Love After Marriage (Part 72)


Tapu and aishu are standing .. They see manager tensed.. Tapu thinks something is wrong..signs aishu.. They both follow him.. He goes to top most floor.. He is talking with Arvi’s friend (guy who said no for partnership). He tells Aishwarya and her friends completed full work only documentation is pending.. He listens something and say I can’t do it.. That guy tell you should. Manage tells ok.. Aishu and tapu gets shocked.. Tapu thinks of informing to Manu..but aishu tell her we don’t have perfect proof against him he may deny that matter.. Tapu and aishu plan something.. Both give hifi and go down..

Tapu calls everyone to canteen and say today im giving treat for my marriage.. All staff members are there. Aishu is coming out of manager cabin.. Suddenly Arvi hold her hand..she gets shocked.. When she see him .. He asks what are you doing here? She replies its my hubby’s office ill roam anywhere.. He leaves her.. She says tapu as come.. Both leave to meet her in canteen.. Tapu see her,aishu signs work done.. All staff members enjoy time.. Its 5:30 so they start leaving.. Tapu and aishu tell arvi to go home.. He says any master plan? Aishu replies ya we are planning how to kill you.. Tapu says shut up aishu.. Arvi we just wanna spend some time.. Arvi leaves.. Aishu comes to cabin and hug him say sorry… He smiles and tells her to call him after talking no need of coming home alone ok.. She says ok and give him a kiss.. He asks her why what happened? She says I love you.. He smiles and say ok come home with Tapu.

. She says my sweetoo understand everything.. He leaves office.. Tapu and aishu are waiting for manager.. He come there at 7:30.. He says watch I forgot my mobile and goes inside.. He comes inside his cabin and take keys of Aishu’s cabin.. He goes towards her room.. Aishu and tapu are seeing him.. He switch on laptop.. He tries copying software and documents related to it.. Tapu and aishu come there switch on lights.. He gets shocked.. Aishu smiles and say uncle software is not that laptop..what is in it is dammy software.. Tapu calls Manu.. He come and tell arvi believed you so much but you’re doing such a thing.. Arvi comes there.. And see everything… Manager look at arvi and gets shocked.. Arvi doesn’t ask about explanation..he just fire’s him from job.. Manager goes from there.. Aishu and tapu ask Arvi why did he come? He says Manu said come to office.. They all go to hotel for dinner.. Enjoy time over there.. Manu say now what we have to do? No manager in company? Aishu says appoint new manager.. Arvi says do as she said.. They leave to home…

Aishu says im sleepy and goes to sleep.. He gets busy with work.. At midnight he comes and see her sleeping without even changing..think she should get break from office work.. He sleeps.. She hugs him in sleep and say I love you Arvi.. He smiles hearing her.. Morning she wakes up and take bath… Think Arvi should be free from this tension … He wakes up see her getting ready .. He tells don’t cook anything we will have at canteen only.. She nods ok… He gets ready and come down.. Both leave for office.. She asks are you angry with me? He nods no… Both reach office and go inside.. She comes to his cabin.. See him busy.. She feeds him breakfast.. Manu suddenly come inside.. He see them and say sorry.. Aishu asks him come inside.. Manu sit talking with arvi about project.. Aishu goes out.. She thinks what happened to him? He is not talking with me… Manu comes to canteen and see aishu and tapu having breakfast.. He thinks why both aren’t talking with each other.. Tapu asks him what happened? Aishu excuses and goes to her cabin.. Manu tell there is disturbance between arvi and aishu.. She says ya I know..mostly bcz of work tension.. He winks at her say home keys.. She says It’s in Aishu’s cabin..

Both leave together.. Tapu manages to take keys.. They leave to their home.. Tapu arrange bed room and say who can escape from this.. Manu comes there and say perfect.. She asks did you bring tablets? He gives her.. She smiles and say 2 are enough.. He says ok.. Both leave to office.. She hugs him while driving.. He says did you take tablets? She says then we both would be in your room not here.. They reach office.. Tapu goes to aishu’s cabin and say its Friday na did you plan anything for arvi? Aishu look at her.. Tapu says you got married just 4 months before you both act like married for ages.. Aishu smiles.. Tapu say stop smiling.. Aishu says till this project documentation work complete I have tension.. Tapu says you’re working on project being a boss how much tensed arvi should be.. That too this is first time he is working with both hardware and software da.. Aishu look on.. Tapu says just spend some quality time with your hubby then this project.. I’ll complete your documentation work ok.. Aishu says you’re engagement is near with Manu and spend some quality time with him.. Tapu says I know what to do you shut up and do that work which I asked you to do.. Aishu says no da..tomorrow we both are coming to office.. Tapu asks why? She replies he said he wanna check everything twice before delivering.. Tapu asks when is you’re delivery? Aishu says its on Monday .. Tapu says really? Aishu asks what? Tapu says I asked when is you’re delivery? Not product delivery.. Aishu take file and hits her.. Both start laughing.. Aishu says I don’t want kids now only.. If you want then after marriage plan ? tapu says no I planned everything now only.. Aishu asks what you planned? Tapu says at least 2months honeymoon and 4th month pregnancy test.. Then…

