Love After Marriage (Part 79)


Aishu wakes up in morning… See Arvi is still sleeping.. So she hugs him and sleep… After 40min Arvi wakes up and see aishu and wakes her up.. She says I wanna sleep..hug him.. He says you said you wanna become mother but you’re acting like a kid now.. She says I want to become mother but now I want to also sleep.. He says I should go for office after meeting ankith.. She wakes up and say I also want to meet ankith.. He smiles and say then get ready soon.. She takes clothes and goes to take bath… He smiles and say you’re really act like kids I feel sometimes if I married child..but remembering your age ill tell myself she is not kid.. He goes to take bath in other bathroom.. She comes out and gets ready in common wear.. She says herself why do I feel strange when arvi talks about past I think something is there which he want to hide from me.. Why did he say he forcefully kissed me? When I kissed him,he could have kissed me but he said he did it forcefully..why so?

She comes down..goes to prepare breakfast.. He comes and see her preparing breakfast and say pack we will have breakfast with ankith.. She says ok.. He goes to get laptop bag.. She packs tiffin.. Then both leave for ankith’s home.. Aishu rings door bell but Ankith doesn’t come out .. They call him..he receives call and say why bro? Did you call so early? Arvi say him to open door.. Ankith comes and open.. See them and ask you both here so early? Arvi says it’s 9 bro.. Aishu says you can’t call us inside also? Ankith says sorry and welcome them.. They have breakfast together.. Aishu says we are here to talk about bindhu.. Ankith asks what happened to her? Aishu says nothing happened.. Arvi tells when you both getting married? Ankith says not planned yet.. Aishu asks him we will go and talk with her parents na? Ankith say her we can but I have doubt whether they will be okay with it? Arvi says ya they’ll.. Now go get ready.. Ankith goes to get ready.. Aishu says Arvi will bindhu’s parents will be okay? Arvi says yeah they will.. Ankith comes out.. All leave for Bindhu’s home..

They reach her home.. Her parents welcome them.. Aishu says aunty we wanna talk about bindhu marriage.. Aunty says ya i wanted to talk about it good you came here.. Uncle says arvi you said about one guy na? Arvi tells uncle he is ankith.. Ankith takes there blessings.. Arvi says he lost his parents in we came with him..he works in SRS travels as manager..his annual income is good and he as his own house.. Uncle says more than this all he loves bindhu.. Trio get shocked and ask how do you know.. Uncle says bindhu said about him.. They smile..uncle and aunty say we are okay with this relationship but marriage will be after 4-5months.. Let her complete BE.. Aishu says problem with ankith.. Ankith says uncle marriage expenses will be with my money so you can make Karan study MBA after BBA…

Uncle and aunty thank him.. Then trio leave home… Aishu say to ankith call and inform to bindhu about this.. Ankith say ill but after this week she as pre exams now so.. Aishu says ok.. They drop him and leave for office..

At office aishu help ranju to adjust.. Ranju thinks aishu didn’t change after marriage also..she is helping even being a boss.. Aishu see her lost and asks what happened? Ranju nods nothing.. Aishu says I have headache come lets go and have coffee.. Ranju goes with her.. She observe aishu and thinks im feeling as if I met my own sister.. Sai comes there.. Aishu see him and smile.. He hugs her.. Both come and sit with ranju… Aishu introduce ranju.. Sai says hai beautiful how are you? Ranju gives him angry look… Aishu hits Sai and say don’t flirt idiot…ranju sorry da..he is from states and he don’t have manners.. Ranju smiles.. He asks I don’t have manners na? Aishu says yeah any doubts ?

Ranju thinks he is same guy na who was coming to aishu’s home na.. Aishu gets Arvi’s call..she goes.. Sai asks ranju about her education? She says I completed my He says im Dr.. She asks which background? He says im mental doctor.. She starts laughing… He says you look beautiful while the way I treat mental patients.. She says I understood but way you said I laughed for that sorry.. Aishu comes there..she feels there will be something gona happen between them.. She see Sai and asks what? He nods nothing.. Ranju excuses and goes from there.. Arvi comes there.. Sai asks aishu can she leave arvi for sometime I wanted to speak with him.. Aishu goes from there.. She gets busy with work.. After 30min,Sai comes to aishu’s cabin and ask her will you come to you’re house? Im going that way only.. She says my parents have gone for Chennai with Arvi’s parents… He asks im talking about your home.. She says have some work after that I should go with tapu somewhere.. Sai says bye and leave…

Raju comes home… Thinks about arvi and aishu..their love.. Says herself really aishu is lucky to get arvi as hubby.. When I came to know what all she went through I really felt im doing bad.. I just wish I would get hubby like arvi Ofcourse not Arvi.. She sleeps… At Sai’s home.. He thinks about ranju..he feels she is somewhat different..i wanna know what she is thinking.. He gets Aishu’s call.she asks him whether he had dinner? He says prepared ill have.. She says ok…thinking about ranju? He says yeah.. She smiles.. Then he adds I want to know about her, you went to meet arvi na..i saw jealously in her eyes..then when arvi passed her ..her eyes were saying something.. Aishu smiles and says you have gone mad being with your patients.. He says ok bye im hungry now.. She says ok bye goodnight..

Aishu thinks about what he said about ranju..but leaves that thought when she see arvi preparing dinner.. Arvi see her coming and ask Sai is coming? She says no.. He hugs her and say just more 8 days we will be together in your favourite place.. She smiles and says ok… He thinks bcz of some disturbance I spoiled your surprise so now im going to give…not now ill tell you in… She see him and hugs..saying have dinner.. He pulls her more closer..she says first have dinner na.. He says ya.. She smiles.. Both seat having dinner.. He keeps seeing her.. She observe him..both have eyelock.. He holds her hand..she says Arvi… He lifts her and take her to bed room.. She keeps seeing his eyes… He makes her lie down on bed…sleeps next to her.. She hugs him.. He slowly removes her hair which are falling on her face.. She smiles..He kiss her forehead.. He sleeps keeping his head on her waist… She smiles and plays with his hair.. He kiss her pam.. She smiles.. She says Arvi do you really want to go for meeting tomorrow? He says ya I should but ill not forget to come home by 7pm… Both dose off..

Precap: Kumar watching aishu and smiling…thinking about something…

Please tell which place is best for arshu’s honeymoon..
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  1. i think Switzerland is best for romantic couple

  2. Shimla has been attracting honeymoon for a long time! This gorgeous hill station is a perfect place to beat the heat. Shimla is peaceful and complete with natural beauty.

  3. Kashmir… Kerala…goa…

  4. Another cute episode. Finally ranju leaving arvi… And nxt episode seems not good…

    1. Kashmir(more preferred) or Kerala….

  5. In pune lawasa is nice place dr

  6. Please tell places which are outside India.. For second honeymoon ill take up indian places

  7. Singapore? Or Malasia. . . For 2nd. . Kulu,manali πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
    thank u dat ranju changd her mind abt aishu n arvi. . . R u gona pair up ranju n sai? N sai was injurd ryt, did he bcame alryt. . . I hate dat kumar ;-> ;-> updt nxt part dr. . . Pls

  8. Nice…….thank god that ranju got some senses. Hope she stops thinking of separating Arshu now. Keep writing. Take care πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  9. For Arshu’s honeymoon …..I also think Switzerland is perfect .

  10. yup Dr .Switzerland is best romantic place so far I know….u may consider that…tdy also as usual awesome
    ..arshu rockzzz
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  11. Awesome episode, arshu so cute together, ranju realized her mistake n sai read her expression n noticed jealousy in her eyes. ..looks like they make a good pair…precap is interesting, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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