Love After Marriage (Part 80)


Tapu and Manu are out… They see Kumar and Sharath together.. Before they reach them,they both leave in car.. Manu calls arvi … But tapu stops him and say let them sleep..tomorrow we should meet them at office na.. He says ok then lets go home.. Tapu smiles and nods ok…

Aishu see arvi and say you look like so cute while feel like kissing you.. Arvi pulls her and say never feel do it.. Aishu smiles and kiss him… He slowly puts his hand on her shirt..she smiles and says arvi.. He asks you also cute..while sleeping so I wanna kiss you ? She says now im not sleeping na.. He says you look beautiful when you’re awake.. She says flirting in morning is not good.. He says im doing it with my wife so its good.. She says first go take bath.. He says I think before bath I have some important work… She gives him questioning look.. He pulls a document from side of bed and ask aishu to sign.. She asks what is this? He says just some documents.. She says you’re divorcing me do early… He says my drama queen..don’t start in morning only.. She smiles.. He says I can’t even think of it in my lifetime.. She says ohhh…really lets see.. He smiles and say ill marry you again but not that ok.. She asks when da?.. He says ill but not now .. She keeps asking please say na.. He says please dear.. She pushes him and goes stand near window.. He smiles..goes towards her..slowly touch her waist sideways.. She says Arvi…

He says I wanna give you some special surprise..but after you get back memory.. She asks why? He says my jaan had asked me once we will run and get married..i wanna fulfil her wish.. She asks what? He says ya you wanted our marriage in unique way…but… She says sorry☹ He asks why? She says I don’t know why but some reason made you away from your jaan na.. He hugs her and say idiot you’re my jaan and aishu.. But after marriage I found a new person in my know..she as qualities of jaan but she is more kiddo than my jaan..I feel in Aishu’s love now..not my jaan.. She smiles and hugs him.. He says only hug huh? She says uncle you should not ask kiss from kids ? He says me uncle huh? She smiles and and says yes..married na..? He says you’re married ok.. She says ok tomorrow we will go to NGO na..lets see if they call me aunty or not..if they call you uncle then.. He says ok.. Then goes to take bath.. She goes to prepare breakfast..
He comes down.. See her struggling to take box .. He goes and helps her by lifting her.. She smiles and say thank you uncle ? He says shut up aishu.. She makes sad face.. He becomes silent.. She comes and smooch him.. He holds hard.. She says I love you.. He says you’re really… She winks and says kiddo.. He says no my hottie.. She stares at him.. He kiss her and say my s*xy my hottie…i love you.. She smiles..both seat having breakfast.. He says aishu you won’t come for office today?.. She says I want to take bath..then I have to.. He asks what? She pulls him near and say I wanna get ready to make my hubby mad.. He says im already mad.. Both laugh.. Then he leaves for meeting..

After 1hr she leaves for office.. She is thinking about arvi while driving..thinks ill make you forget your jaan till I get my memory back.. I want to see you happy for that im ready to do anything.. She reach office.. Tapu comes and hugs her..ask are you fine? Aishu says im fine dear.. Tapu lies I got a dream in which you came and said me you are pregnant ? Aishu says im kiddo according to arvi so don’t think ill become pregnant so early.. Tapu and aishu go inside cabin.. They discuss about party.. Tapu says aishu to prove she is not a kiddo to arvi… Aishu asks how? Tapu says think dear you will know..

Arvi comes to office… He see aishu busy with her work think morning she was acting like a kid now she is fully serious with to predict this girl… He goes to his cabin…gets busy with work.. At lunch time.. Aishu comes to his cabin.. She says have lunch.. Both seat for lunch.. He asks her can we go out for dinner.. She nods ok.. He asks what happened? She says sorry da..i was just joking..he smiles and hugs her..say you my sweetie…don’t say sorry and all ok.. He kiss her and say if you laugh.. Ill be happy..ok.. She hugs him.. He cups her face and say we have lunch now.. She asks if I be like kiddo you don’t have problem? He smiles and say for your kidish behaviour only I feel in your love..your that behaviour make me feel happy.. She says thanks.. He asks I have one doubt? She says what? He says will our kid will also be like you? She see him and smiles.. He says but you are kiddo na…how can you become pregnant? She stare at him.. He hugs her and say grow up fast..ok.. She smiles and hugs him.. Then goes to her cabin.. She thinks ill show you how much I have grown up…in our honeymoon ok.. She smiles..

At evening they both leave for home.. She hugs him while driving.. He smiles and ask shall we go home or direct to dinner? She says as you wish.. He says then we will directly go for dinner… They reach restaurant.. Both go inside.. Both think from morning so much we spoke.. He holds her hand..she smiles.. He asks can I say you something? She nods yes.. He says I know after 3days you will be with Tapu but before that we have some important work… She asks what? He says shopping.. She asks what? He says our honeymoon shopping… She smiles and says ok… He says tomorrow? She says ok..but what about tapu’s sangeet? He says you have planned na.. She says but Tapu said we both have to… He says ok.. Both have dinner.. Kumar who is seating in opposite table observe aishu and arvi… He says himself Aishwarya enjoy your time with arvi.. I don’t know when ill make your life hell.. A small boy comes and says dad come mummy is calling you… Kumar leaves with his
son.. Smiles thinking about aishu and says you are gone…

Precap: Arvi and aishu shopping…

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  1. You are awesome pooja I am silent reader actually I have no time to comment today I got time

  2. fantastic dear arvi is very nice person

  3. Ugghhhh, I hate this Kumar !!!!! Don’t know why , one after another so many enemies r coming in Arshu’ s life. Well, HAPPY REPUBLIC DAY EVERYONE!!

  4. Plzzz dr dont seperate them

  5. Pooja …ur a superb writer……..interesting arshru moments are so cool waiting for next. ……☺

  6. Hai pooja.. i just by mistake came into the page . Where aishu gave tension remover for arvi ( yes their first kiss after marriage) i nocticed myself lost in this story..then i started to read from first part …within three days i read all 79 parts..and now the 80 part … it is reaĺly a awesome story…

  7. Arshu very cute couple, their bonding n chemistry very sweeeeeet. ..hate this kumar to the core…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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