Love After Marriage (Part 63)


Arvi is coming back from meeting.. He thinks of changes in Aishu’s close she is she kissed him..what she said in mad bcz of you.. I heard ppl in love are equal to mad ppl.. Her hug..smiles..naughtiness..her trust on him… He says himself im getting back my jaan… Smiles.. Reach office.. See aishu busy with work.. She sense him and smile while doing work.. Tapu see her and say enough of smiling do work.. Aishu says i didn’t smile..ok.. Tapu says im not Arvi to believe whatever you say and keep quite.. Aishu doesn’t reply her..

At lunch time., aishu goes to give arvi his tiffin box.. Arvi see her coming and say someone said they will wear saree.. She smiles and replies what to her hubby get disturbed bcz of it..? he asks what? She says you know.. Suddenly chinus call comes.. She gets busy with it.. He feeds her, she says if you feeding me like this then ill become fat.. He says don’t worry from tomorrow we both can go for jogging.. She hugs him saying you’re are most loving person on earth.. He asks does my wife love me? She smiles and say don’t know.. Bcz she not understanding what you’re asking about… He asks what? She says make her understand you’re question first to get answer… He just remembers her talks before accident.. He smiles and understand her talk..

She smiles and goes back to work.. He says I know you love me.. But I need those words from you ?? she smiles and says herself arvi you know very well that I love you.. After office timings both leave together… She see him sleepy and ask him to seat .. Ill drive.. He asks her to put seat belts before driving.. Both reach home talking about what all with each in day.. Aishu asks him to freshen up and come back.. She gets busy with kitchen.. When he comes back she goes to take bath.. She comes out and both start having dinner.. He is completely lost in her eyes.. He thinks why her are saying I know about past love.. She distracts him talking about chinu.. That it’s Saturday tomorrow.. He wants to be with what time will you leave to pick him..

Arvi keeps observing her talk without having dinner.. He says after 10.. She comes seats next to him.. Asks him what happened? Why are you not having dinner? Is food badly prepared? She takes bite from his plate.. Then starts feeding him.. He doesn’t speak a word.. He just goes to terrace after dinner.. She thinks what happened to him? Why is he so silent.. She cleans kitchen. She goes to terrace..thinking if he is smoking? She see him staring at sky and say herself he have some doubts not tensed.. She stands next to him.. She slowly keeps her hand on his hand.. He feels her touch.. He see her standing next to him.. Suddenly hug her.. She is confused but leave him to do whatever he want.. She smiles and ask why are so silent? Did I do any mistake? He doesn’t respond.. She slowly pats his back and ask him again… He leaves her and say sorry.. Go from there.. She is shocked with his behaviour.. Stands still…

He comes inside room and sleep on bed.. She comes back after a while.. She seats next to him.. Slowly touch his forehead.. Sense he got fever.. Then takes thermometer and check his temperature.. She see its 103 degree.. She panics.. But tell herself he will be fine.. Call Dr aunty and ask about medicines.. Then take tablet which were given to her before and feed him.. He sleeps.. She doesn’t sleep.. She keeps herself awake… He wake up and run towards to washroom.. He vomits.. She is tensed.. When he comes out.. She makes him sleep.. She checks time and thinks I cant call Dr aunty at this time..what shall I do? She says tapu.. Then calls her and say everything.. Manu and Surya gets to know about Arvi’s fever.. All reach home.. Tapu see aishu tensed and say don’t worry nothing gonna happen.. Surya and Manu take Arvi to hospital.. Aishu accompanies them.. At hospital..

Doctor check arvi and tell he had something.. Aishu replies morning breakfast he had outside.. He tell might be he as some allergy with anything., aishu says papaya.. Doctor gives him injection.. And prescribe medicines.. Manu goes to get.. Surya and aishu take him towards car.. Surya ask her to seat,let him sleep on your lap.. She does so.. Then they move towards home.. Manu observe aishu crying and say himself she is so tensed for him.. Surya see Aishu and say don’t worry..he gets well by Monday.. Bcz everytime he had this problem.. Manu says ya by Monday but you should be careful with food given to him now.. She says kichadi, curd rice and dal no roties and pulpy fruits.. They both get shocked with what she is saying..stop car and turn back..ask her how do you know? She says I also don’t know how I know but I remember this menu heard somewhere.. Surya resume driving.. Manu signs him she is remembering things… They both become happy.. They reach home.. Surya and manu help Arvi reach room.. Aishu thanks them.. They both together say we did this for our lovely sister we don’t need thanks.. Call us at anytime if emergency comes ok.. She smiles and nods okay.. Tapu and they both leave.. Aishu close door and seat next to Arvi and take care of him..

Manu say tapu what happened in Aishu said off things.. Tapu says him Sai told na..whenever it’s required her past things will be remembered.. He asks when Sai gonna come back.. She says on Monday.. Manu drops Surya..then tapu and goes towards home.. He see someone in middle of road and gets shocked…

Precap: Manu slapping a guy… He asks not to return back ..say if I see you anywhere around aishu ill kill you without thinking of it for a second

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  1. So chweet of aishu….nice episode…keep going pooja …and who is that guy manu slapping?

  2. wow super dear update soon plz

  3. Keep guessing.. Friends… He is main villain that’s for sure… Please let me know about your views about this fiction…

  4. Oh god another villian nw. Let it be i’m happy with our cute couple n their love story.

  5. Oh god our aishu arvi love was too gud yaar

  6. How cute it is….pooja keep going I am just attached to it..☺☺☺
    I think villain is the one who made aishu’s accident!!!!!!!!???

  7. Very cute epi pooja n I guess it’s sharath

  8. Wow yaar pooja u r a great writer tumhari Yeh story amazing hai romance drama thrill everything in one keep going girl ???

  9. Loved this episode. Was waiting for the story.. Anyway enjoyed it. And you are making this story more interesting and curious… Update nxt part soooon…

  10. Wow… Loved it ???

  11. I think u pooja updating day by day….right

  12. Very good episode, loved it very much…hope arvi get better soon n aishu get her memory back soooooooon. ..keep it up pooja…you’re amazing writer. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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