Love After Marriage (Part 73)


Morning… 9am..
Door bell is ringing.. Aishu wakes up and say who came early in morning itself.. She goes down.. Opens door.. It’s mom and dad.. Aishu smiles.. Welcome them.. Mom ask her did they disturb her sleep? Aishu says no mom.. Arvi wake up and see 9 .. Go to take bath.. Mom ask where is arvi? Aishu says he went to take bath.. Mom say ok.. Aishu asks them coffee or tea? Dad replies coffee.. Aishu goes to prepare.. Mom goes to living room and see family pics.. dad come there and say you’re son haven’t changed now also.. She smiles.. aishu brings coffee for them.. Aishu says 15min ill prepare breakfast.. Please have fruits.. Mom says ill prepare you go and bath.. Arvi comes down calling aishu.. She goes towards him.. He says ill go to office you can come with tapu today.. Aishu says mom.. He says ok ill call mom and talk with her afternoon.. He tries going out.. Dad call him.. Arvi turn back and say dad you here.. Mom say im also here arvi.. He goes and hugs dad..ask him how is he? Same he does with mom.. They reply we are fine.. Mom say him to wait till breakfast is prepared and have then leave.. Arvi see dad and aishu.. Aishu smiles.. He signs her to manage.. She says mom some important work is there let him go.. Mom smile and say ok go.. Dad also accompany him to office..

Mom asks him why you are going? Dad replies to escape from your breakfast.. Mom stare at him.. Arvi says mom you also come with aishu after preparing breakfast we all have together at office.. Dad say him cant he be quiet for a minute in life.. They leave.. Aishu goes to take bath.. She gets ready in saree and come down.. Mom see her and say you really look beautiful in saree.. When arvi said I thought he said bcz he is fully in love with you but now I see that.. Aishu smile and start helping her.. After 1hr tapu comes home.. She says dad was saying not to bring breakfast from home, when I said today no canteen he told then what else bring home made food.. Mom and aishu laugh.. Then they leave to office..

When they office they see amma and papa also there.. Aishu goes hugs them both.. Amma says aishu you haven’t changed little also.. Papa says my daughter should never change even if she gets daughter.. Aishu smiles.. Surya and Madhu also join them.. Aishu thinks is it office or family picnic? Is any plan of them? Am I gonna be caught? Mom say her to call Arvi,manu and come.. Tapu and aishu go.. Aishu asks do you know why everyone came? Tapu nods no.. Arvi,Manu,Aishu and Tapu come to have breakfast.. Everyone enjoy while having breakfast.. Mom signs dad to tell.. Dad says I wanted to tell you something so only this meeting.. Dad tell we all consider you three pairs as our children so decided to send you all for a foreign trip.. Arvi asks dad what was the need? Mom says you can send you’re brother for trip cant we send our children..

Arvi says but I have office I can’t afford to go anywhere now.. Manu also say aunty till project complete we cant go anywhere..then tapu and my marriage .. Mom says after you’re marriage only we are sending you people .. Surya says aunty what’s need for us.. I mean me and Madhu.. We will be here..let them go.. Madhu also say same.. Aunty(Madhu’s mom just then she reached there with Manu’s mom) says Madhu from when you started talking between elders.. Madhu says mom you here.. Mom replies ya I called here.. Arvi gets call.. He excuses and goes from there.. Aishu see moku and smile.. Moku come to her.. Tapu and aishu with moku slowly go far and start playing with moku.. Arvi comes there and say ok mom we are ready to go but one condition whole staff and workers will accompany us then one more thing is that we are going picnic in India.. Dad tells this is not fair.. We planned for you people but you.. Mom tells Arvi you can’t decide everything.. Papa tell them to ask my princess’s where are they?.. Mom says ya.. Let them decide.. Mom see aishu and tapu playing with moku.. Show them ..

All laugh.. Amma goes and take moku.. Aishu says amma… Mom ask them what they were doing? Tapu says we were playing with moku.. Mom stare at both.. Arvi see aishu and signs her say no .. She asks what? All see them.. Aishu say mom all were busy talking moku was playing alone so we both started playing with her.. Everyone smiles.. Mom take aishu and arvi with her.. Mom ask arvi what’s your problem? Arvi says mom everyone as there own wishes so I don’t want you to force them. Mom says ok.. Aishu says mom tapu and Manu want to enjoy honeymoon alone.. Mom says ok then you both thought anything about it? Aishu and arvi look at each other and say no mom.. We are busy right now.. Mom holds their ears and say you both are going ok.. Arvi say ok mom leave.. They all come out.. Arvi and aishu go take moku.. Mom ask Tapu and Manu to come with her.. They go inside.. Mom ask them did you plan anything about honeymoon? Tapu says aunty we have time na so we didn’t.. Mom says ok then if you both any problem can you both go for Switzerland? Manu and tapu say no aunty.. Then they leave.. Mom asks Surya and Madhu to come..

Surya says aunty please we don’t want to go anywhere.. Mom tell them what is your problem? We will take care of moksha you both go and enjoy.. Surya finally say yes.. Madhu say aunty we will take moku with us.. Mom finally comes out tell everyone that they going on trip but different places.. Aishu and arvi look at each other and smile.. Arvi gets busy with work and aishu help him..
Then arvi family reach home.. Aishu goes to cook food but mom says aishu today we will have dinner out.. Arvi says mom im not coming out.. Aishu says mom 30min ill cook.. Mom says I have ordered food already.. Aishu and arvi go to room.. Arvi close door.. Aishu say Arvi.. He comes near her and say aishu you are happy with going out? She says im happy but .. He says I know you wanted to choose the place.. She says not that.. He asks then? She says mom indirectly told us to plan about family in front of everyone.. He gives her confused look.. She says when I was talking with amma.. She was telling when you are planning about kids?

