Love After Marriage (Part 71)


Manu and tapu leave after dinner.. Aishu see arvi sad and hugs him.. He smiles..say sweetie tomorrow you won’t come to office? She says ill come sweetoo.. He says if you hug me like this then morning you will wake up late.. She says it’s ok sweetoo ill come’s my hubby’s office wish who is there to ask me? He asks really? She says then what? He starts tickling her.. She starts laughing… She pinch him on his stomach.. He says aishu.. She pulls his hear and say I love you… He tries to hold her.. She says noo..runs from there.. He says you.. Runs behind her.. She goes inside room and close door.. He bangs door.. She doesn’t reply.. After 20min she opens.. She is wearing purple colour saree,he comes inside room.. See its decorated with candles and rose petals.. He smile.. She slowly tries to go out.. He holds her hand.. She says my boss will scold if I go late to office.. He hugs her from back.. Slowly start kissing her neck.. She holds his head.. Turn back..say noo.. She runs from there.. He runs ahead and close door.. She smile.. He hugs her.. She pulls his ears and say im sleepy… He says you…. She kiss him… He holds her waist.. He removes her hair clip.. She push him..and say if you do like then you will wake up late..sleep now like good boy.. He says aishu don’t repeat my words… She smiles and say then what I should do? He asks shall I teach you what you have to do?… She smile and nods yes… He slowly keeps a step forward..she keeps a step backward… She falls on bed.. He smile and say you’re in correct place.. She says really? He says yeah.. He sleeps next to her..tries to hold her.. She smiles and go sit near window.. He comes sit next to her.. She asks Arvi when was our first kiss? He says Ofcourse on my birthday.. She says I know it was not our first kiss..i don’t want to know story but I want to know date. He gets shocked.. Replies on 13/2/2012.. She says thanks.. He asks why? She says at least I came to know from when my hubby love me.. He says then it was from 23/4/2011.. She smiles..and kiss him..says from that time to this date why you love me so much? He says bcz you’re my life.. She hugs him and say thanks for everything.. He smiles.. He tries asking something but she suddenly kiss him on his lips.. He holds her.. He sleeps on sofa..she is above him.. She is kissing me.. Her hair is covering them.. After a while she is sleeping on his chest… He says sweetheart you became heavy.. She gets up and say really…he says ya.. She goes and check her weight.. She says im same weight from 3months… He comes and stand holding her.. Say check weight now.. She says ya heavyweight da.. He says I said na.. She smiles and says not me you..increases by 4kgs… He says it’s your love what to do… She says ohhh.. He makes puppy face.. She says from today no to love yes for jogging.. She makes him sleep.. He holds her and say aishu.. She smiles and say im heavy see.. He says no one of increased weight right.. She smiles.. He pulls her and say you started lying now… She says no im… He hugs her… She says boss will scold arvi.. He asks really? She says yeah.. He says just give him a hug he will cool down…seeing my sweet hugging him.. She says I wont .. He asks why? She says ill hug my hubby not my boss..? He say your hubby is your boss na.. She says in office he is my boss in working breaks he is my hubby.. He smiles and hug her.. Switch off lights.. But she says I wanna talk with you.. He says talk morning na.. She says no now.. Saying so she lie next to him.. He turns her side and say please don’t test my patience.. She says please..dont test of control.. He hugs her and switch off lights.. She says off candles also.. He goes to off candles.. She comes and hugs from his back.. He asks her what happened? She say him I don’t know but I want to be with you every second of my life..even if I die I wont leave you alone.. He says I’ll die next second if you talk about this death matters again.. She hugs him and say sorry.. He smiles.. She says I thinking to bring vodka and make you drink.. He asks why? She says within four days my hubby forgot of being romantic with his wife.. He smile and lifts her.. He makes her lie on bed.. He gets closer to her.. She smiles and pulls him close.. He hugs her.. She pulls his ears..say you’re not my Rakshas..he used to make me lose my control and … He slowly remove her pallu.. She smiles.. He says im feeling thirsty.. She smiles and winks at him… He pulls blanket over them… Her bangles and anklets sounds are heard.. After 3 hrs.. She pulls blanket from face.. She smiles.. She takes his shirt and wear it.. Goes to use washroom.. She washes her face and say herself arvi you make me complete.. She goes out and see him wake up..smiles.. He comes near her..say my shirt..starts removing buttons… She hugs him to hide herself from his sight.. He says you can’t escape from my.. She hugs him tightly and say without you I cant be complete.. Both move towards bed.. She sits.. He hugs her from her and cover themselves with blanket.. She asks him can I ask you something.. He smiles and say ok.. She asks Arvi how boys come to know they should do it with a girl? Arvi give her blank look.. She asks again.. He says meri maa I don’t know that happens naturally.. She asks how come naturally? He thinks Aishu is asking many questions..what will happen with our kids.ill divert her else.. He start kissing her ears… She lose herself to him.. Both sleep…off…

He wakes up and smile seeing her.. He kiss her on her forehead.. She wakes up with his touch.. She pulls him and say don’t go to office.. He says just one month dear ill be with you.. She asks shall we go out after that? He says yeah.. She hugs him and say love you.. He hugs her and make her sleep.. She keeps playing with his hair.. He says aishu sleep na.. She says I want chocolate.. He says ok ill bring you sleep… He goes down to get chocolates.. She goes to take bath… He comes back and ask her why she see wake up? She says bcz we can go to office.. She comes out..he gives her chocolates.. She push him inside washroom and say come fast hubby we should leave to office early.. She goes down and start preparing breakfast.. She thinks about night and automatically a smile comes in her face.. Then goes to get ready.. Both come down and have breakfast together.. Both leave for office…

After 3weeks..
Aishu is busy with laptop.. Tapu comes inside and say at least for my marriage will you become free? Aishu smiles.. Tapu hugs her and say you’re looking somewhat as been 2weeks we met.. Aishu smiles and say busy with work nothing else. Tapu smile and say just more 4days dear you’re work will be completed.. Aishu smiles… Tapu goes to talk with arvi..get to know arvi as gone out for meeting.. She thinks both are so busy.. But in my marriage ill make sure they become romantic couple again.. Aishu comes out and say her don’t dream standing.. Both smile… Tapu ask aishu where is arvi? She says some important meeting it seems.

Precap: A girl coming to office.. She see’s aishu and get shocked.. Arvi coming to know about Aishu’s childhood..

This fiction will be continued till 200 parts.. But by adding 2 more villain’s.. Till now Arvi’s love towards aishu was tested.. Now aishu’s love towards Arvi will be tested..

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