can anyone think just marriage word gives a guy right to do anything..with or without wife will..
Tapu: Hugs her.. Say cool down dear… You got arvi he gave you time for everything..
Aishu: Im really lucky dear..if he would have done anything without my will I would be died inside on that day only.. I wish everyone gets such understanding hubby..
Tapu: Smiles.. Asks her to take bath..

Aishu goes inside.. Tapu thinks am I really ready for marriage..i love him..he loves me but im also girl im scared of some things..all think im dare devil..tomboy but I too have fear of being a girl.. Aishu comes out..see her lost.. She hugs tapu..say you love Manu dear..he will take care of you don’t worry might look like tomboy but you’re scared about this matter more than other girls.. Tapu hugs her and say I didn’t get fathers love..he also went through same phase as me..but more than me to say..he didn’t get his mom love also.. I fell in his love..he keeps telling I cant live without your love but to say I cant live without him for a second..i fight with him so he will scold me and love me more..I just want his love dear..nothing more than that.. Aishu says you’re really lucky dear..whenever he scold you..he make you feel happy by making anything be silent and think of future said 2:4 remember.. Tapu smiles..say first you become than ill try.. She says ill but after you… Both laugh…

Arvi and Manu get up as Mom beats them.. Arvi ask her why did she wake so early.. She says today is tapu’s haldi na.. They say so what ? Why did you wake up us? She say Manu after your haldi only they can start.. Manu say i don’t want.. Arvi says ok.. Winks at mom.. She smiles and calls dad and Arjun… They come inside.. Arvi and Arjun take him to terrace.. Dad tie his hands to chair.. Mom and suji apply haldi.. Dad and Arjun follow them.. Mom apply castor oil to his hair.. He keeps seeing her.. She smiles and says go take bath..i have to go there also.. He thanks her.. She slaps him and say son should never thank mom during marriage preparation okay.. He gets emotional.. Arvi say don’t get emotional…it won’t suit you Manu.. He hugs him and say thank you.. Arvi say you haldi..i hate turmeric.. Arjun and Manu apply haldi to him..He runs from there.. Manu and Arjun run to catch him.. They say don’t worry Aishu’s love will increase with haldi.. Arvi say her love is more than enough let it be same don’t need to increase… They smile as he inside washroom .. Mom asks Manu to take bath.. He nods ok and goes to take bath..

Precap: Arvi and Manu going to meet aishu and tapu..

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