Love After Marriage (Part 67)


Aishu hugs arvi while driving.. He ask her what happened? She says we can go to Vijayawada na please..Arjun and suji also are there.. He says after this project whatever you say ill do it without say no.. She pulls his cheeks and say so sweet ? He asks her not the disturb during driving.. She says ok in any official meeting ill disturb you then ?? Arvi stops car and pull her.. She says fever.. He gives angry look..she smiles and pulls his ears and say you do it..i love everything you do ? he says you’re mind as gone dirty? she says everything bcz of you ? he smiles…

They reach home.. See its Arjun and suji getting down.. Aishu hug suji and say akka I was missing you soo much ? suji says me too.. They all go inside.. Aishu asks them to freshen up… They leave to room.. Arvi hugs aishu and say I wanted to spend time with you… She say him to take bath..then go to party hall see arrangements..please da.. He says ok? she kiss him and say thank you ? they both leave to their room.. Arvi goes to take bath.. Aishu says im going down.. He asks her to get shampoo.. She goes to give him..he pulls her inside… She says please Akka jiju is here.. Arvi asks her to take bath with him.. She nods no., he turn on shower., both get wet.. He slowly removes her dress.. She hugs him.. He says someone is getting advanced not me? she pats him on his chest.. See bandage like cloth getting removed..she pulls it off.. See her name … He smile… She says when did you do this? He replies before marriage.. She asks didn’t it pain ? He says such a sweet name how can it pain me? She hugs him and say don’t do like this again.. He says ill if I get a sweet daughter like you.. I want your and our daughter name in my heart.. She says then ill give birth to boy no need of girl.. He says I need baby princess not prince.. She says ok .., lets wait for that now take bath.. They both come out after taking bath.. She gets ready in purple saree.. He gets ready in simple tee-shirt and jeans.. She says ill go down and try going.. He stops her and give her bangle set..

She asks why? He says I love hearing you’re bangles and anklets sounds so.. She smiles and wear those.. He asks for a promise as his birthday gift? She nods yes.. He says whenever you’re with me please wear bangles and least at home.. She nods ok.. He thanks her.. She says I have to prepare breakfast bye.. He holds her hand and give tablets,say have this first.. She says I ll after breakfast… He says ok.. She goes down.. She starts preparing breakfast..suji joins her.. Aishu asks her when did they plan to come back? Suji says arvi said mom that he is still in Chennai na,so mom asked us to be with you ? aishu thanks her for coming.. Suji smiles.. She ask aishu when did you learn to wear saree? Aishu says during marriage preparations.. Suji smile and say her evening you don’t wear saree ok.. Aishu asks why? She brings aishu to mirror and show her… Aishu gets shocked that she didn’t observe it.. Suji smiles,and say don’t worry your my sister its common thing dear.. Aishu thanks her.. Suji says you can go and change now also.. Aishu blushes and go to change.. Suji smiles and goes to prepare food..
Arvi see aishu coming inside and asks what happened? She says I came to change.. Arvi asks why? She shows him marks..and takes dress to change.. Arvi thinks now im gone in Bhabhi ‘s hand.. He goes down but keeps himself busy with phone.. Aishu comes down and both arrange dinning table.. Suji goes to call Arjun.. Aishu asks what happened? Arvi say nothing… Suji and Arjun come out.. They have breakfast.. Suji says aishu we will go afternoon.. Arvi ask why? She says I have some visa problem so.. Arvi says you could go after Monday na.. Arjun says Wednesday is flight so.. Arvi say ok then… Aishu asks them to stay till party end.. Suji says aishu we will come back after 1yr na.. We can celebrate Arvi’s birthday in grand way with mom and dad in Vijayawada.. Ok? Aishu nods ok.. Arjun gives Aishu gift and say mom said give you ? she thanks him.. Arvi goes out, suji ask Arjun to go with arvi.. Arvi and Arjun leave for party hall.. Suji and aishu seat chatting..

Suji: Then how is job?
Aishu: Its good all my friends are with me na..
Suji: Arvi also?
Aishu: Smiles..
Suji: Did you plan about you’re personal life?
Aishu: Nods no..
Suji: Don’t plan about family now itself.. Be happy enjoy freedom for two years.. At least..
Aishu: Ok akka..
Suji: Don’t feel bad.. As a sister im telling you..
Aishu: Akka please you’re my sister how would I feel bad?
Suji: Aishu please have good sleep and take tablets.. I mean those blood related ones.. Bcz if blood is less in body you have to undergo my problem..
Aishu: Akka you ll be alright.. When you come back you will tell us good news..
Suji: I wish so.. I didn’t know that my social life would result like this… Aishu before planning anything just meet doctor once..
Aishu: Ok akka..
Suji: Smile and hug her.. Be careful with Arvi..ok…
Aishu: Blushes and say ok akka..
Then they both get busy with kitchen works.. Arvi and Arjun return.. Arjun goes to room and gets busy with laptop.. Aishu is busy with work.. Arvi and suji are free.. Both go to terrace..
Arvi: Bhabhi why are you so silent?
Suji: Nothing im normal..
Arvi: Fought with Arjun?

