Love After Marriage (Part 61)


Arvi asking aishu to take rest.. Aishu smiles and say him to go… He goes.. She smiles..then goes to take bath.. After that she goes to see there pics in that room.. She smiles seeing there pics..thinks if that accident wasn’t happened how wonderful there life would be.. She see diary and say herself I won’t read it.. I want our new love story should be more beautiful than that.. She smiles and think to know all his favourite things..

She calls mom..
Mom: Aishu how are you?
Aishu: Im fine mom.. You and dad?
Mom: We too dear.. Where is my son?
Aishu: Went to office..
Mom: Oh ok..then dear
Aishu: Mom can I ask something..
Mom: Ya..
Aishu: What all arvi like?
Mom: You…
Aishu: Mom..
Mom: Ok ok ill send a mail of his likings.. Take care..
Aishu: Thank you mom.. Love you..? ?
Mom thinks aishu is falling in love with arvi I should help her.. I wont say about this to arvi.. Let him be surprised with his life.. She sends mail to aishu .. Aishu calls back and say thanks..
Mom: Is someone falling in love with arvi?
Aishu: Blushes mom….
Mom: All the best dear..
Aishu: Thank you mom??

Mom asks her to take care of herself.. Then asks her to get ready to wear saree… Aishu say ok bye mom… Aishu starts reading mail.. Smiles seeing most of things are common… Leaving papaya and saree.. Then says herself my hero’s weakness is saree.. Open internet and try learning how to wear saree.. But she gets doubt how come so many of our pics are with saree,,, she thinks might be Tapu or amma helped me.. If Arvi ever helped me in it huh? She smiles… After 5 hrs of continues practice she wear saree 75% properly.. She thinks who invented this material? Then again focus on that work… At last before Arvi reach home she learns to wear saree… Arvi reach home.. He comes inside and see aishu cooking.. He asks her how are you now? She replies im fine.. How was your day at office? He replies good.. She comes near him and make crying face and ask you mean if I don’t come to office your day will be good? He says not like that.. I just concentrated on work today., she asks if I there will I disturb you? With fake anger..

He says if you’re there I should take care of you..then work.. He says this making cry face.. She starts laughing… He see her and get shocked.. She comes close to him and say go fresh up.. He understand that she was making fun and smile a bit.. He tries going.. She comes in front of him and hold ears and say sorry.. He then also simply move, she sit-ups and say sorry.. He smiles but keep moving.. She comes running and stand on stairs a step above him..cups his face and kiss on cheeks say sorry.. He get shocked… She says I don’t know other ways of saying sorry..chinu said if we kiss someone before saying sorry they will forgive us but… He start laughing..

She hits him lightly and ask him not to make such bad jokes.. She goes to kitchen… He thinks is she falling in love again? And smiles… He takes bath… After 30min he comes down.. He see her busy in kitchen.. He goes without making small noise also.. She sense his presence and smile.. She take roti powder in her hands.. When he comes near to her,she turns back and puts it on him.. Then start laughing… He takes flour and put on her..and start laughing… Both enjoy playing around kitchen.. Phone starts ringing… Arvi catch her hand..then he receive call.. He cuts call and see aishu… She says during these days hubby should not touch wife…it’s our custom don’t you know.. He leaves her hand.. She winks at him and smiles..

She runs to upstairs saying you’re really gone mad.. If anyone of your employees see you like this what they think..go take bath..
He smiles..runs to catch her.but she enters bathroom.. He goes to take clothes.. After 15min aishu comes out… He see her.. She says my top was full of flour when I saw that I didn’t take clothes to change I wore your shirt.. He smiles seeing her giving explanation..asks you could have come out to take dress .. She smiles and say then we would have played more.. He smiles and say ok… She goes down.. He goes to take bath.. She comes to kitchen and switch off video recorder..says herself.. Sorry Arvi I wanna keep some special moments of ours for your surprise ?

Precap: Aishu and Arvi’s love with chinu’s tadaka…

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