Love After Marriage (Part 7)


Recap: Ash informing that she is ready for marriage
Arvi check is his phone, he see’s ash text and replies don’t worry. Ash asks him can we go out tomorrow. He replies yes we can. She tells him I want spend some time with you to understand you. He replies no worries I’ll come wherever you ask me to come. She tells you decide. He replies tomorrow 10am come to coffee shop. She replies ok.
Arvi goes to sleep but ash is seen searching for a file in laptop. She gets a file with name ” my life with my love” she tries opening it but doesn’t remember password. She tries till 12am. Suddenly Arvi wake up and see in his phone a message telling someone is trying to open his personal file. He thinks who can it be as no one knows about it,but remember ash a copy in laptop. He text ash good night sweet dreams ?. She replies still wake up?
He: Yea I was completing office work. You?
She: Okay ! I was just wake up.
He: Sleep now.
She: I’ll try? good night sweet dreams ?
He: Good night sweet dreams ?
Ash goes to bed. Arvi also sleeps.
Morning… A nice view sun raising and birds moving..
Ash wake up by alarm and goes to take shower. She thinks of telling amma she is going out with Arvi. She gets ready in red and black salwar suit. She leaves her hair open but then make her into fish tale. Comes down and prepares coffee for her parents. She serve’s them and go to prepare breakfast. Amma comes after doing puja and give her kumkum. Ash tells her that she is going out,amma gives nod. Amma is thinking it will be better if ash is not here while talking about engagement.
Arvi as just got up. He sees ash pics in his phone and smiles. He thinks of taking her to all places where they used to go. He goes to take shower. Then he wears shirt which ash had selected remembers how she made him wear 50shirts before selecting this. He takes bike and leave home. Ash also have left,she is walking on road thinking about Arvi how good he his and how he is caring for her. After 5min he comes there and stop bike front of her asks her to seat. He rides and reach temple.

Precap: Pandith recognise ash and try asking whether she got married with Arvi

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  1. Oh buddy..Superb..i was Waiting for this..Finally they are going out for a Coffee ? date..Pls make Grand date for them yaar..Precap looks interesting..I am waiting for answer of Ash and Arvi..
    Awesome epi and ur narration is nice buddy..pls post ✉ big epi yaar..thank u for this Story and Take care ?..
    R u from Tamil Nadu?..

  2. No Karnataka,Bangalore

    1. Oh Good..? Nice to meet u..

  3. wow …grt pls let her remember that they were love birds bt I guess it wont be justice for the title… anyways nice one….waiting for next part….

    AALIYA u r from which place? u r a student I guess…
    POOJA what do u do?
    I stay in delhi

    1. India..Chennai-Tamil Nadu..
      S I am a student studying First year..
      Wat abt u?.R u Studying or working?..
      Oh u stay in Delhi Capital of India..Good..Nice to meet u..Take care ?..

  4. I’m doing my masters now

  5. Masters nice dr…. pooja when ever i am going to read ur story i felt like koi hum ko itna pyaar karega yah nahi…. itna pyaar. So cool…. awesome dr

  6. Nice episode Bhgi keep it up 🙂

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