Love After Marriage (Part 83)


Thank you for loving this fiction.. Its my pleasure that you’ll like my fiction.. I too wish that everyone girl gets hubby like arvi.. He is just prince charming.. At least 50% of his qualities are there in a guy that’s enough for a girl to happy.. I know it’s difficult to find but at least in fiction we can read and enjoy about that type person na.. Thank you all.. Love you all???
Tapu and Manu are talking with friends.. Aishu comes there and join them.. Tapu ask her where is Arvi? Aishu says busy with customer care services.. Arvi come there.. Manu ask him what happened? Arvi replies I got call from customer care da..i was busy with some work these people.. Aishu smiles and see ranju going home.. Aishu goes to her and ask her to stay back what you will do alone at home? Ranju say her I said mom that after function ill come back home.. Aishu say her ill call aunty and take permission please be here.. Ranju says ok…

Aishu takes her to arvi and say ranju will here till marriage completes .. Arvi say ok as her wish.. Ranju see Sai coming..she goes to call her mom.. Aishu smiles and say Arvi ranju and Sai are avoiding each other..make something… Arvi hugs Aishu and say bye.. Aishu asks really you won’t miss me? Arvi says ok..ill but today ill hug your teddy bear and sleep.. Aishu asks how will I sleep? Arvi replies come off with me na? She says but friends… Arvi say you want to be me and friends how can this happen? She makes sad face.. He says ok sorry ma..just remember our moments and sleep..mostly your friends will not allow you sleep..? aishu asks why? He say you people will play some game or chit chat… She smiles and kiss him.. He say her be ready just more 6 days.. She smiles.. He says for two weeks I wont leave you for a second remember it.. She says lets see.. He pulls her near and warn her don’t even plan excuse about… She smiles and say it’s in this week… I took tablets.. He says at least so much kindness you have on me na..thank god? She smiles… Manu calls arvi..then both leave for dinner… After dinner he leaves for home with his friends…
They reach home.. Manu and Surya enter home..see its clean..think Aishu might have cleaned before leaving.. Arvi and Sai come inside.. They all plan to watch cricket match.. Arvi says ya its recorded but aishu might have deleted.. Sai ask him to check.. Arvi checks and see its not deleted.. They all seat for watching.. Arvi gets Aishu’s msg “hello Mr.hubby go and sleep..tomorrow you’ll have party and morning you’ll should should go for office also” Manu smiles.. Then Surya gets msg from Madhu to sleep early and morning get moku’s clothes from home.. Sai and Manu say thank god! Bachelor life is better.. Manu gets msg from Tapu ” idiot then be bachelor only” they all start laughing.. Sai asks how does these girls know what’s happening here? Manu thinks if they kept camera ? He checks here and there.. Arvi say him they will not keep for sure.. Manu gets msg from Tapu ” we are not like you ppl to keep camera ok.. Shut up and see match” Arvi says lets watch match.. They all seat watching…

After 40min.. Manu asks anything to eat.. Arvi thinks if any snacks is left? He goes to search in kitchen.. He msgs aishu..she replies its in red boxes.. Sai comes there.. They both take boxes and see everyone’s favourite snacks are there.. Arvi thinks how come aishu know so much about us? Really this girls have some power.. They both come to hall.. All enjoy match with snacks.. Surya seats seeing moku and Madhu’s pics.. Sai see him… Manu think of seeing tapu once..she was looking so beautiful I wanna see her once.. Surya and Manu see each other.. They see arvi and Sai watching match.. Switch off TV.. They say we will go to tapu’s house.. Arvi asks why? Manu say to see them.. Arvi say them if you go now they will tease you to hell.. Sai also say same.. Surya asks arvi doesn’t he missing aishu?

Arvi reply him im missing but if I go there then she will take class.. Sai smiles… Manu says we all are going there now ok.. Sai says bye..ill go and sleep.. Arvi say if we all are going then you will also come.. Sai asks what shall I do there? Arvi replies you be with moku and winks.. Surya and Manu go out to take car.. Arvi asks Sai to come else aishu will say see Sai he didn’t come to see ranju even though they are in love you after marriage also you came here.. Sai laugh and say ok ill come..not for anyone else just to save you from aishu’s lecture.. Both go and seat in car.. Manu starts driving…
Here at tapu’s house..

Girls are lying on bed and chit chatting.. They laugh as tapu says what Manu said in sangeet.. Madhu says aishu and Arvi’s romance had no full stop.. Everyone smile.. Aishu takes pillow and throws on Madhu.. Tapu says them to stop..seeing moku sleeping.. Aishu seats near window.. Tapu and ranju go near her.. Ranju asks aishu are you missing arvi? Aishu nods no… Tapu and ranju wink at each other..ask why aishu? Aishu says im sitting freely after so many days so.. They laugh.. Aishu asks shall we play some games im not feeling sleepy.. Tapu says ok.. Lets play truth and dare.. They seat on ground and turn pen.. Its stops near tapu and Madhu.. Tapu asks truth or dare? Madhu says truth.. Tapu asks what will you do if Surya come now? Madhu replies ill give moku to him and sleep well.. All laugh.. Tapu turns pen..

