Love After Marriage (Part 68)


At 12:30am…
Aishu says arvi and falls down.. When he wake her up.. She pulls his shirt and say I hate you arvi.. He smells vodka and say someone played frank with her ill take her home., he lifts her and take her car.. She says we will be here only na I want to spend time with my friends.. He puts seat belts.. She says why are you tickling me? He gives her a angry look., she says you always get angry with me..see today ill make your anger cool down.. She pulls him close and smooch him.. She slowly try removing his shirt.. He says be silent ill get you chocolate,, she seats silently.. He drives car.. She puts her hand inside his shirt and says im searching for my name.., he reach home.. He caries her inside.. She smiles and says my Rakshas… He makes her sleep on bed.. She hugs him from behind..say don’t leave me I can’t sleep.. He says ill change and come.. She says no da.. She remove his shirt buttons and says ill help you changing.., she goes to wardrobe and make his clothes fall down,, she keeps saying this doesn’t look good on you and throws that shirt.,. He says enough aishu I sleep now..

She makes crying face and say you don’t like me na.. He says I love you.. She hugs him and say you wear black shirt you look hot in that.. Saying this she removes his pants.. Then says you are not wearing.,. Ill also not wear removes her pallu.. He says ill wear.. She says don’t wear.. See im also removing.. She throws her half saree.. She pulls him to bed.. He says ill bring tablets.. She says you only take those I don’t need it.. You know what? You are so silent outside but in bed you are mad.. He listens her does not speak a word.. She says why you always look at waist? You like it? She then fall on him and say everytime you keep seeing my back or waist don’t you have shame? You said you won’t touch me till I say I love you… But why did keep fu****g me with your eyes. He says her sleep now enough your talks.. She says I need you now.. He says sleep aishu.., she sleeps on him but keep pulling his hair.. She bite him near his ears.. He beats her and make her sleep…

She cries and say ill tell mom wait.. He say her ok.. She slowly keeps her hands on his tummy and punch him., he says aishu… She keeps playing with him.. She says I don’t want to sleep… I want you.. He makes her sleep next to him.. She starts saying whenever you want me you did it now im asking your making me sleep.. He thinks im really mad but I can’t do it.. She pulls him towards her and say you have to else I ll not sleep… She remove his inner shirt and start kissing him.. She removes her remaining clothes and hug him tightly.. He thinks she is.. She smooch him hard.. He lose his patience and tell her stop it.. He says I love you aishu it doesn’t mean I should take advantage of this moment.. After 4am., she is sleeping on him.. He goes to restroom… Comes back and see her sleeping without any problem.. He see her face and kiss her forehead..hug her and sleep.. She is awake.. She pinch him and say you are my Rakshas only.. He says enough shut up and sleep.. She says why are seeing me ,, He hugs her and makes her sleep.. She says you and smooch him.. He thinks I didn’t see her this side even before marriage.. Smile remembering her talks… In sleep.. She says I love you Arvi.. He smiles and says I love you too sweetie ? they sleep…

Arvi wake up and take dress make Aishu wear.. After 8am she wakes up .. He gives her lemon juice.. She drinks it.. Keep saying my head amma.. He smiles and says you sleep now I’ll bring breakfast.. She holds her head and sleep… He brings her breakfast.. Gives her kaddha. She says yaaak.. He makes her drink it.. She runs to restroom..then vomit… He makes her rest.. She says im feeling ok..ill take bath.. He says ok.. She goes to take bath.. After that she comes down.. Say him sorry I was not knowing what they mixed up.. He says it’s ok leave..i don’t have any problem.. She thanks him., he asks do you remember what you did yesterday night? She says no da… He smiles… She asks what happened? He says nothing ? She says you’re smile say something happened please say.. He says nothing… She gives him angry look..

He hugs her and say I know how to cool down you’re anger… Then says what happened last night.. She says sorry I don’t know it would turn out like this.. He says you’re that nature was something special ? I love you more after that incident.. She says sorry da.. Please don’t say about this to amma or mom.. He says I wont say sweetie I should know my sweetheart naughty side also na..? she hugs him and say thanks… He says I love you’re naughty side more than this good side.. She smiles.. He says I wish I could see you’re that side daily.. She understands what he meant and beats him.. He runs… She runs behind him.. He reach terrace she comes there.. He catch hold of her..says I wanna say that you also look hot in black colour dress ? she smiles… He holds her near her waist.. She smiles and hugs him tightly… She says please da..

Im really gone mad in your love..but we can wait for night at least.. He says you’re love makes me forget it night or morning.. She says ohhh… He hugs her and say I thought for honeymoon trip but these days are more than that? she blushes… His phone start ringing.. He leaves her and start talking with client.. She goes down… She feels somewhere and goes to restroom.. She gets vomit again.. Thinks what happened to me? He comes down search for her.. See her sleeping hugging teddy bear and smile.. She is actually acting bcz she doesn’t want arvi to know her health condition.. After he goes room,she calls Tapu and say I wanna go out please come. But say Arvi some reason please da.. Tapu says ok..

After 1hr.. Tapu comes.. Arvi see her and ask where is her driver? She says you won’t drink,but your friend is not like you sleeping.. He smiles. She asks where is aishu? She promised she will select my dresses and now she didn’t even receive my call.. He says in room.. She goes to see aishu.. Aishu see her and ask her to close door.. Tapu does so.. She says Tapu im getting vomit da.. Two times from morning da.. I wanna meet doctor aunty so I called you.. Tapu says why did you have that juice? You are not used to it so it might have happened don’t worry.. They come down.. Aishu says Ill come back early.. Arvi asks them should I drop you both? Tapu says we want some peace ? Arvi says ok you both go I wont disturb. Aishu and tapu leave.. Arvi gets busy with work..

Aishu and tapu reach hospital.. They meet doctor aunty.. Aishu tells about vomit sensation.. Aunty prescribe medicines and ask her not to do again. Aishu nods ok.. They both leave.. Tapu says shopping? Aishu nods ok.. Both leave for shopping.. After 3hrs of shopping.. Aishu selects 5 dresses for tapu and 1 for her.. She see black tee-shirt and buys it for arvi.. They have ice cream and enjoy chatting with each other.. They take selfies.. Tapu posts them.. Arvi see her posts and smile.. These two girls completed shopping successfully ? thank god! Aishu and tapu return from shopping.. Tapu drops aishu and goes from there as she gets her mummy’s call. Aishu goes inside..

Precap: Aishu seeing Kumar.. He smiles seeing her

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  1. Hahhaah naughty side of aishu is very nice pooja you are fabulous..I wish this does not you pooja dr

  2. Poojas friend what is this…. what happend to our aishu yaar

    1. Pooja's friend

      Her friends gave arvi vodka, aishu thought something fishy and exchanged drinks. Then she drank it.. She is under it’s control..

  3. Awesome episode, aishu gone totally out…so funny naughty aishu…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  4. This episode was do funny… Aishu is so naughty too.. Loved it.. Update nxt part soon…

  5. Wonderful chapter dear.Loved Aishu’s naughty side. Waiting for next update. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  6. Hey I forgot to ask where is Pooja ? Hope she is ok. By the way u r also a fabulous writer dear . If u don’t mind may I know ur name plz?

    1. Pooja's friend

      Shree.. Pooja is busy with externals.. So she asked me to update..

  7. Superb yr.

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