Love After Marriage (Part 69)


Aishu comes inside.. She shows what she brought.. He says my sweetheart as brought black shirt.. She understands what he wants to say and tell you don’t have this colour tee shirt… He says I don’t have even blue colour shirt.. She says ok ill go and exchange.. He smiles and say sweetie don’t take tension ill wear this bcz my wife feels me hot in black ? She thinks in life I won’t touch vodka.. He says no we will have together but one day you and other day me? She says you’re naughty without it if you have it then im dead ? he hugs her and say don’t worry I won’t leave you die so early ? she asks did you complete your work? He nods no.. She asks him to compete.. She sleeps on his lap.. He asks her why did doctor aunt tell you? She gets shocked and asks how do you know? He says I saw you vomiting and then tapu came na so guessed it,now when I saw prescription then confirmed.. She smiles.. He hugs her and say you’re so special to me.. Please say whatever is in mind related to you’re health please don’t hide like this.. I know you don’t want me to take tension but I can’t be carefree in your matter.. She says ok sorry ill say each and everything from now onwards..she leaves.. He thinks of her.. Then doses off im sofa.. She comes downwards in evening and see Arvi sleeping.. She wakes him up and ask him to sleep in room.. He goes upstairs.. She gets busy with kitchen works..

At night both have dinner together.. She says him I think we should meet bindhu parents with Ankith .. He says ok after Manu’s marriage we will meet them.. She says ok.. ( forgot to mention Ankith parents died in accident after he left his home..) arvi asks her will her parents will be okay with ankith? Aishu says they should else we will ask run and get married.. Arvi smiles remembering she saying same words before their marriage.. She asks him what happened? He says my sweetheart has all naughty thoughts nowadays.. She smiles and say what to do after all she should match her hubby na? They both go to sleep.. He hugs and sleep.. Aishu in her dream… A guy is laughing seeing that a girl panic.. He comes near her tries touch.. She screams help me please… Sir don’t touch me im your student.. He laughs and says there is no rule that teacher and student should not get into relationship.. She says im already engaged sir.. I love him more than myself.. He says so what? He is far from you.. He might have many affairs over there..i have seen him right I can tell that..

That girl slaps him saying don’t even dare to say it.. He is not like you.. He might have been searching for me in airport please leave me I wanna meet him.. He tightly holds her hand and say why you want him? Am I not handsome? She says he is my life so I want him.. Im not like you to get into beauty things and fall for it.. He says so only you have chosen such a handsome guy.. She starts crying and push him.. Ride off from that place.. Suddenly a heavy vehicle comes and hits her.. That guy see her from window and say you can’t be anyone’s now… A girl who is covered with blood.. Aishu screams ammma… Arvi wake up and ask her what happened? She is about say but lost words to describe it… Start crying… She finally says girls accident she as fell down.. Her dress is fully covered with blood.. He thinks of her accident and hugs her.. Say don’t worry girl will be fine.. She keeps crying.. He thinks if she is getting her accident as dream.. He asks did you see girl? She says no I didn’t see her.. She was wearing cream colour top and her duppata was flying in air when she was riding.. He asks what happened? Say properly? She narrates about a guy forcing girl,she slapping him and saying him not to speak nonsense about her lover.. He says nothing gonna happen.. You sleep now.. She hugs him and sleep.. He is awake..thinking about her dream.. He says himself it her accident scene which she as got as dream.. Then for sure tapu will be knowing about that guy.. Ill talk with her.. Tomorrow morning.. He sleeps..

Morning.. Aishu wakes up and see him sleeping.. She goes to take bath.. She comes out and goes to prepare breakfast.. While preparing.. She feels familiar hands hugging her from behind and smile.. She says Arvi ill get you coffee before that go take bath.. He says we will go out don’t prepare breakfast.. Aishu says ok… He asks her to get ready… She says first you take bath.. He says ok.. Thinks about her dream.. She was so scared thinking of incident how much she would be at that moment? I promise you aishu whatever may happen ill not leave you for a second.. For me everything comes after you.. He takes bath and come down.. See aishu nowhere near and starts calling.. Aishu comes and hugs him from back..say don’t worry I won’t go anywhere without you.. He says don’t even think of ok.. She asks can we go for a movie? He says ya but not cartoon movie.. She asks why? He says it’s time for our kids to watch it ? She gives punch and say you think but im not getting mess with those things now… He asks why? She says I wanna enjoy my freedom with my hubby.. He says don’t worry.. As soon as your pregnant news reach mom she will be here? she asks why? He says to take care of you…