It stops near aishu and Madhu.. Madhu asks her truth or dare? Aishu says truth.. Madhu asks what’s your Arvi’s weakness? Aishu says office work.. Tapu say she is asking his weakness that’s in you.. Aishu says nothing.. Madhu and tapu see each other say he don’t have weakness in you? Aishu says no… They all smile..and turn pen.. Its stops near aishu and ranju.. Aishu asks truth or dare? Ranju says truth.. Aishu asks do you like Sai? Tapu and Madhu see each other.. Ranju says I don’t know..he is just my friend.. Aishu says ok.. Tapu asks aishu what you are saying Sai? Aishu says Sai is totally mad in love with ranju.. Madhu ask from when? Aishu says they met in canteen na.. Tapu says but Sai know her from 8th std na.. Aishu says yeah know..but I came to know about his liking in canteen that day.. Madhu and tapu plan to make Sai tell about it.. They involve ranju in their..but ranju says no please.. Aishu says please ranju..please .. Ranju says ok.. Tapu ask her to say about your boyfriend in front of him and make him jealous ok.. Ranju say I don’t have any… Aishu and tapu laugh..say you’re imaginary boyfriend ok.. Ranju says ok.. Aishu gets hiccups.. Tapu say water bottle is not her.. Aishu say ill go down and bring.. She goes down.. Takes bottle from fridge.. See outside and gets shocked.. She laugh and go upstairs.. She closed room door and say Arvi,Manu, Surya and Sai have come.. All get shocked.. Aishu says arvi said I wont get sleep without him but now.. All smile hearing her.. Aishu says we should teach them one lesson.. Tapu says yea we should.. They all plan and say lets sleep.. They all act like sleeping..

Boys enter home from back door.. They all say together mostly they might be upstairs in tapu’s room.. They all go and think to open door.. Manu push it.. It opens off.. They all inside and se girls sleeping.. Manu says there we didn’t get sleep thinking of them see here they are sleeping without even thinking about us.. Manu asks who is tapu in this? Arvi replies she will be sleeping next to aishu that’s all I know.. Surya says why they have covered there face with blanket? Arvi says mostly mosquitoes..asks Surya where is Madhu? He replies she will be sleeping with moku na.. Manu says first search where is moku.. Arvi says Aishu was wearing anklets.. Manu say then go and see who is aishu.. Arvi goes ahead and hear anklets sound from last bed.. He thinks Aishu is there.. He goes there..see its not aishu.. Then Manu comes there and say then it might be tapu she have habit of sleeping near wall.. He tries to wake her up and see it’s tapu only as her hand comes out… He recognizes ring.. He makes her get up.. She wakes up and say you here? Scream loudly… Manu close her mouth.. Madhu wakes up and switch on lights.. Aishu and ranju wake up after Madhu.. Aishu stares at Arvi..asks why did you ppl come here? Arvi replies we were missing you all so.. Madhu says but you all were busy with match na? Surya say but after match we started missing you all.. Tapu says after match only na.. Not while watching match.. Aishu say for them match is important then us tapu… Saying this tapu and aishu go out.. Arvi and Manu follow them.. Ranju asks Madhu to go she will be with moku… Sai also say same.. Madhu and Surya go out..
Aishu and tapu reach terrace.. They go in opposite directions.. Arvi comes to aishu.. He hugs her from behind and say sorry.. She asks why? He says I was missing you from the moment I left this house not after watching match..

She says I know it…i was also missing you sooo much.. He asks her why you didn’t say that? She says if I say then my friends would have irritated me more… He smile and say I want to be with you… She says I also want to… She turns to his side and hugs him.. He says you look so pretty in this moon light… Shall we go out for a ice cream date now? She says ok…lets go.. They both down and seat in car.. He starts driving.. She hugs him..and keeps her head on his shoulder.. He stops near ice cream shop and buy ice cream.. Both start having ice cream… He smiles and say you look hot in blue colour dress.. She smiles and say but you so bad in blue dress.. He smile and say you only selected it.. She replies I thought you will look good but…. Both go inside car in back seat.. He hugs her and say don’t irritate me… Aishu says I can’t irritate you… He pulls her near and start kissing her near her neck …. She holds him tightly and say Arvi don’t go beyond it please.. Arvi open her shirt button and kiss her.. She press his head and start moaning… He suddenly bite her near her shoulder .. She close her eyes tightly and holds his shirt.. He pulls her near and start smooching her… .. Slowly their kiss comes to end.. He says chocolate favour was good… She smiles.. They both leave to home..
At home..

Tapu and Manu are arguing with each other about missing… Manu ask sorry.. She forgive him.. He hugs her and say thanks.. Surya and Madhu are talking about missing each other..he asks to come back home soon I miss you and moku so much.. Ranju and Sai are just avoiding seeing each other..finally Sai break silence by asking her did she have dinner? She nods yes..thinks he was with me when I had dinner na.. He se and smile.. He asks does she have any guy in her life? She smiles and starts executing tapu’s plan.,she keeps praising guy and saying about his work etc.. He feels jealous hearing her.. She smiles but keeps saying.. Then aishu and arvi come to room.. Madhu Surya and tapu Manu come.. Boys go after saying goodbye and good night.. Girls smile..

Precap: Arvi and aishu catching Sai and ranju in film hall

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    1. Hi, plzzzz don’t say like this, it’s a humble request…if you don’t like this story plzzzz don’t waste your time to read or even commenting on it…I know, not all the people have same opinion but plzzzz stop…we love this story very much n appreciate her….

  6. Oh so cute and romantic !!!!! I fall in love with Arvi with every single update of urs !!! He really is a dream husband !! Yeah, u r right that it is really hard to find such a man ….that’s why I love ur story as atleast in ur story we can see such a person. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

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