Love After Marriage (Part 76)


Party comes to an end.. Everyone are leaving.. Tapu asks Aishu will she go to office tomorrow? Aishu replies I don’t think so my bestie engagement is there so Tapu asks her can she come for shopping? Arvi comes there.. Aishu say yea ill come with you.. Arvi says ya tapu for two weeks she will be with you.. Tapu says thank you ? arvi.. Manu says arvi its getting late lets leave.. They four leave for home.. Ranju keeps observing them.. She thinks there is good bound between four..I can break aishu and arvi if I break these four friends bound..

Arvi drops tapu and Manu.. Aishu hugs Arvi.. She thanks him for such a cute gift.. He smiles and drives.. Aishu thinks Arvi I didn’t get you any gift till now but you keep making me so special.. I don’t know how much you loved me earlier..i wanna know that from you itself..i thought I make new love story but you made so special for me.. I fall in your love every second.. Arvi see her smiling and call her.. She suddenly see him and tell I love you more than myself.. He smiles.. She sleeps in car itself.. They reach home.. He carries her to bed room.. He makes her change dress, she says thank you ?.. He makes and sleep.. Kiss her forehead.. Then goes to sleep..

Early morning…
Aishu wakes up and see Arvi sleeping..thinks he is Mr.prefect… She goes to take bath.. After 30min she comes wearing bathrobe.. She tries waking up arvi.. He wakes up and see her in bathrobe.. She says wake up you should go for office.. He pulls her and say if you’re in front of me like this how can I go for office.. She blushes… Say you should go da.. He nods no.. Suddenly her hair bun falls on him.. He pulls her near..their lips meet.. He slowly pulls her towards him completely.. She hugs him..feel his touch..think he didn’t do anything till today..but today I cant stop him..

She lie on bed… He comes on her top.. He unbuttons his shirt.. She says office da… He removes her bathrobe knot.. She pulls his shirt.. He covers themselves with blanket.. They both get intimate… After two hours.. She wakes up and smiles thinking what happened between them.. He see her smiling and say don’t remember what happened..just think of what’s gonna happen.. She says ill think but not now after you leaving for office.. He says I don’t want to go.. She says if you don’t go today,how you can declare holiday for Tapu engagement.. He says ill mail to groupid.. She says please don’t act tapu,Manu will not coming na.. You should go.. He says okay then as you say but one condition.. She asks him what? He holds her waist..she smiles and say you… He hugs her.. Both lie on bed… He makes her sleep..kiss her forehead and say I love you jaan.. She smiles hearing that word …say I love you Arvi.. He thinks when you will call me Jadoogar aishu.. She sleeps off.. He goes to take bath.. After a while he comes out and see her sleeping.. Thinks to make her wear dress bcz tapu might come anytime.. He makes her wear dress.. Then leave for office..

Aishu wakes up with alarm which she kept for leaving for shopping.. See arvi left already.. Go to take bath.. She smiles remembering his talks.. Thinks im really lucky to have you in my life.. She comes to mirror and see his love marks say Arvi you make me long dresses… She gets ready.. Msgs arvi can I use credit card for shopping? He replies use whatever you want..but don’t buy unwanted things.. She replies ok.. Tapu comes there.. Both leave for shopping.. Tapu asks what she is thinking? Aishu says im feeling hungry.. She asks didn’t have anything? Aishu nods no.. Tapu asks why? She replies I woke up late so.. Tapu understands and smile..say lets go for breakfast first..ask arvi if he had? Aishu says he had fruit salad ..

At office..
Ranju is busy with files.. She thinks of impressing Manu first and then keep arvi as target.. She gets some doubts so goes in search of Manu.. Then comes to know he is busy with his engagement preparation.. Arvi see her,ask what happened? She say him I had some doubts but Manu is not here.. Arvi asks what’s her doubt? She say him.. He smiles and say it’s simple.. Explain her.. She thanks him for help and gets busy.. Her heart is not working..only mind.. She thinks he is Mr. Perfect really I wish he falls for me..

Arvi see aishu pic in his phone and smiles… Thinks aishu im falling in love with you every second dear.. Aishu gets hiccups.. Tapu says mostly arvi is remembering you.. Aishu smile.. They get busy with shopping.. Arvi fully busy with office work.. Manu comes there.. Arvi asks why did he come? He replies to give invitation and also help you.. Arvi asks what? Manu tells something… Arvi gets shocked…and say how come this happen…come lets go and meet him.. Arvi sends mail and invitation to everyone..then both leave office..

Arvi comes and meet someone in hospital… He turns out to be Sai.. He smiles seeing Arvi.. Arvi asks him how are you now? Sai replies im okay.. Arvi says when did you open to come back? What’s reason.. Sai gives him a cd and say please be careful it contains aishu’s accident incident video.. Arvi asks how did you get? Sai says I got that with help of my friend..that guy’s face is not clear but his voice is clear in it.. Arvi thanks him… Sai says if we recreate only accident scene..aishu might get back memory.. Arvi asks what? Sai say him you should recreate your love story and then aishu accident so she gets her memory back.. Manu asks really? Sai nods yes.. Arvi thinks and say ok ill try..

Precap: Aishu asking arvi to tell some story.. Arvi start telling their love story… Manu’s engagement

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