Love After Marriage (Part 81)


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Aishu is walking alone beach side.. A small boy and girl come..hug her amma… She smiles say good morning my baby and my super camp.. Arvi suddenly wakes up… Smiles seeing Aishu sleeping next him..think wish my dream becomes true.. He kiss her forehead and say sweetie get up..we have to for shopping… She hugs him and say im tried please sleep na.. He asks what happened? She says im lazy girl so im tried.. He takes blanket and cover her..goes to take bath.. She sleeps.. He comes out after 30min.. She is sleeping..he see her..comes near bed.. He tries to wake up her.. She turns other side..he start tickling her..she starts laughing and pulls him.. He lie next to her..says aishu get up.. She hugs him and sleeps.. He says aishu please get up… She wakes up and say you won’t leave me sleep.. He gets up..say it’s 8am .. She says 8am only na..sleep.. He smiles.. She hugs him..asks him you’s Saturday na..please.. Suddenly his towel falls.. She turns other side and say wear clothes.. He takes bathrobe and wear it.. She says ok now good night.. He says ok then ill go for shopping.. She says why? He says you don’t want any dress? She says budduu..who will wear dress in honeymoon period? He gets shocked .. She closes his mouth and say mosquitoes will go.. He pulls her close and smooch her hard.. She says you.. He replies I don’t want mosquitoes to enter so..

She asks what? He pulls her near and say I ..i.. She blushes.. He says you look so pretty while blushing ? She smiles.. He slowly puts his hands around her waist.. She closes her eyes..feel his touch.. He takes her fully into his control.. She says Arvi we have to go for shopping..i didn’t take bath yet.leave me.. Arvi says ill help you in getting bath.. She pushes him and runs inside bathroom.. He says himself this was better idea to make her take bath… She opens bathroom door and says you’re too intelligent my hubby..but I wish you help me take bath daily.. He says really? Runs towards bathroom.. She closes door and start laughing.. He laughs..say sweetie you didn’t take clothes.. She replies you make me wear saree today.. He smiles..

After taking bath she comes out.. She stands front of him.. He smiles seeing her.. She says before you help me dress challenge.. He asks what? She says you should use only one hand and make me wear saree.. He says ok what ill get if I win? She says whatever you ask.. He says whatever? She says ya whatever you want.. He says ok.. She holds his hand…say start… He smiles and make her wear saree.. She keeps smiling.. Then he makes her seat in front of mirror and make her hair.. She says thanks.. He asks for gift.. She kiss hum on his cheeks.. He pulls her close and say ill take my prize in honeymoon.. She smiles and nods ok.. Then both leave for shopping..
He asks her to select dresses for marriage..i have to make a call.. She nods ok.. She goes to saree section.. He goes to other shop and selects some dresses for her.. He asks them to send it directly to home.. He goes in search of aishu.. When he see her..smiles.. She turns back and say im not able to select please help me na.. He smiles and selects some saree ‘s.. She gets up and say so many.. I need only 5 saree.. He says you try and take how many you want.. She ask him pick any of your choice.. He takes 5 sarees and give her..

Then she goes to select other clothes.. He goes to keep things in car.. She selects some dresses for honeymoon and ask them to pack it fast.. She smiles and says Arvi wait for surprise. He comes there and ask her take some dresses for your dance also.. She says I took.. Then both go taking his clothes.. She selects some and he selects some.. Both smile seeing they have selected same dress.. He says ill take which you select..asks to select some tee shirts.. She goes to selects.. After half an hour..they come towards car and keep inside.. She says we will have lunch and then go home.. Both go inside and have lunch together.. She says Arvi what you bought from upstairs shop? He asks what? She says Arvi you’re my heart beat..wherever you go I can know.. He says idiot I brought my personal clothes.. She looks at him.. He says really I brought something which I can’t say in public.. She smiles.. Then both go home..

Aishu gets busy with preparing dinner.. Then both try some songs..she smiles and says this song so romantic but.. He says ok ill see other bring feeling hungry.. She goes to bring.. Then both have dinner together… She says im sleepy.. Both go for sleeping..

She wakes up and goes to other room to try dresses she brought.. She tries some,after that she finds one dress tight..goes and check weight.. She see’s its same..then measure herself using measuring tape.. She see’s &gets shocked.. Then decides from today diet else im gone.. From there she goes to prepare breakfast.. She prepares oatmeal for her and juice..thinks I should make him also weigh..

