Love After Marriage (Part 62)


Arvi comes to kitchen.. He helps her with cooking.. He takes out roti maker.. She says I didn’t prepare for roti., he asks her to take flour ill help you.. She say ok.. She is mixing water and flour.. He hugs her for from back.. He puts his hands on her hands… She smiles.. Her hair bun removes.. It falls on his face.. He keeps smiling.. After completing work.. He washes his hands.. Then plates her hair.. She smiles and thanks him.. Then he starts preparing roti.. Then both start having their dinner…
She thinks how cute my hubby is.. Then Arvi gets chinu’s call… He tells aishu see you’re boyfriend called.. She asks who? He replies chinu.. He receives call.. Chinu asks him where is aishu? He puts phone on speaker.. She talks with him.. He says after you’re marriage you didn’t call me only.I wanna meet you.. She says on Saturday we will meet complete of your home work okay.. He says ok aishu but on Saturday morning send you’re arvi to pick me.. Arvi says yes boss ill pick you.. Now go and sleep.. Aishu starts laughing… Arvi says after marriage I thought ill be driver only for you but now you see im becoming driver for him also.. She keeps seeing him and say you said he is my boyfriend na.. So it’s you’re duty only na.. She goes to wash vessels.. She thinks of his talks and smile..till next Wednesday you are just my friend then … Arvi see lost in thoughts think is this your love or anger towards me.. She turns back and smile.. Take vessels he brought and tell to herself keep thinking you idiot ? but just more 7days for you… He goes from there..
After completing her work.. She goes to her room.. She arrange bed and think where is he.. She goes to terrace..see him smoking.. She thinks why he have this habit..what shall I do ? She goes near him..ask him what happened.. He nods nothing.. She signs cigarette?? He throws it.. She smiles and ask why you use it? He says just I was tensed.. She asks shall I give you tension remover… He asks what? She asks do you need it or not… He nods yes but what is that.. She slowly comes near him.. He can hear her heart beats.. She pulls him near to her.. Suddenly she gives him lip kiss.. He gets shocked… He hugs her… She leaves him.. He asks is this tension remover? She nods yes.. She asks if you don’t like this then use cigarette only I don’t have problem… He throws cigarette pack.. She smiles and hugs him… Says thank you ? He thinks why her kiss always shock me… She asks what happened? He asks have you done it with love or … She says you’re my make you leave bad habits I can do anything.. He says oh really.. She says any doubts? He says you cleared my doubt just now.. She smiles and says im sleepy.. They both go to bedroom.. He asks her to sleep on bed.. And say ill adjust on sofa.. She says you also sleep on bed its ok.. He goes to put phone for charging.. She sleeps.. When he comes back he see her sleeping and say you’ll give a hint that you’re near to me than make me think opposite to it.. He sleeps on sofa..
Morning Aishu wakes up and smiles thinking about last night.. She says herself see him he is so controlled about his feelings towards me but im going mad in his love.. She goes to take bath.. He wakes up and sleep on bed… She comes out.. Wake up him.. He suddenly pulls her .. She falls down on him.. Her hair falls on him.. He smiles.. She says sorry and stand up..aren’t you coming for office. He says not me you aren’t coming with me.. She asks why? He says take rest I’ll manage work.. She says just more 2months ill come after that I wont come don’t worry.. He asks why? She says simply.. I want to enjoy freedom.. He says ok.. She thinks I wanna go out with you idiot.. He goes to take bath.. She goes to kitchen..thinks I should complete that work before this weekend.. She prepares breakfast..then goes to get ready.. He see her trying to get her.. She thanks him.. Both go down to have breakfast.. He thinks about last night and smiles.. She see him..and remember about same..think if he feels I’m getting advanced to him? More 7days da… I will be yours forever in correct meaning… After that both leave for office.
In office..Tapu see aishu and ask her fever reduced? Aishu nods yes.. She and tapu leave for their desk.. Aishu thinks of informing tapu about her plan.. She texts her come to canteen when you’re free.. Tapu replies okay.. They both meet in canteen.. Tapu asks What you wanted to talk? Aishu says you said me to propose doing that on his birthday.. She asks bcz I said you or you wish? Aishu smiles tapu understand and say thank god! Else I would have used some other formula.. Aishu asks what? Tapu says you’re kid yet when you grow up ill tell.. Aishu smiles and ask her send those photos da.. Tapu says however you have fallen in love again take photos now.. Aishu says but I need some pics please.. Tapu says ok..its in your old mail id .. Aishu asks what? Mail ? Tapu says yes.. I’ll give you mailid and password wait.. She sends her msg in WhatsApp. Aishu thanks her.. both leave canteen and get busy in work.. Aishu opens mail and see their pics… She thinks how could I forget him? She smiles and says herself ill make myself the way I was .. Aishu and Arvi are busy with work.. She complete her surprise for him.. She thinks im falling love with you everyday.. Just more 7days.. Tapu and Manu meet
Tapu: Busy with work..
Manu: Noo busy with my engagement preparation..
Tapu: Smiles… She says did you plan anything for Arvi’s birthday…
Manu: Ya..
Tapu: But …
Manu: What?
Tapu: Let Arvi celebrate his birthday with aishu..
Manu: But party…
Tapu: After Saturday da..
Manu: But 2days difference? Why da?
Tapu: Stupid understand da..
Manu: When will we celebrate such birthday..
Tapu: After marriage..?
Manu: Ok…
