Love After Marriage (Part 66)


Aishu wakes up… She see arvi sleeping… Slowly tries to take her phone which is kept next to his pillow.. He wake up and see her doing so.. He slowly move towards her.. She sense his hands on her and say Arvi it’s you’re birthday we should go to temple.. Arvi see her serious and tickle her.. She starts laughing.. He says thank god we shifted here else.. She asks what? He says you’re so loud ? she says when? He says in bed..laughing all.. She takes pillow and hits him.. He acts like something went inside his eyes.. She blows air.. But also he keeps saying my eyes are burning.. She goes to bring medicine.. She comes..and try putting drops..he says im fine.. She gets angry with him.. He slowly say her sorry.. She doesn’t hear him. He comes in front of her and say sorry.. She asks him not to play such bad jokes again.. He hugs her and say sorry… She Smiles… He slowly open her dress knot around her neck .. Her dress falls… She covers herself..with blanket.. He comes inside blanket… After 5 min he throws her dress out.. She shouts idiot my dress.. He removes his shirt .. She feels shy and close eyes.. He says night you removed remember? She says it’s night. He sleeps on her… She says amma will come by 11 da.. He says I will tell her that her daughter allowed me to touch her just yesterday so don’t disturb now.. Aishu gives him angry look.. He winks at her.. She hugs him tightly… He says I wish no one disturb us… They both sleep like that… She wake up bcz of her phone ringing sound.. See its 7 am.. She tries waking up him but he doesn’t.. He wakes up but still keep quite… He smooch her.. She says morning morning you started? He says when I should not do let me know..? she says please da…let us go to temple.. He says ok…just more once .. She gives him angry look but when his hands reach her waist she surrender herself… Both get intimate.. After that sleep peacefully in each other arms..

At Manu home…
He hasn’t woke up yet.. He stays alone… So tapu comes there.. See him sleeping and ask him to wake up.. He gets up and hugs her.. She smile but she feel he is sad.. She asks him what happened? He says that abnormal person is back from mental hospital… She ask who? He replies Kumar.. She gets shocked.. Remembers aishu screams her crying face.. Tapu says aishu… He says don’t worry Ill not allow anyone to come near my sister.. She hugs him.. She is fully scared thinking of aishu’s crying face../*flashback…small one…
Aishu coming back from college in her car.. She keeps talking with Tapu.. Suddenly her car stops… She comes out.. She see guy standing.. She says Kumar sir? Why are here alone? It’s not safe to be alone in this route.. Tapu is hearing her… Kumar laughs and says it’s safe for me.. Aishu gets shocked as he try coming forward towards her..she see lust in his eyes.. When he catches her hand she slaps him hard and runs from there… Bcz he took her car keys.. Tapu who is hearing this gets shocked and say to Manu.. Both move in bike.. They reach that place but see her car not her.. Aishu keeps running..Kumar is back… She stops at hill’s side point.. Tapu hear her voice runs towards hills side.. Manu comes behind her.. Kumar says aishu why are you scared don’t worry ill not kill you just I want to feel your touch once.. Aishu cries and say please sir you’re my teacher how can you think such… Kumar replies who will not think about you like that..whatever you wear you look s* eyes speak more than class whenever I saw you laughing I wanted to kiss you hard but I didn’t.. Your dance? It makes me mad…you’re s*xy moves…remember? Our first meet when you’re were wearing saree I went totally mad bcz of your hot body.. Aishu keeps crying and scream suddenly when he comes to touch her hand.. Suddenly Manu and tapu come there..manu hits Kumar with tree branch fallen there.. Tapu hugs aishu and takes her from there.. Manu beats Kumar blue and red.. Warns not to come back */

Present tapu and Manu say each other lets inform about this to arvi.. Tapu says after his birthday celebrations… Manu say ok then.. Tapu says lets go to temple they will reach there directly.. Manu goes to take bath.. She arrange his room..
Aishu wakes up Arvi and push him inside bathroom and lock off say take bath come back… I ll keep your clothes here.. She arrange bed and keeps his clothes go down to take bath.. He comes out and gets ready.. She is getting ready in guest room.. She smiles thinking about him.. He comes for her.. See her in guest room getting ready.. Smile… He goes near her..tie her blouse knot..she see him and smile.. She wears simple chain with her mangalsutra.. He smile and say enough its my birthday not yours come lets move.. She says go to puja room once before leaving for temple.. He goes to puja room.. She comes out after 15min.. He see her and ask why you changed? She says you’re bite’s are seen in saree so.. He smiles and say it’s ok you look beautiful in those.. Both smile and leave for temple.. They reach temple.. Tapu and Manu come and wish arvi.. Tapu says I forgot to bring puja material.. Arvi says ill go and bring.. Manu goes with him.. Tapu asks Aishu did you say? Aishu nods yes… Tapu asks then? Aishu blushes… Tapu hugs her and say congrats Mrs Parishith ? aishu smiles.. Arvi and manu come .. They all move towards temple.. After that they go to Surya’s home.. Madhu hugs aishu and say her I was missing you so much..madam became full busy after joining office.. Aishu smiles.. Asks for moku.. Then tapu and aishu are playing with moksha.. Madhu serves all kheer.. Arvi and his friends go to terrace for chatting.. Aishu be with her friends..
Madhu: Then how is life going on?
Tapu: Best for me..
Aishu: Okay okay..
Madhu : Aishu what happened?
Tapu: Madam is still in night mood..
Madhu: Asks what?
Tapu: They consummated their marriage yesterday..
Madhu: Aishu really???
Aishu: Nods yes..
Madhu: You are lucky dear.. At least he waited for your wish …
Aishu: Smiles..
Tapu: He would have bcz of their love story…
Madhu: Smile…
Aishu: I’ll come.. She takes moku and go out..
Madhu and tapu chat about the changes in their life.. Aishu is playing with moku….

