Love After Marriage (Part 85)


Aishu smiles remembering arvi message.. She says herself my hubby is becoming naughty..i don’t think I can control him in trip..that too weeks.. Tapu see her and ask what happened? She nods nothing.. They leave for Aishu’s home.. Tapu,Madhu and ranju are thinking these boys went out off control..what shall we do? Aishu is driving car..she smiles seeing their angry face.. They reach home.. Arvi opens door.. He see only aishu and hugs her.. Aishu punch on him and say all are watching us.. He leaves her.. Both go inside.. Sai see her.. Smile.. Then see ranju,Madhu and tapu.. They give angry stare… Aishu says she will prepare coffee..Arvi say ill help her.. Go behind her.. Madhu and Surya go to terrace.. She asks him does he think he is responsible? He stands keeping head down.. She keeps scolding him.. Tapu and Manu are in garden… She asks him how was party? How was item girl dance? He keeps quiet.. Ranju and Sai are talking.. He tells what happened in party..she smiles and hugs him asking him to do whatever he wants but be careful.. He promise her..

In kitchen.. Aishu smiles and hugs him.. He is preparing coffee.. She asks him how was dance? He pulls her close and say it was waste.. She starts laughing.. He says my girl as become naughty and started testing and all.. She says I knew you would get good results in test so I took test.. He asks what’s gift? She smiles and kiss him on his cheeks.. He says this is not enough.. She smiles and say wait for 5 more days.. He say to night my mom will be here.. She says so ill be at tapu’s house.. He asks why? She says ill remember her wish.. He say for that only we are going to Switzerland na.. She smiles and hugs him.. He see milk boiling…goes to put coffee powder.. After preparing coffee..they keep on dining table.. Seat in side by side.. Without thinking about any keep staring at one another.. She smile as he holds her hands.. Both are lost in love..

Others come there.. See them.. Smile.. Tapu and Manu go near them.. Tapu waves her hand between them.. Aishu hold her hand and keep it on dining table.. Manu call arvi.. He takes his phone and switch off phone.. Manu say really it’s difficult to make them come out of their world.. Tapu winks at Madhu.. Madhu come and start tickling Aishu.. She laughs…stands still.. She beats them..say you both were busy lecturing and ranju was talking with Sai.. So we were playing eyesee game.. You made me fail,now I should prepare dinner for one week.. All laugh hearing her.. Madhu and tapu ask sorry… Aishu gets angry and but forgiveness them hugs.. She winks at Arvi.. Arvi smiles and understand its a story… Aishu goes to head coffee.. Everyone enjoy time and have coffee… After sometime aishu and her friends leave..

Sai asks what happened? Manu and surya say we are really booked dude, they said no more extraordinary parties.. Arvi smiles.. They give angry look..then all start laughing… Manu say Arvi you got escaped nicely… Arvi say him I promised aishu I won’t smoke..but drinks nothing like that.. She said me not go out of limit.. They say we will send her to some college as lecturer ? Sai ask what about Madhu? Surya say she is PT teacher.. Manu say tapu as principal.. Arvi start laughing.. Sai say let this news go to them.. You’ll be house arrest ?? Arvi and Sai give hifi.. Arvi goes to take bath..

He comes to room..feels aishu everywhere.. He says him im going mad in love.. Aishu comes front of him and say you’re already mad my hubby.. He catch hold of her hand.. She says you’re friends might come.. He says I have closed door.. She hugs him and kiss .. She pulls him to bed.. He say office.. She says bunk office..give them enjoy here.. He says ok.. She starts opening his shirt buttons.. He holds her waist.. She smiles and hugs him saying ill help you to take bath.. He say daily you can help me na? She say I can but who will do breakfast… He hugs her and say we can bath together and then prepare breakfast na… She say ok ? He smiles… She push him and go inside bathroom.. She opens shower.. He says you’re clothes got wet.. She smiles and removes her dress.. He gets shocked… She asks what you are looking? He nods nothing.. She smiles and smooch him… He holds her tightly.. She takes him to bath tub… She smiles and pulls him towards her… She kisses his neck.. He holds her tightly… She kiss him… Both get intimate in bathroom… Arvi hears door banging sound and comes out of imagination.. He smiles and say is this bcz of dreaming about honeymoon.. He opens door.. Sai ask him to come fast mom dad will reaching by 4 … Arvi nods ok and goes to take bath…

Aishu and friends reach tapu’s house.. Aishu say Amma and papa are coming today.. Tapu says just more 4days ill be married..then.. Aishu say 2months honeymoon and 4th month pregnancy test.. Tapu runs to catch her.. Aishu say her you only said this na.. Tapu say but it was for joke.. Aishu say ok I know 2 weeks honeymoon and 4th week pregnancy test huh? Madhu see them.. Ask what happened? Tapu nods no.. Aishu say something in Madhu’s ear’s.. She start laughing.. Tapu holds aishu… She asks what did you say? Aishu say 2:4 ? starts laughing.. Tapu say her for me 2weeks but for you … Aishu close her mouth.. All end with laughing..Madhu goes out.. Tapu ask aishu did you say? Aishu say I didn’t say..we may make her feel bad about her health problem which she faced.. Tapu say you grew up aishu..i need to say this to Arvi.. Aishu smiles and says ya he is waiting… Tapu asks why? Aishu say so that I can become pregnant.. Tapu and aishu laugh.. Tapu’s mom comes there see them.. She gives face pack mixture and say don’t talk while using it at least.. Tapu say mom please.. She smiles and go from there.. Girls get busy with work..

Arvi and Sai go to receive their parents.. Mom and amma see them coming.. Mom say so early you both came.. Sai see arvi, mom say you were busy taking bath today also? Arvi say sorry mom… Mom holds his ears.. Amma and everyone laugh.. She asks him to drop me near Arjun’s home ok.. He asks why? She says I won’t disturb your friends bachelor life now.. Arvi say okay.. Sai and aishu’s family leave for their home.. Arvi and his parents leave for Arjun’s home..
Aishu feels amma is near her.. She comes out and see here there.. Amma smiles seeing her.. Aishu seats oiling her hair.. Tapu see her and say ill help you.. Aishu nods ok.. Tapu seats on sofa…starts oiling her hair.. Aishu close her eyes.. After few minutes.. Amma replace her.. She oils aishu’s hair.. Aishu smiles and say thank you amma.. Then stand and hugs Amma.. Aishu says I was missing you soo much..see papa..go and hugs him… She says you didn’t even call me..i was missing you soo much.. Papa say you’re my princess but what to your amma… Amma holds her ears and say sorry.. Aishu hugs her..

Precap: Aishu and ranju’s dance in tapu’s haldi.. Manu and Arvi coming to meet tapu and night..

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  7. Please stop this nonsense… Its the long fan fiction.. Nothing interesting in this story.. No husband will be like Arvi.. Just nonsense nothing else left.. Only romance… I just hate it ????

  8. Awesome, lovely episode, so sweeeeeet story, arvi dreaming about aishu…so lovely. ..all friends very happy together…precap very interesting, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight hug

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