Love After Marriage (Part 75)

Arvi holds aishu’s hand,she signs him its office.. Manu brings coffee for aishu,tea for him and Arvi.. Tapu and ranju come.. Tapu asks where is my cup? Manu replies its with uncle go and bring.. She goes to bring.. Aishu asks ranju to sit.. She see aishu and Manu seating next to Arvi..she seats next to aishu.. Tapu comes and gives a cup of tea.. Ranju see aishu drinking coffee,and ask her you used never have coffee after that chandu’s incident na? Aishu smiles and says now I can have bcz there is someone in my life who never let others come into my life.. Manu ask what they are talking about? Aishu says bro there was guy named Chandu he proposed me in front of whole class in 7th std..on that day I went to temple and promised baba that till Chandu gets out of my life I wont drink coffee.. Arvi and Manu laugh.. Tapu hits manu and aishu stare at Arvi..

Aishu goes from there,arvi goes behind her.. Ranju see that think why he is going? Tapu see Manu and say love birds went.. Ranju asks what did you say? Manu says they both love each other… Ranju smiles but thinks what aishu as boyfriend? .. Then they leave.. Aishu and arvi are in cabin.. He hugs and say I laughed for your childish promise nothing else.. Aishu smile and say why are you not serious? He asks what? She says you love me na..then why you didn’t get jealous hearing about it., he says bcz they don’t have something which have for lifetime… She smiles and says you’re really the best hubby ? He asks her someone might inside cabin.. She says its okay…im hugging my hubby only na.. He says then shall we be here only? She says no I want to go home… Both leave.. Ranju see them leaving together and think ill be in you’re place see aishu..
Aishu and arvi reach home.. She gets busy with mom call.

Arvi hugs her from behind.. She doesn’t speak for a minute.. Mom ask her what happened? She lies I was in kitchen.. Mom tells ok take care ?..bye.. She says Arvi mostly mom sensed you are with me.. Arvi asks so what? She says nothing.. Arvi won’t you celebrate project success? Arvi say we should… Aishu says shall we arrange a party.. He says ok.. As you wish.. He thinks you’re reason for my success I want to gift you something special.. Aishu see him lost and hugs him saying now no tension na… He says ya but I’ll miss my tension reducer? she blushes and say you…push him and goes down.. He gets busy thinking about her gift.. She comes back and suddenly kiss him… He gets shocked.. For a while and respond her.. She starts feeling his grip around her waist.. She smiles and leave him.. He holds her hand..

She says till 2days please wait… He says no I won’t.. She says you have to..goes down to prepare dinner.. He thinks you make me mad and leave me suddenly.. After taking bath her goes down.. See her wearing full length dress..and say don’t worry I won’t do anything.. She says Idiot don’t think about it every second im feeling cold so wore it,, He hugs her and says but you have that fear also na? She nods yes..says you’re unpredictable in that matter da.. He says from 3 week i haven’t done anything na.. She says bcz of your project tension.. He says you could have taken tablets na? She says sorry but I don’t like those tablets.. He says ok.. Both have dinner.. She thinks I know arvi we haven’t done anything but you could have advanced now also.. But you’re so cute that you wont do anything without my wish..just more 1day.. Then both go to room… He hugs her while sleeping…

She wakes up and see Arvi hugging her while sleeping.. She thinks after so many days im seeing him so coolly sleeping.. She keeps her hand on his shoulder..he hugs more tightly.. She thinks he says ill always hug teddy while sleeping.. He says you’re my teddy bear aishu.. She smiles and say Arvi you’re awake na..get up from bed.. He says at least here I can be with you.. She smiles and starts playing with her hair.. He sleeps… She not to disturb him..eventually she also sleep off.. At 12 pm.. Arvi wake up.. See clock and gets shocked.. He wake up aishu? She gets up and ask what happened? He shows clock.. Both rush to take bath.. Then leave for office.. Aishu says today definitely my friends will tease me to core.. He says we will lie them that we were busy arranging for party.. She says ok.. She calls organizers and ask them to arrange for evening party its urgent.. They say ok.. Arvi and aishu reach office.. both are busy with calls..