You’re mom is waiting to hear from you both.. He says that’s all na you could have said her after 1yr.. She says before I could say anything mom came there.. He hugs her and say don’t worry if they ask us directly then we will answer them till then be silent.. She says ok.. He asks now what? She says its already 15min got over if you go to take bath you will come out after 1hr then when we will have dinner? He smiles and says ok darling.. Just we will fresh up and go down.. After dinner we can take bath na?.. She says ok..sorry I was feeling hungry.. He hugs her and say there are fruits in fridge.. She says mom will feel bad if we didn’t have what she ordered.. He smiles.. He goes to freshen up.. She takes clothes for changing.. Then they both go down.. See dad busy with call and mom waiting for them..

Aishu goes towards kitchen.. Mom see her and say you’re you ok? She smiles and nods yes.. Arvi gets call.. Aishu arrange dinning table.. Arvi and dad come and sit.. Arvi say aishu tomorrow morning at 10 appointment got fixed.. Mom ask what you talking about? Arvi says mom she was spending most time with laptop na so doctor asked her to wear specs.. Mom tells you to have problem right Arvi? Aishu look at him., He replies ya mom I to took appointment.. Mom says that’s good.. They all seat for having dinner.. Aishu see arvi and think he didn’t say me.. He see her and smile.. She stamps his foot and sign him .. He asks what with eyes.. She nods nothing.. They smile.. Mom observe them and think there is love war going on between them.. Dad breaks silence by telling Arvi tomorrow morning we are going for Chennai with aishu’s family..

Aishu thinks amma didn’t say me anything.. Arvi says. Ya amma was saying about this.. Mom tells we will come back before Manu’s marriage ok.. Arvi say ok mom.. Tomorrow what time is the train.. Mom says it’s at 8am.. Aishu says mom shall I prepare breakfast at least tomorrow morning? Dad says yeah aishu you prepare..if you can prepare some snacks also.. Aishu nods ok dad.. Arvi and mom smile.. Aishu goes to kitchen to prepare helps her.. Dad and Arvi go to garden..
Dad: Arvi how is life now?
Arvi: Its fine..

Dad: Then aishu?
Arvi: She is adjusting to things..
Dad: Doesn’t she love you?
Arvi: Smiles
Dad: Then you both enjoying life right now
Arvi: No dad we are busy with project..
Dad: Then what you’re mom planned was good for you both..
Arvi: But dad.. Aishu had exams after project completion
Dad: Its ok she will prepare and score good marks..
Arvi: I know but she was not well from this different schedule so I wanted her to take rest..
Dad: You are really love her a lot na?

Arvi: Dad you only in life we have one mom and one wife so we should love them the most..
Dad: Smiles..
Arvi: Shall we go inside it late ?
Dad: Ya morning I have to woke up early..

Both go inside.. See aishu and mom busy with snacks packing.. Dad come to Aishu and say after trip ill come stay with you both.. Aishu asks really? Dad says ya ill bcz at least then I can have my second daughter hand made tasty food.. Aishu smiles.. Dad bless her and goes to sleep.. Mom say see him if we give permission he will definitely complete this snacks now. Arvi say mom please go and sleep now na.. Mom goes.. Aishu says arvi you will have coffee? Arvi says no we will sleep early.. Aishu and arvi go to sleep.. Arvi hugs her while sleeping.. She smiles..and hugs him back.. He says I said we can go to honeymoon far from everyone so that no one disturb us.. She says I know it..when you said it I was thinking why you said so but after that it flashed.. Arvi call her tube light ? She says Arvi..

Push him and sleeps turning other side.. Arvi slowly pull blanket from her side.. She gets up and say you sleep… He gets up and say you also sleep.. She says ill take other blanket and sleep.. He pulls her as she stands.. She falls on him and say you mad.. He tightly hold her waist.. She says leave me.. He hugs and say ill never leave you.. She says im angry on you.. He says sorry.. She says everytime do some work and say sorry.. He says ok this time ill say something different..he tells something in her ears.. She smiles hearing it..and say you are gone mad.. He says ya im in you’re love.. He unbuttons his shirt..she say not today and dad may hear.. He says mom need grandchild na it’s our duty to fulfil her wish ? she lie down..he comes on her top.. She says please.. He hugs and kisses her forehead..say as you wish.. She hugs him and say thank you ?.. Both sleep off..

Mom comes and wake up them.. Aishu says mom im going to take bath will be there.. Mom leave.. Arvi asks really you are going to take bath? She says ya.. He says at least we will have bath together na?.. She nods no.. He lifts her and take her to bathroom.. She keeps starring at him.. He says don’t stare if you want you can kiss me? she says I hate you.. He says but I love you.. He makes her stand.. She tries going out.. He holds her waist tightly.. She looks at him.. He says at least a kiss or hug.. She smile and hug him..say come fast da.. He thinks why she I running away from me.. After bath arvi comes out, aishu signs him to see calendar.. He see it..say sorry aishu.. She smiles and goes to take bath.. After her bath both come down..
Mom see them and smile.. Then after sometime they all move to railway station.. Both leave after parents leave for Chennai.. They go for hospital..

Precap: Manu appointing manager and she turns out to be Aishu’s childhood friend..

Friends I know it’s boring but I wanted make sure how family thinks about a married girl even after being supportive in love marriage..

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  6. Hey Pooja, it’s not at all boring yar. U r an excellent writer. I love your story. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

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