Love After Marriage (Part 70)

Tapu is tensed… Arvi see her.. Signs Manu to console her.. Tapu hugs Arvi and say sorry bro I didn’t say you this earlier bcz aishu asked not to inform you.. Arvi says it okay tapu please say now.. Tapu starts telling..

It was first day of MCA.. Our seniors welcomed us in grand way.. Everything will was soo cool.. Aishu was wearing white dress.. One of our senior kept her name Cinderella.. Aishu was smiling.. We got many friends in college.. Our seniors told tomorrow will be fresher’s day.. They asked has to be prepared for ragging also..then we left for home.. Next day girls were dressed in sari.. Aishu came there wearing black and golden colour saree.. .. We took many selfies.. Then we went to hall.. Function started..

Seniors introduced teachers.. There came Kumar sir.. He was looking very strict.. But he made us laugh.. He was observing everyone.. He saw aishu.. Her laugh made him mad.. Then he got busy with other works but he kept his eye on aishu.. Then seniors started ragging.. They asked everyone to introduce themselves and pick a slip.. Do what’s written in it.. It was from last.. So some guys introduced.. Then was my turn.. I went and introduced.. In slip it was written sing.. I said I cant.. They asked me to choose anyone who can do my task.. But after that you both will be given a task ok.. I saw aishu.. She said yes.. I said Aishwarya.. Seniors called her.. She introduced herself.. They asked are you ready for singing? Aishu nodes yes.. She sang “Nee Choopule” seniors said 99/100.. Other said 100/100.. One of seniors asked her who was that lucky guy for whom you sang it.. She replied my Arvi.. They all said then where is your prince Cinderella.. She said he is busy with mtech.. They ask her are you ready for another task? She said yes.. They asked her to dance .. They played song.. We both danced.. Our dance video was recorded.. Seniors says ok girls.. They both go and sit… Afterwards senior’s announce aishu as miss. Fresher.. Kumar sir give her trophy and gave her gift.. He also added Aishwarya you look very beautiful .. She said thank you ? sir.. She opened gift and saw chocolate.. She gave to everyone..

Kumar sir was observing her.. She gave him also.. Then we got busy with studies.. One subject was handled by that sir.. He used to keep eye on aishu everytime.. Her kidish nature was her plus point.. She used to ask many questions in classes.. Same way she scored good marks.. She became every teachers favourite.. She used to spend time in college teaching her classmate.. Her first sem exams were near.. She got busy with it.. After exams you came to meet her.. She introduced you to everyone.. Kumar sir was blank after she introduced you to him.. He asked her you’re parents know about arvi? She said ya mom’s selection.. Kumar sir understood after marriage was fixed they started their friendship.. You used to come daily to aishu’s college.. Kumar sir observed your closeness..

Aishu comes to garden with coffee cups.. She gives them and say if you completed chatting come inside.. Arvi ask her to go and prepare dinner we will come.. Aishu goes inside..
Tapu continue.. Kumar sir tried his best to take one subject at least but he couldn’t.. 2nd sem.. Our class guys came to know about Kumar sir thinking about Aishu.. They all tried there best to keep sir away from aishu.. They never allowed her to go alone to gent’s lectures staff room,whatever work she had to do anyone of them completed. She asked them why they her treating her like a patient.. They said you’re our cutie pie sister na so.. I got to know about Kumar sir intensions.. I asked manu to come daily to pick and drop us.. He agreed.. To aishu’s bad luck he became her mini project guide.. But her partner saved her to most extent.. This matter reached hod., he warned Kumar sir. Then gave resignation and left college. We were in study holidays we didn’t knew it.. After exams we got busy..

But aishu used to get unknown number calls.. She used to never receive but also she was getting scared. Once I received and talked… It was Kumar sir… He said Aishwarya im not going leave you..ill make your life hell.. I told this to manu so he took care that aishu’s gets a private number facility. Then aishu changed her number.. So our classmates,friends,family and arvi knew that number. Kumar started to follow her everywhere..but we were with her.. She was ok.. But one day he met her while going home.. He tried to force her but manu and i reached there.. Aishu was scared and she didn’t talk with anyone.. Then it was our 4th sem.. We got busy with studies.. She became like before.. She got highest marks in class.. Then she got to know you’re coming tomorrow and she got ready her cream colour dress.. She came to college morning on that day.. To give back library books.. Then she left for airport to meet you arvi..fb ends …

Tapu says what happened on accident no one knows..we all teased her saying till holidays complete you won’t remember us all. But when she came college she didn’t even remember one of our classmates.. They introduced themselves and became careful about her health.. We didn’t see her kiddish nature in college again..we all missed her so much.. Guys tried many times to make her like before but remained self centred.. Saying this she cries… Aishu comes out and see Tapu crying thinks mostly manu as said something.. She comes and takes her manu angry stare.. She asks tapu why are crying? Did manu said anything? Tapu smiles and say he didn’t dear..i was thinking I should leave you all people after marriage and go there na so.. Aishu says you will not anywhere ok.. If you go then with whom ill share everything..☹ Manu and Arvi come inside., aishu complain arvi about Manu shifting.. Manu says no aishu that not yet decided completely.. Aishu asks really? He say yes my dear sister.. Aishu smiles and says come lets have dinner..

Precap: Aishu and Arvi moments… Her questions and his blank face ??

Credit to: Pooja's friend


  1. Pooja's friend

    Happy pongal??? friends after aishu’s pregnancy this story will stop.. Please anyone want to continue this fiction please tell

  2. Advaita

    What a cheapster that Kumar is!! Want to know what exactly happened on the day of accident. Post next part soon. Tc 🙂 :-*

  3. Ananya

    Shree Plz tell pooja not to end this story.. I love it.. I am addicted to ur story… Plz continue na…
    If its not possible tell her to start writing a new story.. I love to read her story… Plz Plz….

  4. Roma

    Hi shree, this was really heart melting episode, the fb was real bad for aishu… a teacher shouldn’t be like kumar. ..arshu is best couple ever…pooja n shree please continue this story, I love it to the core..keep it up, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads…lots of wishes for festivals. …

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