Aishu folds her hands and say stop it maa.. Both laugh.. Manu comes there with Arvi.. See them laughing and ask what’s up? Aishu signs ill tell.. Tapu nods no.. Aishu says nothing… Manu says you both.. Aishu say manu come and check documentation da.. Manu and Arvi gets busy.. Arvi observe aishu.. She rubs her eyes .. Tapu says enough of your computer work ill complete it..see again you got burning sensation… Aishu says chill dear.. Manu says aishu its complete only 5 more pages are remaining na… Aishu smile.. Arvi asks her wash her eyes once.. Aishu goes.. Arvi asks tapu can she complete remaining work, Manu will be here.. Tapu says ok bro.. Manu ask arvi where he is going now? Arvi says aishu is not well from past one week..she is hiding it and working so I thought to take her to doctor.. Tapu says first you take her we will be here… Aishu comes out.. Then aishu and arvi leave for hospital.. Tapu asks what about tablets now? He says ill go and remove those then.. Tapu says ok go fast..

Aishu and Arvi reach hospital.. Doctor check aishu and say her eating habits and sleeping time differing now so she is not well.. Arvi says she will be rubbing her eyes.. Doctor asks them to check eyesight.. Aishu says no I don’t want to wear spectacles.. Doctor says then you know reason.. Aishu says I work with laptop so doctor had asked me once before marriage but I ignored it.. Arvi say doctor she will wear spectacles .. Aishu see arvi and say please… Arvi give her a stare.. Doctor smile and give Arvi application form.. Both go out.. Aishu doesn’t talk with him.. He gives application and come.. Both leave hospital.. He asks her to drive.. She start driving.. He is busy talking with clients.. She stops and goes inside home.. He comes inside and see her angry.. He hugs her and say someone is looking gorgeous being angry.. She pushes him and sit on sofa… He goes and pull her towards him she says im angry..

He says so you are looking so hot.. She says all will tease me if I wear specs.. He says you look beautiful in it.. She says no.. He says at least with it you look matured enough.. She stares at him.. He says so that I can you as my wife..seeing your behaviour all think we are not married yet.. She asks who? He says so many.. He pulls her near and say if you look little older at least then.. She asks what? He says if you become pregnant and go to doctor I wont be booked under child marriage.. She says haha so funny.. He says ya..both laugh… She says but only working time ok? He says ya..then what if you wear in bedroom then.. She says you and you’re thoughts … He hugs her and say what about honeymoon planning? She tries to say something before that Arjun call comes.. Aishu receive call and say congrats jiju.. Arvi look at her.. She gives phone to him and ask him to talk.. Arvi gets to know that Arjun is going to be father and say im happy for you bro.. Congralation.. Aishu leaves to prepare dinner..

Precap : Manu appoint manager.. She turns out to be aishu’s childhood friend..

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  4. Hey Pooja , nice to see that u r back again dear. By the way, how r u and where were u? Ur friend wrote beautifully in ur absence…..many thanks to her . Love you loads. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

    1. I’m fine dear. I was just busy with my final exams.. Thank you from shree side??

  5. Fabulous pooja.. I love arvi and aishu very much..

  6. awesome Dr…arshu

  7. Pooja you are back. So happy to see you. And want to say that I am supr happy to know that u r continuing this story… Thanku soo very much…
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    1. My exams are going on dear.. But I have asked shree to update.. She will update till 25th after that ill start updating parts..

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  9. Awesome, lovely episode, lol aishu will get specs n worried about people tease…so sweeeeeet, she is so adorable n arvi very supportive knows very well his cute sweeeeeetheart…very lovely convo between arshu…loving it sooo much…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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