Love After Marriage (Part 8)

Precap: Ash and Arvi reaching temple.
Both come inside main temple. She see’s Sri Sai baba,ask him how does he know whenever she is tensed comes to baba temple. He just smiles and ask her to pray. She starts feeling that there is some connection between them, but she won’t express this. She prays for her parents happiness and her newly found friend happiness too. He listens her and ask why did she pray for him,she tells you are so caring person and always try to help me. He nods. */ remember same question asking when both had come earlier to temple,she answers him because you’re my life and if you are happy ill be happy automatically /*
Pandith gives them arati and Prasada then bless them both to be happy and prosperous life ahead. Both go and seat at a steps of temple. She tells him thanks for coming. He tells it is job now onwards ? both start laughing. She asks what shall we do next? He replies I wanna have breakfast feeling so hungry( making child face and he looks too cute while telling it). She smiles and nods lets first go for breakfast. He tells I’ll wash my hands and go.
Pandith who is going in that way see’s ash and ask how is she? So many days got over you didn’t come to this temple? Why what happened child? She replies sorry pandith ji I had met with accident and had memory loss. So I didn’t recognize you sorry. He tells her not to be sorry and everything will alright don’t worry about it,be happy child. Then suddenly he asks did you get married to Arvi? Where is he? I didn’t see him also. Then Arvi comes there and manages suition. Pandith blesses them and go from there. Arvi and ash also leave from temple.
while going in bike she asks him what pandith ji was telling I didn’t understand him? He asked whether we both married? Arvi replies mostly amma and mom might have meet him. She tells ok. He knows she is not convinced with this answer and also know that she will think about this till she get answer. Both come to hotel, he asks her to order. She tells I need only juice. He then order for pineapple juice and oats roti for her, idly and coffee for him. She thinks how does he know what she likes have for breakfast so clearly. He observe her but keep quite. Breakfast as served and both have it. He tells her we will go for mall so that shopping and movie both can be done at once. She nods ok.
After finishing breakfast ,she tells waiter bhai thanks and ask him to tell cook food was tasty. Waiter thanks her for telling him thanks and say till now no one talked with me like this. She smiles. He asks her and arvi to come wherever they want ,he will be here waiting for them. Arvi and ash thank him again leave from there.
Recap: Arvi and ash watching movie and laughing while coming out of theatre ?

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  1. Awwww arvi how cute….

  2. urs story is amazing ma… r u from tamil nadu???…. keep going

  3. Aww…So cute Arvi yaar..I like ? him..his concern and love ❤ for ❤ it..Nice story and Update..
    It feels so special if someone remembers every small details of urs..Arvi is like this remembering everything about her…Good epi actually I liked last part more because I personally believe that Saying Thank u for Waiters and Security guards Don’t degrade u it will make them Special..i always say this..
    Precap seems so interesting and good..waiting for that..update soon..
    Take care ? di..

  4. Friends do you like know about past or let present go on after their marriage past will be revealed?

    1. We want to know more about Past..How they met,how they fell in love ❤ etc…
      Afterwards pls continue their Marriage..but for know we want to know their past..
      Thank u di for ur update..pls post next epi..we r waiting..take care ?

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