Arvi and Surya are chatting about work.. Manu ask arvi what gift aishu gave you? He says she didn’t give yet.. Manu and Surya start teasing him.. Arvi tries escaping but get caught in his lie.. Madhu comes there and call them for lunch.. While having lunch also they chatting.. Arvi and aishu’s eyes meet many times.. Arvi gets amma call.. He receives it.. She and papa wish him… Say sorry as they are stuck in Delhi couldn’t come back.. Arvi smiles and says it’s ok.. He ends call and continue having lunch.. Madhu start cleaning after lunch,aishu help her.. Surya gives aishu papaya fruit.. Arvi is out busy with calls.. Aishu return back and say I left having papaya.. Manu and tapu say why? Bcz of Arvi huh? Aishu nods yes.. They all smile.. Tapu and aishu go inside bcz moku start crying.. Aishu takes moku and make her laugh.. Manu and Surya see her..playing.. Say each other she haven’t changed… Arvi comes inside.. Manu say him aishu left her favourite fruit for you.. Surya show him aishu and say I think you have plan kids now.. Arvi gives confused look.. Manu and Surya laugh .. Arvi say first let her complete her dream then we will think of it.. Here Madhu says aishu when you are going to give good news? Aishu give her confused look.. Tapu pats her back and says when are you going to get sister or brother for moku? Aishu says are you people kidding..don’t act like old ppl..marriage pregnant and children..i can’t make that life now..i need time for everything..i wanna make my married life beautiful then think about it.. Madhu says ok.. Cool down now..
At 5pm.. Aishu and arvi leave Surya’s home.. In way they both say about children talk and laugh.. Aishu says am I so old to get children? Arvi says first you grow up then we will think about it.. Aishu laughs.. Arvi says im feeling hungry..shall we have outside? Aishu says ok… Arvi smile and turns towards hotel way.. Aishu ask him you didn’t feel hungry yesterday night? He says no I didn’t.. She says I didn’t have lunch thinking to have dinner with you but you said we will have afterwards… Arvi say from next time we will have dinner then think of anything else ? Aishu smiles… They both reach hotel.. He takes her to terrace.. She smiles seeing decorations.. He asks how is it? She says best ? and hugs him… He hugs her and ask will you join me for a dance? She nods yes ? a romantic song ‘Aashiq Banaya Apne’ she smiles…

Then both have dinner together.. He shows her falling star… She wishes arvi remain happy forever and he wishes they both don’t get separated.. She smiles and say lets go home now.. He says no.. She asks why? He blind folds her and take her to room.. She asks can I open my eyes now? He removes cloth.. She smiles seeing decorations..ask him when did you do all this? He says from morning ? she hugs him and say it’s really beautiful.. He says not more than you ? she smiles.. He gift her a dress.. She opens and see its cream and red mix saree.. She thanks him.. He asks will you? She nods ok and goes to change.. She comes out after 30min.. He as dimmed room lights… She is looking gorgeous in saree.. It’s really transparent but she doesn’t bother bcz she is standing before her hero.. He comes close to her.. Bcz of air her hair starts flying in air.. He hugs her.. She says Arvi.. Close windows im feeling cold.. He does so… She is seating in middle of bed.. There are many roses next to her.. She see ice cream and try taking it.. Before it arvi stops her.. She makes sad face.. He gives her favourite chocolate she smiles and say thank you ?.. He asks you won’t share? She says no.. Then ok.. She takes and keeps chocolate in her mouth..say sorry I can’t share now.. He comes near her..cups her face she keeps staring.. He starts smooching her..he takes chocolate and say I took my share? she takes pillow and start hitting him..saying wont you allow me to have my chocolate also.. He say you’re mine..whatever you do..half of that should be done by you and other half by me.. She smiles.. He pulls her towards him and hug her.. She says if you keep doing this things..what Madhu asked for will happen within 3 months.. He says no need of 3 months.. She blushes and hugs him.. She say him you’re really gone mad…he adds in you’re love.. He sleeps in her lap..Both keeps talking like this for 2hrs.. Blaming each other for funny things.. At last she says you’re big flirt.. He says I can flirt only with you ? she says if you try doing it with others ill kill you ?.. He says how can i? She kiss him and say don’t even think of ok.. He says ok..but one condition.. She asks what? He asks for kiss? She says how many? He says whenever i feel like flirting ? she comes close to him and say ok.. He start kissing her neck.. He switch off lights completely and both get intimate.. Her bangles and anklets sounds makes him mad.. She smiles seeing him going mad.. He become rough in handling her.. She enjoys his new avatar.. After some hours..she is seen sleeping on his chest..
Morning.. He wake up and kiss her forehead.. She smiles and say good morning .. He feels her touch warm.. He check her temperature..and give a angry look.. Asking you didn’t take pain killer? She says no.. He asks why? She replies i wanted to enjoy my hubby’s violent nature so.. He says but now if you get fever.. She hugs him and say nothing gonna happen don’t worry.. I’ll take fever tablets..not pain killer.. He asks her to get ready we will go to home.. She asks him to close eyes i don’t have single of cloth on my body.. He says i have seen everything.. She says really? But also close.. He close himself with blanket till then she wont move from bed.. She goes inside restroom and gets ready.. She comes out.. See him ready.. Both move back home..

Precap: Aishu drinking vodka and losing her control completely..

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