Love After Marriage (Part 78)


Aishu is sleeping.. Arvi looks at her face and think how can I tell about Sharath and Kumar..i can’t see you worried…please forgive me dear I just need you’re happiness..i don’t want you to get memory bcz of those incidents.. I know ill miss my jaan but I cant be able to miss my aishu also…bcz for me now Aishu is important than my jaan.. He kiss her forehead and sleep off..

Aishu wakes up in morning and think arvi I wish I get my memory back soon I wanna see you’re jadoogar nature also.. She goes to iron his dress.. Arvi wake up and see aishu.. She turns back and say good morning sweetoo…he smile and hug her say good morning sweetie.. He says take bath ill iron.. She says ok and goes to take bath.. He gets busy with taking out gifts and ironing clothes.. She comes out and say Arvi go take bath na.. He goes.. She gets ready in purple half saree and say how shall I wear this pallu.. She keeps aside and wear jewellery.. He comes out..see her.. Struggling to wear necklace.. He makes her wear.. She says Arvi get ready.. He turns her and see her.. Ask why you are making me go mad.. She says what? He says you are looking so beautiful today.. She smiles.. He hugs and say in her ears don’t use my weakness so much that I can’t leave you alone.. She smiles and say I didn’t da..i thought of wearing pallu sideways but now im married so.. He say ok..ill make you wear.. She says ok.. He makes her wear..says I wish you were like before only.. She asks what? He replies if you don’t know how to wear saree it would be good na.. She says why? He says according to that medium we could have spend more time… She smiles and says ya it would be better..daily if you make me wear saree would lead to… He smiles and starts tickling her…she starts laughing and say Arvi please da… She hugs him tightly and say if you make me wear saree daily morning morning we would spend more time in romance then.. He holds her back and ask did I start now? She says but you made me.. He asks what? She blushes and say it’s 8:30… He holds her tight and says you…cups her face,she smiles.. He kiss her forehead and say I don’t have time else I would have.. She pulls his collar and say but im free.. Kiss him.. Then she says we should go and pick Madhu in way.. He says ok… Hold her tightly and say I wish it wasn’t Manu’s engagement.. She pushes him and say go get ready da..smiles…
Then both leave for Madhu’s home.. Arvi kiss aishu suddenly.. She blushes and say Arvi be quiet na..if anyone see.. He hugs her and say you’re my wife I can do anything ok.. She says then why you didn’t do anything for months? He says without you’re your wish I can’t do anything…she smiles and ask do you think im wishing to? He stops car and say really? She blushes and say first drive na..tapu will scold me.. He holds her hand.. She says please … He asks her just reply my question whether you don’t like? She nods no.. And say you know answer..kiss him back.. He smiles and starts driving….

They pick Madhu and moku .. Reach tapu’s house.. Aishu asks Arvi to take gifts and come.. He says ok madam go ..ill be in you’re service every second… She smiles and goes with Madhu.. She asks aishu what magic you did on him now? Aishu smiles and nods nothing.. She says you used to call him jadoogar bcz he used to solve maths problems in seconds and whenever you used to see his eyes.. Aishu understands it and say Madhu tapu is our target not me..please stop teasing me.. Madhu says you’re tapu and my target for life time ok.. Aishu asks why? She replies you both were so romantic and used to fall in love every second with each other.. Aishu smiles.. She adds in my marriage I blushed less compared to you ok..all had doubt whether you were bride? both see Tapu coming out.. Stop there talks.. Aishu says someone is looking so beautiful today.. Tapu smiles and say not more than you.. Everytime you will be looking like a bride than us… Tapu and Madhu give hifi.. Aishu tries going from there.. Both hold her hand and say you don’t go.. Arvi will not leave you ? Aishu smiles and say you both have gone mad.. All laugh..

Arvi comes there.. Tapu smile and say see arvi came.. Aishu while turning back slips.. Arvi holds her.. Both have eye lock.. Madhu coughs.. Both comes back to senses.. Arvi tells them Manu will come by 1hr,so please get ready early.. Madhu says everything is ready.. Tapu says bro if you leave we have some work.. Arvi says sorry sorry im leaving.. Madhu smiles and gives moku to him..saying you will get practice take her and go.. Arvi says what? Tapu and Madhu start laughing.. Aishu beats them..asks arvi to go.. He says ok and goes from there.. Tapu says Aishu don’t order my bro so much? they all laugh and enjoy time.. Tapu says what about bachelor party? Madhu says ya this time boys and girls will party together.. Aishu asks why? They say last time you only said this in Madhu’s marriage.. Aishu gets sad.. Both observe and say aishu.. Aishu says fine.. They both tickling her.. Aishu says please stop don’t act like arvi.. Both see each other face and say what? Aishu says nothing.. They ask her say now.. Aishu says morning he when he help me wear jewellery..i got angry so he tickled me and made me laugh.. Both smile hearing her.. Aishu blushes.. They hug her..say you’re really Kiddu.. Aishu asks why? They say you should share your personal talk with others.. Aishu says you both are my friends.. Both laugh… Think aishu never changes..

Manu comes with his family.. Engagement starts.. Both exchange rings.. Aishu and arvi see each other,smile.. Arvi winks at her..aishu smiles.. Madhu see them.. Ranju comes there.. See aishu and arvi… After function everyone decide for bachelor party.. Aishu and Madhu say Tapu planned everything.. Manu ask when is the party? Tapu says after a 4 days.. Madhu adds it will sangeet on that day..too.. For boys there is something special..we won’t interfere in it and also we won’t spy like you people ok.. Manu says please Madhu 3 years over you don’t take that talks.. Tapu and Madhu tell together why we should not? Manu ask aishu to support him please.. Aishu asks I don’t know what you are talking about.. Arvi takes her from there and tell others she won’t become part in this matter.. They’ll see him angry and feel bad.. Manu goes to talk with him.. Arvi asks aishu im feeling hungry please bring something… She smiles and goes to bring food for him.. Manu see him angry and ask why don’t you want her memory back? Arvi says I want but after Kumar incident I don’t want.. Manu understands and say sorry..but she will get her memory back na… Arvi says I know at least till then I can make sure she wont remember such bad things.. Aishu comes there.. Manu smiles and say thank you aishu I was feeling hungry you brought food.. She says go and ask Tapu.. This is for arvi.. Manu take plate.. Aishu takes back and give to Arvi.. Manu pulls aishu’s hair and runs from there.. She goes to beat him.. He says aishu you cant run like before ? She says you might be fat not me.. He see’s tapu and pulls her middle of them.. Aishu complains to tapu.. Tapu replies im not coming between you both.. Finally aishu catch him.. She ask him to do sit-ups.. He starts doing it.. She smiles and says see you cant I said you became fat.. Everyone start laughing… Tapu and aishu give hifi.. Madhu says aishu take chocolate you won.. Tapu and aishu start having.. Manu asks what’s this? Madhu says aishu played a … Manu see aishu.. She holds ears and say sorry… Manu smiles.. Aishu hugs Tapu and say bye now ill go home da..feeling tried… Tapu says ok take care ?..
Aishu and arvi reach home… She asks him I wanna meet Ankith once.. He says ok tomorrow we will go and meet lets go and sleep.. Both go and sleep…

Precap: Arvi and aishu going to meet bindhu parents with ankith.. Bachelor party planning…

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