She says but I want to take care of me.. He asks why? She replies bcz you have to bear 50% of that pain., I know you can’t but ill torture you ? He says as if now you’re not .., She says oh really.. He suddenly says shopping… She asks what? He says movie than shopping?.. She says ok They both leave.. When they reach aishu says don’t worry I won’t buy more.. He smiles..says first movie? Both go for movie… She feels movie is boring.. She holds his hands and keeps her head on his shoulder.. He asks what happened? She smiles and say I love you.. He understands she don’t want to watch movie.. He smiles and ask her to sleep.. A guy is observing them.. Aishu hugs from side and ask why do boys like such action movies? He tells her be silent.. After sometime.. Arvi see her .. She is looking at his face.. He asks what happened? She says im getting bored so im seeing my hubby’s face.. He asks any monkey is dancing in his face? She laughs and say he is only monkey ya he don’t have tail?? He says you’re there tail.. She hits him and say am I tail? He kiss her and say my heart.. She smiles.. He says shall we move? She says movie? He says I ll watch some other day.. She says no you watch now.. You will be busy with work or me everytime.. He tries to tell.. But she signs him to see movie.. He smiles and start watching.. She smiles.. Movie completes.. She is fully bored.. He says shall we have ice cream? She says my hubby told till march no ice-cream ☹☹ He says this one is for movie..means you saw movie with me na so..? She says shall we go for another movie? He asks why? She says ill get 2 ice creams? He says no need we will have 2 ice creams now only.. She says really? Hugs him.. He says it’s not our home.. She says im hugging my hubby not stranger.. They both go to ice cream shop.. He takes two cups.. She says for you then? He says we will have it together.. Both start having.. After half cup gets over then he exchange cups.. She asks why? He says I said already you will have two cups of ice cream.. She says it’s not full.. He asks did I say full cup? She nods no.. He asks her do you need it or.. She says ok ill have my 2nd cup.. Both remember incident that happened on his birthday..

Fb … He takes her chocolate from her mouth and start having.. Then after some time he takes ice cream and apply it on her belly.. Then start having it.. She starts moaning saying I can’t bear this please leave me… She holds his hair tightly and press him more on her belly.. Fb ends.. She blushes.. He see her and understand she was remembering that incident.. He holds her hand and say shall we have such a ice cream again? She nods no… Then smiles.. Both smile and leave for shopping… She tries many dresses but she says I didn’t like one dress.. He smiles… He gives her 3 dresses and asks her okay? She smiles and says all are purple.. But you like pink na? He says you look good in this colour.. She smile and say thanks ? He asks shall we move? She says no.. He asks why? She says I wanna buy something… Saying it she goes towards shop.. He smile and say now im gone..she may select hundreds of shirts but when I wear she will tell this doesn’t suit you… He goes to shop.. See she already selected shirts..he gets shocked.. She signs him to come.. He takes and say should I try all now? She says no after paying bill you try.. He says no ill try now only I don’t want so many.. She smile and say ok .. He tries and she selects 5 shirts.. Then ask him to buy whichever he want from those.. He says whatever you want you buy all wear..

She says ill buy green colour shirt than … He says please I don’t want.. She smiles and say buy which you want then.. He takes everything… He says pants? She says you only select those.. He asks why?.. She says simply… He asks you don’t size? She smiles and say I know but you go and select… He smiles and goes.. She see some other shirts.. Suddenly she see Kumar.. He smiles seeing her.. She thinks who is this? Why he is smiling seeing me? She goes to arvi.. He asks what happened? She says some uncle is seeing me and smiling.. He says don’t worry come lets go and see.. He see Kumar and say her its your teacher in your MCA 1st yr.. She asks really? He nods yes.. He goes and talk with Kumar.. She says sorry uncle I mean sir I don’t remember you.. Kumar says its ok Aishwarya.. She smiles and goes from there.. Arvi talks with Kumar and then goes to aishu.. Aishu says I didn’t like that uncle he was looking somewhat.. He says ok from next time we won’t talk with him… She smiles and hugs him.. Both go to have lunch.. She says I’ll have fruit salad.. He says ok… Tapu and Manu join them.. Aishu says tapu I met a uncle.. Arvi see her.. She says sorry I mean Sir.. I didn’t like him… Tapu asks who? Arvi say that Kumar sir.. Tapu who having lunch suddenly drops spoon.. Manu hold her hand and nods no.. She signs ok with eyes.. Arvi observe them.. They complete lunch.. Manu says sugarcane juice.. Aishu smiles and goes with him.. Tapu and Arvi sitting.. Arvi say her about Aishu’s dream.. She gets shocked.. He says I know whatever dreams she gets is related to her past.. She starts crying and says she has gone through hell ..i don’t want her to remember those days again.. Tapu see aishu coming and acts normal.. Aishu gives her sugarcane juice.. Arvi asks for me? She replies Manu is bringing.. Tapu gives him and say have… He gives her and say have.. Aishu gives him and say drink.. He makes her drink.. She hugs him.. Tapu smiles seeing them.. Aishu keeps her head on his shoulder and keep talking with tapu and Manu.. They leave…

They all reach home.. Aishu goes to keep things.. She gets amma’s call.. She gets busy.. Arvi,Manu and tapu go to garden..
Precap: Tapu says about Kumar.. How he created problems in Aishu’s life.

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  6. Pooja's friend

    Hi friends.. Pooja thought to end this friction with Kumar realisation of his mistake and aishu pregnancy news.. Is that ok with you all?

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