Love After Marriage (Part 84)

Aishu is lost with arvi thought… Tapu see her and smiles..say aishu your neck.. Aishu run towards mirror and see.. Tapu and Madhu observe her.. Aishu says nothing is there na.. Tapu says that only I was saying dear..there is nothing in your neck.. Aishu smiles.. Madhu smiles..and ask her Arvi did anything? Aishu nods no.. Tapu and Madhu smile..understand something happened between them.. They all sleep..

Ranju gets up.. She goes to terrace.. See towards main road.. Sai is waiting there.. She smiles..he send her a msg “asking her to come down I wanna talk with you please” she smiles and goes down.. Both seat inside car and he drives.. She asks what happened? He says he has cancer.. She gets shocked.. He adds im taking treatment just more two months ill be fine..no1 know about it leaving Arvi.. She asks why is he telling her? He says I like you so.. She asks doesn’t he love her? He says I do but.. She says if you love me than please say why you didn’t hide this? He says I want to start relationship with truth.. She smiles and hugs him.. He gets shocked..asks do you? She asks any doubt? He hugs her back.. She says I want to say something ..after that you decide after listening please.. She says I had crush on Arvi.. After coming to know about arvi and aishu..i did mistake..sorry.. Sai smiles and says I knew.. She gets shocked and asks how? He says Im doctor dear.. She asks you don’t have any problem? He says I too had crush on aishu in doesn’t mean she should love me na..when she tied rakhi,I started treating her as sister.. She kiss him on his cheeks.. He gets shocked.. She blushes and turn otherside.. He smiles and say thank you ?.. She asks him to drop her back.. He asks can we go out? She says ill try bcz aishu will be there.. He ask her shall we say aishu? She says without saying she will come to know.. He smiles.. He drops her near tapu’s home.. She says bye.. He says bye and leave from there… She goes inside home..

Aishu wakes up and see everyone are sleeping.. She search for ranju.. Ranju comes inside room.. Aishu asks where were you? Ranju says terrace.. Aishu asks her to take bath..then ill go.. Ranju goes to take bath.. Moku wakes up.. She starts crying.. Aishu take care of her..she gives her chocolate.. Moku asks for arvi.. Aishu smiles and say Arvi went to office.. Moku says mummy? Aishu shows Madhu is sleeping.. Moku goes to wake her… Ranju comes out and aishu goes to take bath… She see moku going near Madhu and lifts her.. Moku say mummy sleep… Ranju asks what you want? Moku says bath… She says ok ill help you take bath ok.. Moku nods ok.. Aishu comes out… Moku say aishu.. Ranju asks Aishu why moku call her with name? Aishu says her mom call me aishu na mostly so..i also don’t know..properly.. Madhu wakes up and see moku with aishu and ranju.. She says sorry I couldn’t get up early.. Ranju says it’s go and take bath.. Madhu says after moku’s bath only I can take bath..she is very naughty.. Aishu hear her.. Madhu smile seeing aishu.. Lifts moku and go to bathroom.. After making her get ready..aishu takes moku.. Tapu wakes up and say mom coffee.. All laugh hearing her.. Her mom come there.. She serves everyone coffee.. Madhu and tapu take bath.. After that Aishu and ranju say them we will go to office and come… They both leave..

After 40min they reach office.. Aishu and ranju go inside.. Arvi see them.. Ranju goes to complete her work.. Aishu goes to arvi.. She is feeling somewhat.. Arvi sense her and ask her what happened? Aishu says arvi after I give birth to baby also you will love me like this? Arvi smiles and says no…ill more than this… Aishu hugs and say thank you ?.. He ask what happened? Aishu narrate how Madhu and Surya life changed.. Arvi laugh and say don’t worry ill take care of you first..i love you more than our child ok.. Aishu smiles.. They get busy with new tender work..
Afternoon .. Ranju comes to Arvi’s cabin.. She asks she wanna go out can she go please.. Arvi says yea you can.. Ranju thanks and goes from there.. Aishu see her rushing and see from window.. She gets shocked.. She goes to arvi and ask him to come fast he asks what happened?.. She takes car keys and goes out.. He goes behind her.. She rides car and reach mall.. Arvi asks for shopping you did so much drama? Aishu says ranju and Sai came here.. They both go inside.. See them taking film tickets.. Arvi also and takes tickets.. Aishu and arvi go inside seat behind sai and ranju.. They keep eye on them and as well as enjoy movie..its Pawan kalayan old movie.. In interval… Sai and ranju go out.. Aishu and arvi come there.. Sai see aishu and arvi.. They try to hide from them.. But aishu comes in front of Sai and ranju while taking pop corn.. Aishu smiles seeing them.. Arvi comes and give Sai juice bottles.. Aishu and Arvi go inside see movie.. Sai and ranju are watching movie but ranju think Im really caught..aishu wont leave me.. After movie aishu and arvi leave for office.. Ranju and Sai follow them.. Arvi and aishu laugh seeing them in tension.. Arvi and aishu go to their cabins.. Ranju goes to aishu’s and Sai to Arvi’s cabin..