Manu come to arvi cabin.. Arvi ask to invite everyone for evening party.. Manu goes to invite.. Aishu and tapu invite their friends.. Sanju ask her madam you become busy with this party matter came late? Aishu says yes night we thought of arranging so we completed it’s work then came to work.. Ranju comes there.. Aishu invite her for party.. Ranju tells ok.. Thinks of impressing arvi in party.. Then aishu tells girls go get ready for party why all are still here? They start moving.. Tapu hugs aishu and ask are you really busy with party preparation? Aishu tells what happened.. Both laugh.. Tapu says so bad bro☹ Aishu says you won’t feel bad for me na.. Tapu says first my bro then you..

Then they also leave office.. Arvi and aishu reach home.. Arvi think of her surprise gift..what shall I give her.. She asks him what shall I wear? He says wear shorts and top.. She asks what? He gives her a pack and say wear this.. She see’s it purple colour saree with black blouse.. She goes to get ready.. But in room he as already kept a pack..and a letter.. She take it and reads.. Aishu please wear this’s my salary gift which I brought for you.. She see it white and purple mix sari.. She keeps her phone on table.. See a letter over your wardrobe.. She opens and finds a simple and pretty necklace and ring.. Again there she see a letter,thinks arvi how many more gifts? She reads it written I know you are thinking how many more gifts but this letter is to say I love you most on this earth.. She smiles and say I love you Arvi… From back arvi responds her I love you too aishu..

She hugs him and say thank you.. He smiles.. She asks why so many gifts? He says bcz you’re reason for this success.. She smiles and goes to change.. When she comes out, he get mesmerised by her.. She goes and tries wearing necklace.. He comes from behind and helps her.. She smiles seeing into his eyes.. He kiss her forehead and say you look beautiful today.. She asks then daily I look bad? He says daily you look beautiful but you’re favourite colour made you look beautiful.. She smiles..ask him to get ready.. He goes to change.. He wear white suit with purple shirt… She smiles and help him wear tie.. He see her..she says now perfect.. He slowly pulls her close.. She smiles and say party.. He says you can’t escape from me.. She says oh really? He says yeah bcz it’s holiday.. She asks why? He says bcz I want to spend time with you.. She smiles and hugs him.say as you wish but after office… He says ok..
They reach party hall…

Arvi gets busy with his friends and clients.. Ranju comes there.. She search for him everywhere think if aishu and arvi are coming late? She see aishu…then see mangalsutra in neck just above chain is too be seen.. But her eyes fall on necklace.. She goes near her..greets her and say you’re necklace is soo beautiful., Aishu says arvi gifted me evening.. Tapu and friends tease her.. Ranju imagine her self wearing that necklace and Arvi hugging her..
Someone calls aishu.. Aishu gets busy with them.. Arvi observe her smiling and winks at her.. She smiles.. Manu ask anyone can rock stage na? Tapu says our couple are there na.. Clients also ask arvi and aishu to perform.. Aishu says ok.. Both go on stage.. Dance for.. Love Me Thoda Aur.. They are lost in each other.. Ranju is fully jealous..

Tapu smiles seeing aishu and arvi lost .. All start clapping.. Say really they are made for each other.. They come down.. Client’s wife say Mrs Parishith you both are just soo cute.. Aishu thanks her.. Ranju hears Mrs Parishith word and she broke the glass in her hand.. She is fully shocked..she thought they are just lovers but they are married.. She runs to restroom.. She locks door and say aishu you are making me get on nerves.. I feel like killing you… I’ll make sure that I ll make your life hell..check out from now onwards.. She does makeup and goes out.. She smiles but its just a jealous.. She says herself im in love with here to make aishu’s life hell..

Precap: Tapu and Manu engagement.. Ranju trying to create misunderstanding between aishu and arvi..

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    1. Hey pooja can u say on which page ur writting this I lyk to read it frm first episode itself so pls

      1. Hai aabi. This is published on telly updates fan fiction page.. On top search box in fan fiction page type ‘Love After Marriage’.. U’ll get all episodes there…
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