Love After Marriage (Part 65)

Aishu smiles… Reach home… She goes to take bath… She wears white and silver colour mix saree.. She wears simple Perl set… She search for silver waist chain.. She smiles.. Call arvi and ask where is he now? He replies more 25km ill be at home.. She says careful ? he says ok? .. She decorates cake.. She smiles and say I have keep everything ready… She switch off lights.. She smiles.. She gets msg that he will be there by 2min… He reach home open door with his keys..switch on lights.. He gets surprised… He see his pics and her pics.. Arranged in form I love you arvi.. He smiles.. She comes.. He see her and ask what you want to say? Please tell… She smiles and says I love you Arvi … He asks bcz im your husband know? She says no never.. If you were not my husband are best person I found.. You are best gift my parents gave me.. Not only hubby but you’re my best friend..

You encouraged me for everything.. If I say like this I think I will never stop.. He smiles.. She says if you think I said I love you bcz you’re my hubby then you’re wrong.. Do you think any girl would kiss just to make guy forget bad habit I did it bcz I love you more than myself.. You are perfect in everything I don’t you to be imperfect some things.. When you met me and asked when you will join animation course I thought you are different.. When you said me we will be friends till I say I love you I thought you gentleman but when you said others don’t have right to say anything about our personal life I thought you give importance my wishes then others talks.. Even for amma and mom you said they have no right to talk about it I was thinking I got best person as hubby you understand guess about me correctly..If I don’t say anything you will read my mind and say it.. My friends keep teasing me but when they see with you their eye us with full jealous feeling its more than anything for a girl..i never thought I would get married to such a sweet person who values girl’s wishes than anything else.. Arvi smiles.. She says sorry sorry I didn’t ask you for dinner.. She asks him to have dinner..runs towards kitchen… He comes there.. He see cooking.. Comes very close to her she smiles… He hugs from behind…keeps his hands near her tummy… She says Arvi dinner… He slowly say in her ears we will have afterwards.. She nods ok.. She turns towards him.. Say at least coffee or tea? She don’t know but she keeps saying one other things but he keeps his finger on her lips and say be quite.. She see his eyes.. He pulls her near..can hear her heart beats..she try to move from there but he pins to wall.. He asks are you giving me hubby rights now? She nods yes…but is nervous he feels it and slowly start kissing her near neck.. She hugs him tightly…

He hugs her back.. He say her you look beautiful when you’re nervous.. He kiss her forehead saying so.. She smiles.. She pushes him and runs towards terrace.. He comes behind her.. He see it’s fully decorated with Diya’s … It’s return I love you Arvi with Diya’s.. He smiles.. He see her and she smile… She signs see sky.. He see .. With help of crackers a message is shown” worlds best hubby I love you” she comes towards him and say I love you giving him a red rose and diary milk chocolate.. He replies I love you too…??? She smiles… He asks do you know full form of diary milk? She nods no.. He says ” darling I always remember you… Meet immediately for a long kiss” She blushes…and say I thought you are… He see her.. She says you’re naughty boy too.. He says I should be with my wife right? She smiles and nods ok? He comes close to her and she steps back… She reach wall.. She nods no to him.. He comes very close to her.. She keeps starring at his face..she is blank..she says herself I did on that day…

now he is doing nothing else be clam aishu he is you’re hubby you love him.. He kiss her.. She tightly catch his shirt..she as closed her eyes… She loses herself slowly slowly and start responding him… He pulls her closer.. Her grip tightens… After 15min he slowly leave her.. Both are breathing heavily.. Both see each other… Suddenly hug… He cups her face… Asks shall I proceed? She nods ok… He lifts her and takes her to room.. He opens door..see its fully decorated thinks she is prepared for this and smile.. She smiles and say I know you won’t touch without my permission so I thought of giving you feeling of our fight night.. He says is it not our first night? She smiles and say I mean… He smile.. He makes her lie down on bed.. She smile.. He sleeps next to her.,.. She gets up… He catch her hand.. She signs door.. She goes to close… He comes there.. She doesn’t turn back.. He hugs her..

Slowly puts her hair front … He says why are so tensed? she nods no.. He start kissing her neck.. Slowly remove her Perl set.. She as closed her eyes… He brings her near bed… Her heart beats are raising high… He removes her blouse knot she nods no.. He opens her pallu pin.. She says please… But she see his eyes… She stops talking… He removes her saree.. She is just obeying him… He lifts her and makes her lie… He seats next to her.. She closes her eyes and just feel his love in his touch… She hugs him as he sleeps next to her.. He slowly removes her blouse… She tries to cover herself with hands but he catch her hands which were moving upwards.. She gives him pleasing look.. He says not now…

Slowly kiss her… From forehead to waist.. He start kissing her belly button…she move her hands in his hair.. She gets lost in his touch..kisses… He conquers her body completely… She holds bed sheet as move down… When he kiss her foot,she raise up and say no… He smile and say you’re my wife… Be silent. She nods ok… Thinks if I leave him,he will definitely kill me with his touch…im dying here.. She hugs him… she starts kissing him… Slowly removes his shirt buttons.. He smiles.. And removes her remaining clothes… He lie on bed…pull her on his top.. Then covers themselves with blanket.. She hugs him.. Both consummate their marriage..

