Love After Marriage (Part 74)


Aishu and arvi reach hospital.. After eye check up.. Doctor tell them on Wednesday you can come and collect spectacles.. Aishu ask him is there any problem? Doctor tell no just bcz you spend most time with laptop or computer you are going use it.. Arvi asks him should she wear it 24hrs.. Doctor tell him no need when she works for more than 2hrs she should wear it. Aishu asks what about arvi? Doctor tell he just have infection no need to wear spectacles,he as make sure he don’t see red light emitting from that.. Arvi asks can he use any spectacles to avoid those lights? Doctor tells ya you can..just wait ill call that shop and let you if that type spectacles available.. After while doctor tell you will get those also on Wednesday.. Then both thank doctor and leave.

They reach home.. Arvi say Aishu to take rest.. She sits on sofa and ask can I sleep in your lap? He asks her what happened? She nods nothing.. Sleep in his lap.. After she slept..he takes her to bedroom..when he her lie on bed,she holds his hand and ask him to sleep with her.. He asks what happened? She says I don’t know im feeling like someone gonna separate me from you.. He sleeps with her and say no one do it ..thinks last time when she said like this Sharath came into our life what’s gonna happen now.. He hugs her and say you have exams na mostly that gonna separate us.. She smiles and say ya it will.. He hugs her and kiss her forehead.. Aishu says i will go and prepare lunch.. He says don’t worry dear.. I’ll prepare.. She says ok ill help you.. He says ok just seat and observe ok.. She nods ok.. Before she would step down.. He lifts her and take her to kitchen.. Make her sit on slab.. He says don’t talk till ill complete work… I’ll start cooking.. She says what? He says finger on your lips..

She nods no.. He comes near her and makes her do so.. She slightly comes close and kiss him on his forehead..say return kiss.. He says ok..start cooking.. After 15min arvi give with juice and ask her to drink.. She stare at him.. He says ok remove you’re finger from lips and drink ma.. She says im not you’re maa ok? He says you will be my children maa na? She says but not now na.. He comes close and ask when? She says I don’t know.. He says think and say it ok? She gives confused look.. He smiles.. She takes a spoon to beat him.. He start running from that place.. She runs behind him..suddenly she falls holding her stomach., he comes near her and say I was joking you took it seriously..see now what happened.. She stare’s at him and say I hate your bad jokes.. He lifts her and say sorry.. Then makes her sit on sofa and both have lunch..
On Monday…

Aishu and Arvi go to office.. Arvi is little tensed..aishu holds his hands and say all the best.. He smiles.. Manu and he go to submit project to clients.. Aishu gets busy with interview for manager.. She doesn’t select anyone even after 15 members.. Arvi and Manu reach office.. Arvi says project got selected and now this company will produce both hardware and software related projects .. Aishu tell congrats.. Arvi and aishu go to get sweets for everyone.. Manu gets into job of appointing manager.. He selects 3candidates.. Tapu say aishu should select them da.. Manu calls and ask aishu.. She says bro as you wish bro,we don’t have problem.. Tapu and Manu prepare questions for interview.. At last a girl gets selected, she is Ranjitha.. Tapu says congrats Ranjitha you are selected..she thanks them.. Aishu and arvi come to office.. Aishu gets busy in distributing sweets..

Arvi see Ranjitha, Manu tell him she is new manager for our company.. Tapu see aishu, call her to come.. Ranjitha keep seeing Arvi without blinking eyes.. She thinks who is he? He is so cute,even after introducing me as manager he didn’t talk a word to me? Aishu comes to them.. Manu says where are sweets? She gives him,he says for my stomach this is not enough.. Tapu says him you’re stomach is big enough to eat everything,but we should also have something consider it.. Aishu and Arvi smile.. Aishu say him don’t worry before Sunday you come to dinner ill prepare everything you like.. Manu says ya.. After Sunday I wont having freedom to anything.. Arvi say be silent da..aishu give him sweets.. Aishu gives Manu,see Ranjitha and give her too.. Manu introduce aishu that she is new manager.. Aishu smiles and say ok hai I’m Aishwarya.. Ranjitha asks you’re Aishwarya Krishnan right? Aishu says yes im Aishwarya Krishnan any problem? Ranjitha says no no im Ranjitha Naidu, don’t you remember me? Aishu says no… Sorry bcz of accident I lost 2yrs memory.. Ranjitha says im you’re childhood friend.. Aishu says really? Now I got to know… Your Ranjitha who was proposed by…

Ranjitha says yes im that Ranjitha only..for whom you slapped that Raj.. Aishu says ya.. Know.. How are you? Ranju says im fine you? Aishu says me too.. Manu says see aishu I gave your friend as your manager.. Ranju asks what? Manu tells aishu is this company owner,you will working under her sector.. Tapu takes Ranju to show her cabin.. Then she leaves..

Ranju thinks how aishu become owner of such company? She was not interested in this all na,everytime she used to say I want work with NGOs.. More than that she was not looking good also in childhood..not a proper hairstyle,not like a girl itself..she was a tombay.. Now she looks so beautiful.. Leave about her ranju. See that guy who didn’t even talk with you..most guys want to talk with you..but he.. He is soo handsome.. That too he looks like prince charming.. I wish I had him as my boyfriend… She see aishu and arvi giving hifi..and laughing.. She says this aishu comes in way everytime that time when I proposed that sharan also..he asked her what she thinks about me? She might have said something so he didn’t reply me..but now im gonna make this Parishith my boyfriend for sure.. She goes out..

Aishu,arvi and Manu go to canteen.. Tapu asks ranju does she needs anything? Ranju nods no.. Tapu asks will you come with me for canteen aishu,Manu and Arvi are there.. Ranju asks who is arvi? Tapu says I meant to say Parishith..we call him Arvi.. Ranju say ok.. They go to canteen..

Precap: Aishu and arvi arranging party.. Ranju says herself im in love with arvi…

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  1. who is tat stupid ranju coming to disturb my arshu…hell with her..make her know tat as aishu and arvi are married..tanq pooja

  2. Sometimes i hate my btech friends yaar because of some persons i am facing same plm…. plzzz pooja dr dont try to seperate our love birds its my request

  3. Waiting for next. ……..may be this ranju will bring new twist in arvi & aishu’s life..???????pooja ur really a good writer…

  4. Don’t separate arvi and aishu plzzz yaar

  5. Ranju u don’t even think about it.. I already hate her… Pooja Plz let her know arvi is aishu’s husband…. That to asap…
    How is ur exams pooja??.

  6. So she is the new witch nw it is going to be more interesting CNT wait to see her face wen she will came to knew DAT arvi is aishu’s husband waiting for next update post soon

  7. Ohh…NO…no..don’t do dis…plz….poor aishu….nw she has to go through dis agnipariksha….update soon

  8. Hey Pooja, plz don’t let that Ranju separate our Arshu. Please post next part soon. Tc

  9. Awesome episode, so ranju is new villain in arshu’s life…but I’m sure arshu will defeat all the villains…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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