Love After Marriage (Part 82)


Monday morning…..
Arvi and aishu going to temple.. He praying that aishu should be happy and I wish we would plan for child but ill confirm with doctor once.. God please help me to take proper decision.. She prays god please help myself to fulfil my mom wish.. Pandith give sindoor.. Arvi take and fills aishu’s forehead.. Then both come outside temple.. He asks what’s this habit dear? Aishu say I want my hubby to be safe so.. She hugs him and say I wish no one breaks our relation.. He say I love you.. She smiles and says I love you too.. He drops her near tapu’s house.. He asks really you want to go? She smiles and say yea.. He says ill miss you sweetie.. She hugs him and say ill also miss you.. He kiss her forehead and ask her to take care ?.. He see’s her as she goes inside… She turns and waves him bye… He leaves for office..

Sai meets Arvi in office way.. Both go for coffee shop.. Arvi asks him how his health? Sai replies im fine da.. Arvi says you asked me not to inform anyone about your health.. Why are you hiding it? Sai replies you know very well.. Arvi asks him how many months your treatment will go on? Sai replies 2 more months.. Arvi asks after that you will come back right? Sai replies yeah ill come back.. Arvi says stay with us after you come back..

Sai says you and aishu privacy will be disturbed.. Arvi say you act much more now.. Sai says ok ill stay back.. Arvi say ok then.. After 5months you will stay in India..i should say about this to aishu.. Sai says no no don’t say her.. Arvi asks why? Sai says you know her..she already started searching for girl for my marriage.. Arvi says its good only na.. Sai says but I don’t know about treatment results..if I get well then I’ll think about marriage.. Arvi say him do,t worry we will see that ranju don’t get married till then.. Sai says what? Arvi say him aishu said me about canteen talks.. Sai reply him dude ranju is aishu’s friend that’s all nothing else..more than that ranju like you.. Arvi asks what? He replies ya..on that day when she saw you with aishu..her face said she is jealous of you both..before that when she saw only you her smile said she likes you.. Arvi asks why did you observe her so much? Sai says it’s my duty..i mean my profession is that observe others and know what they think.. Arvi says will come with me in evening for sangeet na? Sai replies ya ill else im dead in Aishu’s hands.. Both say bye and leave for office..

Arvi think Sai you have cancer but you never avoid me to inform aishu or her parents.. After your mom death you went to Australia and settled there.. Sai when I met you in that hospital I came to know about your health else you would have made everyone fool without letting us know about it.. He reach office.. He gets busy with work.. Ranju comes to his cabin.. Arvi discuss about work..while she is going.. He asks her can you stay back for sometime.. Ranju stay there.. Arvi asks her ranju I want to ask you something please can you answer it.. Ranju nods yea.. Arvi asks do you like me? Ranju gets shocked and say no arvi I don’t.. Arvi says please say truth.. Ranju say him arvi when I met you for first time I was attracted towards you but after knowing about your marriage I backed off .. Ya I was jealous of your love towards aishu.,to say not only me all girls will be jealous of aishu..because she got such a hubby who love her more than himself.. Arvi asks her are you engaged? She says no arvi.. Arvi asks can you wait for 1yr? She asks why? Arvi tells her aishu felt that Sai like you.. She says nothing like that.. Arvi say her don’t worry..if he fall in love with you, will be more lucky than aishu… Ranju smiles and goes from there.. She comes to cabin thinks about Sai and say he is just a friend nothing else.. She gets busy with work..

After 4pm..
Arvi leave office.. He comes home and see aishu already kept his clothes ironed.. He smiles and thinks she is over there with her friends but I can feel her presence here also.. All think she is lucky to get me but ill say im really lucky to get her love..she doesn’t think bad about others.. She loves me more than herself.. He gets her message..” Stop thinking about me sweetuu im waiting for you missing you soo much…come fast don’t waste time..” He smiles.. Goes to get ready..