Manu and tapu.. Go to buy coffee.. Aishu comes there.. Manu ask her madam how are you now? Fever reduced? Aishu nods fine… She gets amma call.. Aishu excuses and goes.. Tapu say him Arvi and aishu are just friends I asked you not to disturb them .. He asks what friends? She says they are friends in house.. He understands and say his love is tested again and again what is this da.. Tapu says don’t worry everything will be proper… Aishu comes back.. Manu says lets go out after this project.. Aishu says sorry im joining SAP classes da.. Manu asks her why you always wanna be busy.. Aishu says nothing like that I have to write that exam this march.. Manu says ok..
Arvi is busy with workers.. He see one worker falling down.. He goes to help him.. Then manu and Arvi take him for hospital.. They come to know worker is suffering of fever from one week.. They ask doctor to make him undergo different tests and see any big problem is there. Aishu calls him and ask whether uncle is ok now? He says he as got fever.. She asks him to take care of uncle.. He asks her to go home with tapu.. She says ok.. I’ll go.. He thinks about Aishu’s health after accident she is suffering so much.. Manu comes and he go out pay hospital bills..
Aishu and tapu reach home.. Aishu shows her things which she prepared.. Tapu hugs her and say till now I thought just Arvi love aishu..but now I confirmed aishu love arvi also.. Aishu smiles…asks Tapu to call Manu here.. We will have dinner together.. She nods ok.. Tapu call Manu.. Say about dinner.. Aishu and tapu gets busy preparing dinner.. Tapu says go take bath ill complete arranging.. Aishu says ok.. Tapu say something in her ears..she smiles and nods ok.. Aishu goes to take bath..then gets ready as tapu asked to.. She smiles while wearing saree… Then she comes down,tapu see her and ask when did you learn? She replies yesterday… Tapu says yesterday this work you were doing? She nods yes..ask her to fresh up.. Tapu goes to fresh up.. Aishu thinks mom told wear saree. What’s in this dress? Why is this his weakness? She goes to room and see herself in mirror..thinks what’s different? Same aishu only na.. She observe again..see her bellybutton and waist exposed.. Then understand and smile telling herself oh then..blushes.. She thinks of using this and make him get mad… Tapu comes there..see aishu lost thinks love makes everything happen.. She says don’t worry arvi will be here by 15min.. Aishu smiles..
Arvi and Manu reach home.. Tapu open door.. Aishu comes.. They all seat and talk about uncle. Manu tells lets have dinner.. All seat together and have.. Tapu see there aishu and arvi think love is filled in their life..let that happiness also fill them. After dinner Tapu and Manu leave.. Aishu close door and go to arvi.. He see and say her tomorrow there is a meeting ill going there.. She asks at what time? He say at 9:30 ,ill leave home early..she says then breakfast? He says ill have at canteen.. She smiles and say him to sleep early then.. He asks her can she be alone in this for a night? She asks why? He says Tuesday morning i should leave for Chennai.. She asks why? He says for meeting..ill be back by Wednesday evening by 7pm.. She says ok.. He comes near her and cups her face say won’t you fear of being alone..shall I call amma or you can stay there na.. She replies Amma will come to know we are just friends..then it will become big matter.. He says we are husband and wife but we are in stage of understanding each other.. She smiles.. He says you’re my life no one have right to interfere in this matter da..that’s our personal life.. She hugs and thanks him.. He smiles and say if you keep hugging me like this..then if anything happens then you for blame me for not keeping promise ? she leave him and say you’re not person who doesn’t keep promise ? He smile and say aren’t you sleepy? But im sleepy. She smiles.. Both leave for sleeping.. She seats and plates her hair.. He see her and think you’re looking so cute today but I can’t afford to say that.. She see him and smile say him sleep..i have some work.. She takes her laptop and goes down.. He sleeps.. She is busy shopping .. She thinks tomorrow is Friday,but I can’t do puja at home..shall I ask him to ? She closes laptop and goes to room see him sleeping.. Take a blanket and cover him.. She sleeps thinking about him.. Early morning..he wakes up and see her sleeping.. Think till when I should be away from you? I wish before my birthday you get your memory back…so that we can celebrate the way we used to celebrate.. He see her belly’s fully exposed bcz of pallu moved in her sleep.. He takes blanket and cover her.. Then goes for taking bath.. Aishu wakes up and see blanket smile.. Arvi comes out and see her.. She see him, say herself why are you so caring… Im just fall in love every minute. He comes near her and say ill drop you at office get ready.. She smiles and ask him select a dress ill bring coffee.. He thinks started testing me huh? I know what you want to wear ? but I don’t want you to.. He takes white top and jeans for her.. She comes back with coffee.. Smiles…asks him to take what he like to wear.. He comes near her and say you’re testing my patience… She says ohhh.. He pins her to wall..she smiles.. He says you’re my bad habit too aishu.. She smiles and says it’s 8:15?? He gets shocked and say bye then.. I’ll go you don’t go to office. She says ok ill come to that meeting place only.. He says you’re gone mad.. She puts her hands around his neck and say what to do… It’s all because of you I mean im with mad then ill also became na? He asks really mad huh? She winks and say I heard that people who are in love are equal to mad people.. He smiles and say who will not go mad bcz of his wife who is so beautiful… He slowly keeps his hand on her waist .. She keeps giving him smile.. Then signs him see watch.. He leaves her and takes bag runs towards car.. She keeps laughing…then goes to take shower… She remembers about him and smile.. Thinks just 5 days.. On 6th day I’ll be his forever ?? .. She comes out and wear the dress he selected.. She prepares lunch and pack it.. She leaves for office..

Precap: Arvi going to airport…

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