Love After Marriage (Part 77)


Friends thank you for your support.. Arvi and aishu love story continues…
Arvi comes home… He goes to that room.. See aishu pics and smile.. He says himself I want her to get back memory but from when tapu said about Kumar I feel if aishu get her memory back than.. He gets aishu’s call.. She asks Arvi can we have dinner out.. He says ok.. She says thanks and smiles.. Tapu says ok now shall we call that hotel ? aishu calls hotel, Tapu takes phone and say can you please arrange a honeymoon suit.. She gets positive reply.. Aishu asks what? Tapu says everything is perfect.. Just we will go to parlour and get ready.. They both reach parlour… Tapu talk with a lady and then she takes aishu with her.. Tapu goes to get ready.. After 45min aishu comes out wearing cream and blue colour saree.. Tapu see her and smile.. Aishu asks what happened? Tapu text her you can make anyone go mad with your looks.. Aishu replies shut up..

Arvi reach hotel which aishu told him to come.. Receptionist ask him to go to room no 342.. Arvi thinks why room? She said for dinner.. He goes to room… See its fully decorated with pink and purple roses..with candles.. He thinks did I come to wrong room? Aishu comes… He smiles seeing her.. He see her wearing saree which they brought before engagement.. She comes near him.. He asks what’s this? She smiles and say I didn’t give your birthday gift na.. He nods yes.. She hugs him and say sorry.. Gives him a gift pack.. Ask him to open it.. He opens and see it’s as two phones.. He says I had phone na? She says but I wanted to gift you this.. He asks why? She replies from tomorrow ill be with tapu na.. So I want see you means I will be problem.. Whenever I feel so I can call you and see you’re old phone doesn’t have much clarity.. He says aishu… She says this phone as facility to record each and everything.. I want to know how much you miss me if im not there with you.. He hugs her seeing her making sad face.. She says hubby dinner.. Both seats having dinner.. She smiles.. As she observe him ..

He asks what happened? She nods no thinks he is distributed .. He smiles.. She says for me after marriage it as been 1 month.. After I realized my feelings towards you.. He smiles.. She comes and hugs him say you’re best person with whom I started falling in love every second of my life… He hugs her back.. She cups his face and start kissing him.. He holds her.. She leave him..say I dont know when was my first kiss..but after marriage that cigarette kiss was really made me mad..i wanted to taste you every second after that..but I don’t know what controlled me.. He see her eyes.. She smiles and say you make me mad with your love.. He holds her .. She gets up and asks Arvi do you know when was our first kiss? He nods yes.. She ask how was that feeling? He pulls her near.. She close her eyes as his touch her lips.. He explore her and she does the same.. They stop.. Both are eyeing each other.. She smiles..say Arvi I wanna tell you.. He asks what? She says I want to become mother… He asks what? She says yes I want to..i want to become mother for our child.. He says don’t need.. You complete your education then we will plan.. She smiles and kiss him..asks him shall we go home? He says ok.. She says sorry im not feeling comfortable here .. Both move home..

Arvi is thinking shall I do as Sai asked me.. Aishu asks what happened? He says nothing…she asks him to stop.. He stops car.. She says Arvi say whatever is going on else? He asks what? She goes out and stands in centre of road.. He see her, then a car coming.. He runs out and pulls her.. She smiles.. He hugs her and say I can’t lose your love again in my life.. I went to stage of death when you were in coma.. I still remember you in blood pool..I felt like im dead..when I saw you like that.. She hugs him and say I won’t leave you for a second.. She kiss him on his forehead and say can you please say story.. He asks what story? She says I know we had love story which you are hiding from me.. I know you used to go to that room and spend time there alone.. You made me feel so special that I fell in your love again.. But I didn’t ask you anything till now.. He simply hear her.. She says no one guy can control himself when he have right to do anything that too with his wife.. You were reason behind my mother’s smile.. You were her only hope.. She used to cry seeing me suffering but whenever you came to home she used to be happy..i saw hope in her face when she looked at you..

He says first come lets go to home… She says if you love me then you will say me..I can’t remember anything but I feel your love for me na? Please da… He says ok ill tell you… Both seat in car… She holds his hands and sleep.. He thinks thank god she slept… She says I’ll remember that you have say me what happened in those 2yrs.. He smiles and say ok.. I’ll now sleep.. She sleeps holding his hands.. They reach home..

Aishu wakes up and kiss Arvi’s forehead..say him if you feel I should know it..please tell me else it’s ok.. He says you have full right to know it but im scared of something.. She smiles and say when our love is with us we should be feared of anything.. He says you are right… Kiss her forehead.. She hugs and say chalo na… He smiles and take her to that room.. She smiles seeing him.. He takes her to laptop and show pics..
He shows there first meet pic and say it was day when I met you for first’re so beautiful I feel in love with you that’re’re playing with your sister..kiddish behaviour… Mano’s engagement turned luckiest day of my life..
He shows next pic of Arjun engagement and say on that day I didn’t knew that you were here and suddenly I said im mad in your love..then touched your waistline and came to know you were standing in front of me..

She smiles and say that time also you didn’t leave my waist.. He say aishu.. She says I know it your weakness ?.. He smiles…
He then shows selfie..say it was when you said yes to become my life partner.. She smiles.. He then shows her single pic in saree and say it was on our first love month anniversary.. Ya it was also my first kiss day.. She smiles.. Asks arvi can you tell whether you made me wear that saree?.. He smiles and say yes..that day you closed my eyes with cloth..then I made you wear.. She says ok ?..

He then shows.. Then second proposal pics and say it was day when you got to know ill be far far became angry with me and you ignored me..
He than shows a pic in which he proposed her for marriage before everyone.. He says before that day..night I forcefully kissed you.. She asks why you kissed me forcefully? He says ill tell you after sometime dear.. She says ok as you wish..

He says her after that our love matter became public..we both enjoyed our love… I went to Andhra for my studies..we meet on Sundays,special days.. Then that accident happened dear..i came to know you forgot what happened when I was far from you.. She hugs and say him thank you for sharing our special moments with me… He hugs her and say you won’t sleep today? She says ill..come lets go and sleep.. They both go to sleep.. She says I love you so much..I know you,that you want to hear jadoogar I love you.. But when I really remember everything I wanna call you jadoogar not now because you are so special to me.. He smiles and say ok as you wish..when you remember everything you call me so..

Precap: Manu and tapu engagement.. Bachelor party

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