Suji: No arvi.. He is just tensed about children..
Arvi: I know but you’re his happiness be happy., your smile makes him happy..
Suji: Smile
Arvi: He isn’t expressive but he cares for you most.. He thinks about you more than children don’t worry.,
Suji: I know but I feel I did a mistake., without knowing I was pregnant I gave blood to save that old man.. After that doctor said me I was pregnant.. I lost my child.. I wish I could never been for that village..
Arvi: Bhabhi don’t cry now..its my birthday next day..
Suji: Smile..
Arvi: Thank god you smiled else aishu would have fought with me for making you cry..
Suji: Stop it..da..
Arvi: Smile..
Suji: Arvi be careful with aishu she is just like a kid..
Arvi: Careful? Ask her to be careful Bhabhi? She won’t listen what I said her and get into trouble’s

Suji: I asked her to .. But im saying you bcz after accident you also know her blood count is less.. Small hurt is will make her get hell like pain.,
Arvi: Understands what she is talking about.. Ok Bhabhi Ill be careful..
Aishu comes calling them with ice cream.. Arvi give her angry look.. Aishu say him I had tablets im not going to have this ice cream I brought for suji Akka., suji smiles hearing her.. Arvi asks her not to have anything such till march.. Suji say you both don’t start fighting now..they go down.. Aishu keeps talking about one or other thing.. Suji laugh heart fully.. Arvi and Arjun smile seeing her.. Arjun thinks it has been 6months when she laughed like this.. Aishu comes to kitchen.. Arjun come and thanks aishu for making suji laugh.. Aishu says jiju she is my sister ill do anything for her.. Arjun smile.. Suji comes there with arvi.. They all get busy chatting.. Aishu and arvi tells about things in office..Arjun see suji laughing and smile.. Arvi observe it.. Suji see time and goes to change.. Arvi tells Aishu to prepare coffee.. Arjun and Arvi seat talking about business..

Arvi: Bro suji Bhabhi became so silent na..
Arjun: Nods yes..
Arvi: Take her on personal tour na..
Arjun: Im trying but she doesn’t talk with me now a days..
Arvi: Bro only we four know what happened..mostly mom might have..
Arjun: I also feel so.. But she doesn’t say a word..
Arvi: Just take care of her.. She is physically strong not mentally..
Arjun: I thought of trip but she said let arvi and aishu also join us..
Arvi: Ok now you’re coming for Switzerland na.. Plan something special there..
Arjun: Ok ill try..
Arvi: Ill arrange everything.. You just take her that place ok?
Arjun: Ok bro as you say.. I know you’re best in giving romantic surprises..
Arvi: Bro…

Aishu and suji join them.. They have coffee.. Arjun says I and dad missed this coffee know our great cooks don’t know how to prepare it.. Suji takes magazine kept and hit him saying you are one who prepare coffee not mom or me ok.. They all smile and have good time.. Arjun go to get ready.. Suji comes inside room.. He holds her hand and say her please keep smiling.. I love you’re smile.. Suji hugs him and say sorry I didn’t know my silence would hurt you so much.. He says you’re my friend first then my wife.. So please share with me whatever you have in your mind.. She smiles..say ok.. Lets go else what they will think.. Arjun say her they don’t even bother about us bcz Arvi.. Suji smiles and say ya I know but aishu would have made him proper by now.. Arjun says no she cant… Suji smile.. They both go out and see Arvi busy with phone and aishu seating with her tab.. Suji signs Arjun.. They smile.. They all seat to lunch.. Then Arjun and suji leave…

Aishu and arvi get ready for party.. Aishu wear navy blue and gold colour mix half saree.. Arvi wear navy blue shirt with cream colour suit.. They both leave for party.. They reach hall.. Then guests start coming.. All workers in Arvi’s factory reach there.. Aishu greets everyone .. All enjoy party.. Aishu’s friends are standing in a corner.. They think of playing a frank with arvi.. All start going one by one.. Only Aishu’s friends are remaining.. They give juice to aishu and arvi.. Aishu thinks why are so good..something is fishy.. She exchange glasses… Both drink juice.. After 5min.. Aishu’s hangover starts.. Her friends get shocked…

Precap: Aishu asking arvi not to tell about vodka to mom or amma..

Hi friends.. Im Pooja’s friend.. Im posting this part instead of her.. Please let me know How is it?..

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  5. Awesome episode, pooja’s friend is our friend too, right? What’s your name dearrr, you wrote very good…sad for suji’s lost but I hope she will get good news soon…arvi n aishu talking about kids, wowwww loved it…n now Switzerland trip will be wonderful…keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and miss you pooja take care…

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