After 2hrs she wakes up… She smiles and seeing him..thinks he is so silent but violent in bed.. She tries stepping down from bed.. He pulls her… She falls above him…she says please da… He leaves her.. She takes his shirt… He says when im here why you need my shirt… She says to cover myself from you… She uses washroom.. Her leg chain sounds makes him mad… She brings cake… And switch recorded video of their photos..he wakes up and smiles seeing her.. She wishes him happy birthday ? he pulls her..cake falls but he catches.. She says thank you ? he asks why? She says I prepared cake so… He says ok… He cuts cake… She feeds him.. He applies cream on her face.. She gives him angry look.. He smiles and start kissing her… She smiles… He asks her for his present? She says I don’t have ☹ I forgot to bring.. He says so bad.. She makes sad face.. He hugs her and say you gave yourself to me this is best birthday gift..she blushes… She hugs him and say sorry I made you wait for 3.5 months.. He says it’s ok…

At least now you’re feeling sad na.. She takes pillow and hits him.. He pulls her … Both fall on bed… She smiles and seats on bed… He says himself you made me wait for 4yrs for this you’re thinking about escaping from this na..i won’t leave you for a minute… She says but ill not allow you do so… He smiles hearing here.. He asks really? Pulling her towards bed… They get close…. She says you’re phone is ringing… She runs down stairs.. He comes behind her.. She says mom call.. He receives it.. Mom ,dad and granny wish him happy birthday ?.. He thanks them.. Mom asks did you teach home.. He lies im in Chennai morning flight ill leave.. Mom says ok take care? bye goodnight sweet dreams ? he cuts call.. Aishu says Chennai? He hugs her and say I don’t want anyone to disturb us now… She pulls his ears and say ill call mom wait… He asks her what you will say her? She says you’re here… He asks if mom asks what we are doing? She beats him and say you’re bad boy… He says I know… She smiles and say Rakshas… He asks what? She says you’re name is Rakshas from now onwards.. He asks why? She says bcz you’re so.. Both laugh… She says you’re my lovely Rakshas… Both move upstairs… She says morning friends might shall I go clean everything.. He says ok… She goes down to arrange things down.. He cleans room… He changes bed cover.. He thinks she might have pain.. She didn’t say a word.. He puts bed cover and blanket for washing.. They both go together to terrace and arrange as it was… She thanks for helping her.. He asks are you okay? She nods yes..

He asks no pain? She says no.. He says lie.. She says no.. She hugs him… He says in her ears I changed bedcover I know… She smiles..says don’t worry ill take pain killer.. He smiles.. She says im feeling hungry da… He says its 2am.. She says we will take bath and have something please da..atleast juice?? He says ok… She starts moving down.. He asks shall I help you in taking bath? She say keep my clothes ready ill take bath.. He says ok.. She smiles and kiss him on forehead move down.. He goes down after 20min… She is taking bath.. She thinks of his talks and smile.. She comes out wearing bathrobe.. He gives her clothes.. He goes to take bath.. She wears dress.. She imagine herself getting undressed again in Arvi’s hands and say im gone mad… He comes out… See her getting ready.. She see him.. He comes near she asked what happened? He remove her towel… Her hair falls… She smiles.. He slowly puts it into bun.. She nods no .. He leaves her hair… He move her hair … He puts sindoor she smiles… She says ill bring juice.. He nods ok… She goes down.. He goes down… Both have juice.. He says her please take tablets.. She says ill da.. She hugs him.. He asks her are you really happy? She says you’re my life you most happiest person today… Both sleep… She hugs and says thank you for everything once again ? He hugs and sleep..

Precap: Aishu and arvi dancing on a romantic song ? later aishu drinking vodka bcz of frank by her friends.. Then…

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  1. The long wait fr arvi’s luv is answered really the best episode dr….romantic and lovely…arshu my fav rockzz…u kill me by ur narration..awww,….really awesome dr…keep on updating ? the best birthday gift for arvi?

  2. Pooja dr u r so romantic yaar seriously oh god….. aishu drinking omg

  3. wow wonderful episode thank you pooja give such a romantic episode.

  4. Pooja sorry for not commenting these days actually I was very busy with work n preparing for xams. But after reading 2days epi I couldn’t stop myself or I would have just read
    Pooja dr fantabulous awsum superb I don’t have words u n ur story is awsum u r making me crazy these days with ur ff
    Aishu arvi r Di best
    Keep going n next part soon

  5. Awesomeeeeee, lovely, veryyyyyyy romantic episode…awwww…arvi’s best bday gift ever…the most awaited episode…aishu n arvi very lovely couple…finally she accepted arvi as her husband n love of life…best episode, nicely narrated…loved the way aishu decorated the house for him..and afterwords arvi’s concern for her health…very well written…pooja you’re sooo amazing writer…each n every details of this story from very first episode is really very interesting…keeping me glued…making it unique epic piece of art…salute to you my dearrr friend…..precap also very interesting…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads and very very tight hug, muaaaaahhhhhh

  6. Pooja today’s was most romantic episode. Love my arshu couple…

  7. Till Jan 28th ill be busy with externals. I’ll try to update at least small updates . Miss you all bye take care ?

  8. Pooja ur awsmmmm yr..tdy part no words…

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