She goes to bed room..see him sleeping.. She smiles.. Goes to pull blanket.. He pulls her.. She says Arvi we have to practice na get up.. He asks what practice? For honeymoon there is no practice ? She starts hitting him with pillow.. He holds her hand and asks really you need practice huh? She smiles and say I was talking about dance.. He says I thought..about honeymoon.. She smiles.. He holds her hand and smiles..saying first lets start with practicing with kiss.. She asks what? He hugs her..she says you said about kiss not hug.. He says then you need kiss.. She smiles and tries to say something..before that he smooch her.. She loses control..He holds her..both lie on bed.. He is above her.. He start kissing her ear bone..goes down.. She he kiss her eyelids.. Then nudge nose.. She smiles..

Her lips parts as he holds her waist.. He observe her.. His lips closes her mouth.. She closes her eyes.. Her hands holds his head.. He starts biting her lips.. She holds his shirt tightly… He slowly leaves her lips…his lips goes towards neck..she keeps her head on pillow..her hands holds his hair as he starts biting her shoulder.. She see his eyes..he looks into her eyes.. She nods no.. He asks what? She says do anything but don’t leave marks ill be with my friends they wont leave me.. He smiles.. She hugs him .. He makes her sleep above him.. She smile..hugs him.. He asks why you won’t say anything than smiling.. She asks when? He says in bed today.. She says I lose my words with your touch..your hot breath beside my skin make me lose myself.. He smiles… She says arvi why you make me lazy? He asks what? She says I increased in size bcz of your pampering.. He smiles and ask what? She says something in his ears.. He starts laughing.. She pinch him… He say Amma… She says amma and mom are in Chennai they will come on Wednesday.. He smiles..says something in her ears.. She looks confused.. He smiles.. She says then please don’t it… He says really? But I like it? She says soo bad… He says you look more hot leave.. She says you… Both laugh.. She see watch..say 9am.. She says I have to breakfast im hungry.. He says aishu yesterday night you were sleepy now hungry huh.. Trying to escape? She says you’re head.. Why will I? You’re my hubby na.. He slowly hold her little in near her waist..she say Im hungry please…

Both go to take bath.. She thinks im happy with him why he is thinking I want to go away from him? He is mad.. She gets ready.. He is in kitchen..see oats and juice..thinks aishu wanna go on diet? She comes down and say yea da.. He says have fruits with this ok? She makes crying face.. He smiles and says you’re really… She says every day fruits.. He says please aishu.. She says please I dont want.. He asks her If you don’t get blood count then.. She asks what? He says we cant plan for child..please understand aishu..

She asks why? He says you’re blood count is very less dear..if you don’t have proper blood count then till 2 years we cant plan for it.. She hugs him and says ill have fruit medicines whatever you say..from today I won’t tell a word against food habits.. He smiles and kiss her forehead..says from today no drama at dinning table at least.. She smiles… He makes her have fruits and breakfast.. She says enough..before my blood count increase my weight will increase.. He smiles and say it’s ok..ill love my fat aishu also.. She hugs him say I want to become fat only in my pregnancy… He says only 5months over after marriage you want child now only? She says hubby you’re mom want child not me.. He asks what? She says honeymoon trip is for that only.. He asks what you are saying? She says on that day..
Mom: Aishu can you fulfil my one wish
Aishu: Tell mom..
Mom: I want a kid from you both.

Aishu: Mommm..
Mom: I know dear im asking you because..
Aishu see her..
Mom: You had a sister in law.. See died in one accident..after that I was alone and sad.. Arvi was just 12yrs..he came to me and said mom don’t worry my sister will come in form of my daughter.. His grandmother told it can happen because he loved for his sister more than anything.. From that day I thought I would get back my daughter.. Before that my daughter in law’s will be my daughter’s.. Then for his marriage I found you.. I felt my daughter will be back soon ..
Aishu: If I give birth to boy baby??
Mom: After first pregnancy you will become again pregnant na..
Aishu: Mom…
Mom: I heard people telling if love between husband and wife is unlimited then..there kids will be twins..

Aishu smiles..
Mom: Don’t worry Aishu after child birth ill take care of baby..
Aishu: Smiles…
Mom blesses her..

Fb ends…
Arvi: Aishu.. But after your blood count increases then only we will plan ok..Aishu Smiles and say ok my hubby..

Precap: Aishu and arvi dance in Manu’s sangeet..

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