At Tapu’s house…
Everyone are busy.. Aishu is with her phone.. Madhu and moku come there.. She takes aishu’s phone and give her moku..tell her to get ready and make moku ready.. Her friends show ? to Madhu.. Aishu smiles and goes from there.. She thinks I kept 5 dresses for arvi let see if he wear same colour as my dress .. If he wear then he loves me more than anything… She asks moku which dress shall I wear? Moku show her.. She thanks her and goes to change.. She gets ready in gold and blue colour dress.. She makes moksha get ready in red colour frock.. Moku kiss aishu and say her arvi.. Aishu smiles.. Madhu and tapu see and smile.. Tapu say aishu see moku also know to tease you.. Aishu says your training na.. All laugh..

Arvi comes there at 7pm.. Sai and Surya are with him.. Manu is busy with phone.. Aishu’s friends come there and see everyone are busy.. Moku comes down with bindhu and goes to arvi.. She says papa..arvi..aishu.. Surya lifts her and ask what? She says aishu Arvi dress.. Arvi takes her and ask what happened? She says your dress.. He asks what happened to my dress? She says aishu dress.. Sai see upstairs and show arvi.. Arvi smile.. Surya and Sai say together same colour dress.. Moku says same dress.. All smile..hearing her talks.. Ranju comes there.. She see arvi and Sai.. Aishu’s one friend take her to tapu’s room.. Aishu hugs her and say you’re looking very beautiful today… Ranju thanks her..

After 30min..
Madhu comes down..she is wearing cream and green colour saree.. She comes near Surya and takes moku.. He smile seeing her.. Arvi and Sai say Surya stop smiling.. Madhu smiles and goes from there.. Surya say them stop pulling my leg.. Manu say don’t worry Surya if aishu comes then.. Arvi say him shut up tapu.. Everyone see towards stairs… Tapu,Madhu,ranju and Bindhu are coming down… They all looking beautiful.. Sai see ranju and thinks why she looks more beautiful everytime I see her.. Arvi see him and smiles.. Manu and tapu seat with together.. Manu say her you’re looking like a girl today ? She says till now I was not girl huh? Manu say no … She gets angry.. He smiles and say today you’re looking like my girl..I feel like kissing you now ? she he holds her hand.. Ranju talk with arvi and Surya.. Sai is with moku.. Surya and Arvi go towards stage.. Arvi greets everyone.. Say everytime Manu used to do this work but today we both will try our best to complete it.. Surya says today our fighting couple sangeet..ya they fight most but each and every fight of them we can see only love.. Tapu smile listening them.. Arvi says today my cute sister sangeet…

she acts childish but she much more matured then her age..okok lets talk about her sangeet now..first performance will be from Madhu and Surya.. Both perform on song Salaam e Ishq Meri Jaan.. After that Arvi comes on stage and ask how was it? All clap and say cute.. Then next performance will be from Sai.. He performs on song Woh Pehli Bar Jab Hum Mile .. Ranju thinks about their moments and smile… He see her at end and smile.. Surya comes on stage and say it was pretty cool..but if we get to know for whom that song was would be great ?.. Sai says my future wife…goes form there.. Surya say We will be glad to know your future girl.. But now our tapu and Manu will perform.. They come on stage and perform on Ho Gaya hai Tujhko To Pyar Sajna.. All clap.. Arvi search for aishu.. Madhu call aishu to come down.. Arvi goes upstairs to call aishu… She is coming down..he see her and smile.. She comes near him and say I love you.., He replies I love you too… She asks what happened ? He replies you are looking hot in blue colour.. She smiles… He cups her face and says why you will get ready in such way that will make me… She smiles and says mad…