Arvi see him and ask bro need coffee? Sai nods no.. Arvi smiles and ask what happened? Sai says nothing.. Arvi start laughing seeing him.. Sai says bro sorry.. I thought of saying this but.. Arvi says its ok.. In Aishu’s cabin.. Aishu hugs ranju and say congrats ranju.. She gets shocked.. Aishu says you cant hide from me,… Ranju thanks her.. Aishu asks when friendship converted into love? Ranju says morning he proposed me.. Aishu asks when.. Ranju narrate what happened in morning..she doesn’t say about Sai cancer matter.. Aishu hugs her and say im really so happy… Arvi and Sai there.. Aishu stare at Sai.. He asks sorry.. Aishu smiles and say thank god you realised your feelings at least..see ranju and winks.. Sai asks what? Aishu and ranju smile.. Aishu says about tapu’s plan.. Sai and Arvi smiles… then all leave for tapu’s house.. They drop and move from there..

Aishu and ranju go inside.. Aishu keeps smiling.. Ranju says please don’t say to anyone.. Aishu says ok enjoy your love time I wont interfere..? Both go to tapu’s room.. Tapu ask them fresh up we will go to movie.. Aishu asks why? Tapu says when boys are enjoying why should we keep quiet.. Aishu thinks what might happen there..if Arvi drinks or smokes.. She goes to call him.. She says if you think of drinking or smoking in party ill not come to honeymoon and above that ill go to mom and complain about you’re smoking habit ok.. Arvi say stop stop… Aishu if you say ill not go to party only dear.. I wont smoke or drink there promise.. Aishu says ok.. After party call me or come here once ill check you then only ill confirm whether to come to honeymoon or not.. Arvi says ok.. Ill come there.. Aishu says ok bye.. Manu and Surya ask him what happened? Arvi tells what aishu say… They laugh.. They start getting warning msgs from tapu and Madhu.. They think we are caught.. Arvi says if we drink or directly affects honeymoon trip.. Manu says really im honeymoon and all for me.. Arvi says only ill go to tapu’s house you all don’t come there.. They all say ok.. Sai comes down after getting ready for party.. He says guys party wear is white shirt and jeans..go fast get ready.. They go to get ready..

Aishu says tapu I said arvi if he drink or smoke then it will directly affect honeymoon trip.. Tapu say her you could have said it earlier na.. Same msg would be gone to Manu.. Aishu say her I was thinking to say but.. Tapu say her arvi at least smoke but Manu party means I have be there.. Aishu say it’s bachelor party da.. Tapu say her to give arvi also permission da..he didn’t even get party.. Aishu thinks and say ok..ill call him.. She goes to call..arvi receives call.. She says you can drink and smoke but be in limit ok da..please take care of yourself.. Arvi say ok..ill be in limit..ill come to tapu’s house while coming back.. Aishu say don’t need to come here but please think of before going out of limit ok.. Arvi says ok ill be in limit.. I love you.. Aishu replies I love you too..bye take care.. She goes inside and say tapu I gave permission but im really scared da..if he go out of limit then..

Tapu says don’t worry..he will not..
Arvi and his friends reach party.. See it’s fully decorated with disco lights,dj is there..even drinks are available.. They meet their childhood friends.. Manu see and think how does girl arrange such party.. Mano,Arjun and Pranav(preethi’s hubby) join them.. Manu thanks them for coming.. They enjoy party,have dinner.. After that dj plays item song.. A girl comes and dance over there.. Arvi and Surya stare at Manu.. He goes to dj and ask him to stop.. He gives money and sends girl.. They have drinks.. Arvi doesn’t drink.. Others drink and enjoy.. Manu asks Arvi to have.. He replies at least ill be away so that I can take you people home safe.. He goes out and msg aishu.. They both seat chatting.. After 3 hr he goes inside and asks pack up party.. They all playing games inside..watching match.. He says its 3am please we will leave.. They all say okay.. Start leaving one by one.. Sai,Manu,Surya and arvi go and seat in car..Arvi takes them home.. All are fully out of control.. They sleep..

Aishu see moku falling from bed.. She lifts her and makes her sleep next to her.. She miss Arvi..seats reading their msgs.. He also miss her.. He thinks of texting her but if she is sleeping.. He seats reading her msgs..see she is online.. He text her..she replies.. Both seat chatting.. Till morning.. Morning at 5.. Aishu asks him to sleep at least now.. He replies im sleepy but without your hug I cant sleep.. She replies im sleepy good night.. He says ok good night.. Both smile and sleep hugging pillows…

After 2hrs ranju wakes up.. See moku near aishu… She is distributing aishu.. She makes her sleep in her bed.. Goes to take bath.. Tapu and Madhu wake up..see aishu sleeping still.. Madhu makes moku sleep next to her.. Everyone get ready and get busy with work.. Aishu wake up at 10am.. See everyone busy with work.. She goes to get ready.. She comes back and see tapu staring at her.. Aishu smiles.. Tapu asks madam..chatted whole night? Aishu nodes yes.. Tapu asks can we go to your home once.. Aishu gets shocked and ask why dear? Tapu say her I wanna meet Manu once.. Aishu says ok after my breakfast da.. Tapu nods ok.. Aishu calls arvi and ask him wake up his friends and tell them to take bath.. Arvi say ok.. He goes down..

Precap: Arvi and aishu’s romance..

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  2. It’s really fab………Oh my goody it’s really interesting & now new couple sai & ranju……Haa loved it a lot ????

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  5. Sorry for being late !! The chapter was awesome and funny and romantic ….all in one !!

  6. Awesome episode, loving this sweeeeeet story. ..chatting whole night…arvi such a role model…haven’t drink or smoke in party even she permitted him…awww…so sweeeeeet of him…I wish…..

    Lovelyyyyyy episode, precap very exciting…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very tight warm hug. ..

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