Love After Marriage (Part 64)


Manu gets down from car.. He asks that guy what are you doing here? Guy replies just roaming.. How is your sister? Married na? Busy with arvi? Manu says don’t ask about her.. Guy says yaya i know that she lost memory.. Manu holds his collar and say as if I don’t know you are reason behind it..but just waiting for aishu if say same then see what’s gonna happen with you.. Guy laughs and say I was back of her for two years but from that time you’re back of me.. Manu say you just forget her else.. Guy replies who can forget such a hottie..i still have her dance video in college function.. Manu takes his phone and breaks it… Guy replies him you can break phone but not.. Manu tell him don’t even dare to come near aishu..else I’ll not think for a minute ill kill you.. Guy leave from there without listening to him.. Manu says himself why is Aishu’s past coming front again..what shall I do if I say about that incident arvi then.. No I won’t say till time comes… Then drive back home…

Aishu is seeing tablets and thinks why im feeling I have seen this tablets before..i have been with him such suition before..i know we had a love that we were so close that we knew everything about each other…i wanna be with you arvi and makes some new memories but see you’re not allowing me to…☹ she feels sleepy..goes to wash her face… She comes back and sleep off seating on sofa.. At 6am.. She wakes up.. She see arvi sleeping.. Goes near him and check fever..say he is fine? fever got reduced.. She goes to take bath.. After that she prepare breakfast.. Then she hears his voice and runs towards room.. See him talking in phone about work and get angry.. She gives him angry look..

He holds his ears and say sorry.. She comes and ask him why did he have papaya? He replies I wasn’t knowing that juice contains it.. I had only juice… She asks him to promise he won’t have such juice.. Or anything containing papaya… He says ok ill promise.. She asks him to freshen up.. He goes to take bath… She goes down and keep his food ready and say herself from this whatever might be happen ill make sure he doesn’t have anything related to papaya..i will also not have it he is important to me more than my wishes… She takes breakfast to bed room.. She makes him seat on sofa and feeds him breakfast.. He keeps observing her.. She asks are you okay now? He nods yes.. She smile. He asks you’re breakfast? She says after you have tablets ill take my breakfast da.. He takes tablets.. She makes him sleep… She thinks of having breakfast but get busy in work.. She gets chinu call at 10:30… She talks with his mom and say sorry.. That aunty say first take care of Arvi.. Chinu say her im coming there..ill give Arvi punishment see.. Aishu smiles..

Afternoon chinu comes with his mom.. She leaves him and goes for work.. Chinu comes to room where Arvi is sleeping and say Arvi wake up… Arvi wake up and see chinu.. Chinu hugs him and say you are bad boy you didn’t like me coming here so you had papaya… Arvi say no chinu I had it not knowing da.. You are my friend na… Chinu gives him sour chocolate’s and say have this you won’t get vomit…else if you do it on me I don’t other dress to wear here… Aishu who is listening this smiles.. Arvi see her and smile.. She gives him lunch and tablets.. Chinu ask her to feed him else he will also throw tablets like I do.. Arvi smiles.. Aishu feeds lunch and then make him take tablets.. Chinu says good girl… Aishu asks arvi to sleep.. Arvi say her from yesterday night im sleeping… Aishu says then come down and see tv with chinu.. Arvi and aishu with chinu come down.. Chinu puts doreamon and say aishu see him.. Aishu smiles.. All three together see cartoons..

Aishu is watching TV but her mind is all on Arvi.. She smiles seeing him enjoying with chinu… Chinu says we will take selfies… Aishu gives her phone.. He and arvi take selfies.. Chinu ask aishu to join.. When she comes.. He says you both kiss me on my cheeks… They both do… After one selfie such.. Chinu say more one … Aishu smile.. While taking photo suddenly chinu moves down.. Aishu and Arvi’s lips touch..ya selfie is taken same.. Chinu laughs loud.. Both open eyes.. See each other.. Aishu move back.. Arvi say sorry.. Chinu keeps smiling and say I fooled you both… Aishu runs to catch him… He runs behind arvi and say you’re bad at running aishu.. Aishu catch him and arvi say leave him else he make this news .. Aishu understands and say ill get ice cream for chinu and juice for arvi leave from there.. Aishu comes to kitchen.. Smiles remembering what happened.. She gives ice cream and juice.. Chinu’s mom come.. She see him having ice cream and say aishu you gave him ice cream again..he wont have dinner now.. Aishu asks him to take dinner else I wont meet you again.. Chinu promise to take dinner.. Then after a while chinu leaves with his mom.. Arvi and aishu seat together…

Talk about chinu.. She asks will you have anything now? He says no please.asks did you have tablets? Aishu nods no.. He asks her to have tablets first.. Aishu says I heard somewhere if we wish something and fast its good.. He understands she didn’t have food from morning…and say you have gone mad.. She smiles.. He smiles without knowing… She hugs him and say you’re my first priority if anything happens to you then what will i do? He hugs her back..say nothing gonna happen.. She smiles..

Both go for sleeping… Sunday both get busy with work… Monday morning.. Aishu wakes up arvi.. He say more 5min.. She says ok you sleep ill go for meeting.. He wakes up and go to take bath.. She smiles.. She comes down and does puja.. She prays for arvi… Then both leave for office.. There both get busy with work.. Won’t even meet for lunch.. While coming back home.. They talk related to work in car… At home also same work matter.. Aishu says just 1month more project will be completed.. He thanks her for helping him.. She gets angry and replies ok.. He understands she is angry.. Say sorry… She smiles.. Then both go for sleeping.. Morning Arvi wake up early..see aishu sleeping and smile..

Aishu wakes up with seeing him awake she prays god to bless for this day .. He see her and smile.. She goes for cooking breakfast.. He goes to take shower.. Then come out and pack bag.. She comes and ask him to have breakfast.. He goes down.. She takes bath and she also goes down.. He asks her to go and stay with amma.. She smiles.. He says please.. She also says please.. Both smile.. They have breakfast… Then leave for office.. Afternoon arvi leave for Chennai.. Aishu keeps taking his updates.. Tapu smiles seeing her concern… Manu say see her and learn.. Tapu start arguing with him lovingly.. Aishu smiles hearing them.. Then they all move back home.. Tapu stay with aishu and both are busy preparing for Arvi’s surprise.. They sleep at 12..

Aishu is talking with arvi.. Then tapu and aishu leave for office.. Both get busy with office work.. At evening.. Aishu invite everyone for Arvi’s birthday party.. And say tomorrow no need of working I mean its holiday.. Manu say on Friday we will celebrate na.. So continue holiday till Monday.. Then aishu leaves office.. She smiles while coming back home.. She remembers tapu wishing all the best..and say herself from today ill become his wife..

Precap: Aishu proposing Arvi..???

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  6. Cute episode. Waiting for nxt one. Update sooon.

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