He says everytime you kill me with your looks.. She says all are waiting.. He says let them wait.. She say Arvi… He slowly hugs her and say I wish this was our home.. She push him and smile..say if you perform without any disturbance ill give you a gift.. He asks what gift? She say what you want? He replies a french kiss? She says ok..come down.. Both go down.. Madhu and Surya announce now Arshu will perform… They perform on Saans Mein Teri Saans Mili Toh… At end both end up with a eyelock… Madhu and Surya come on stage.. Madhu push aishu towards arvi… She hugs him.. Surya make Arvi come to senses .. Everyone laugh seeing them.. Both feel embarrassed.. Aishu goes upstairs.. Arvi goes from there in name of call.. Madhu and Surya smile… Surya announce after romantic dance lets see Ranju’s dance.. Ranju comes on stage..she performs on Aisi Deewangi Dekhi Nahi.. Pointing towards tapu and Manu.. Bindhu joins her.. After it Arvi comes back and announce there is game now.. We have bowl which consists of everyone’s name.. Everyone as to pick there partner and perform according to slip.. Ya that slip will be picked by our couple for night… Everyone pick there partner.. Aishu and arvi, ranju and Sai and Madhu and Surya are partners.. Tapu smiles and say god also don’t want to change pairs ?
First aishu and arvi go on stage..

Tapu picks a slip and ask arvi to propose aishu on stage.. Arvi nods ok.. He stands in front of aishu and say.. Aishu when I saw you for first time I felt I should live my life with you…i don’t know how but you also started liking me..we became friends… I feel in love with your childish love with respecting love with helping nature.. Totally in love with you.. You became so special to me..i wanted to start and end my day with you.. I don’t get words to explain you my love.. But I promise you if you become my love ill take care of you like a princess.. I would love to love other lady in my life after mom and you that will be our daughter.. Aishu I love you.. Will you love me at least 10% .. Aishu smiles and replies I love you more than 100%..arvi..

Tapu start clapping..everyone join her.. Next Surya and Madhu go on stage.. Manu ask them to say one thing about each other which other don’t like.. Madhu says I don’t have any bad complain about him..he is good but just gets busy with work so much that he forgets me and moku.. Surya says she is very emotional.. I like it but sometimes it will make me get angry.. Madhu promise him I’ll call myself Surya.. He promises that he will manage time..and spend quality time with you both..
Tapu says now its my flirty boyfriend’s turn.. Sai and ranju come on stage.. Tapu says lets see what there in slip.. She reads and smiles.. Say a cute dance.. Ranju nods no.. Aishu says ranju please.. Then both perform on Pyar toh hona hi tha.. Aishu smiles seeing Sai and ranju.. Arvi says good chemistry na.. She nods yes.. He slowly hugs her from side .. She stare at him.. Surya goes on stage and says now game got completed na?

Tapu says but now there is special announced.. Aishu comes on stage and say for my bro and his friends there is special party at farm house.. Please go there and enjoy bachelor party tomorrow evening.. Madhu come and adds now lets go for dinner..

Everyone are busy with dinner.. Aishu is with moku.. Arvi comes to them and ask aishu where is my gift? Aishu says go to hell..i won’t give you.. Arvi asks why? Aishu says because after song … Arvi says not my mistake…you look so could have moved na did I catch hold of you? Aishu says but you’re eyes.. Both smile… He says I want to have dinner only with you alone.. Aishu say but… Madhu comes there and smiles seeing them.. She takes moku and say sorry for disturbing continue your romance.. Aishu says Madhu.. She smiles and goes from there.. Arvi holds Aishu’s hand.. She pulls back and goes,seat near door.. He comes there.. She says not now.. He asks when? She says afterwards.. He makes her stand and she steps back.. He pins her to wall.. She smiles seeing him.. Both have eye lock… He holds her waist.. She stands on fingers.. He smooch her… She closes her eyes and holds him tightly.. After 15min.. Aishu push him..say you have become very naughty… She is breathing heavily.. He holds her and smooch her again.. She hits him.. He fully control her.. She starts responding.. Both are in different world.. Arvi’s phone start ringing…she smiles as leaves her.. He see it’s just a customer care number..gets angry.. She smiles and runs from there..asking him to come to dinner place.. He smiles remembering about her..

Precap: Arvi,Manu,Sai and Surya coming to meet their partners.. Aishu see them and plan to teach a lesson with her friends..

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