Love After Marriage (Part 60)


Aishu stops Tapu.. She asks what you are doing ? Tapu asks have you ever seen what is inside room? Aishu nods no.. Tapu asks have you ever thought why arvi take care of you so much? Aishu says he loves me.. She asks have you ever thought why he keeps check of what you have? Why he gives tablets?keep asking you take it.. Aishu nods no.. Tapu asks her haven’t you feel how why we means your friends so close to him? Aishu nods no.. Tapu say last question did you ever try to know about those two years? Aishu says I want to know everything but I was not allowed to think of know na how all kept busy? Tapu say you are my best friend I wanted to say everything but I was not allowed to say but today ill say you bcz I want my brother to get his love.. Tapu asks aishu to open room door.. Aishu tries to open it but I can’t..she say Tapu it’s locked.. She says open with your left will open.. Aishu use her left hand to open..door opens.. Tapu asks her to go in.. Aishu goes inside..

Tapu switch on lights.. Aishu see her pics.. Then her pic with arvi.. She goes near pics and touch those.. She see many teddy bears,heart pics..a big painting of them.. Then quotes written on every pic I love you my jadoogar on top left and I love you my jaan on right bottom .. She see diaries..she see its her handwriting.. She takes it and start reading.. She reads first diary and start crying… Tapu comes and hugs her.. Aishu says why im so bad? How much he has undergone because of me.. Tapu says her you are lucky to get him dear..he took care of you as mother.. You read all these diaries.. I’ll get you pics of you both which I have.. You will come to know how much he love you? Aishu asks her to say there story I don’t remember anything..please tapu please.. Tapu says I would have but I promised Arvi da..I just wanted you to know how much he loves you? Dear you will get your memory back.. Aishu asks I want my memory back..ill call Sai. Tapu says we implement his techniques da..but didn’t do so much.. Tapu says why vanu came and hugged arvi? Then Sai talking about jadoogar but it didnt work..he told you should get some shock only that brings back your memory.. Aishu cries and says I wanna meet him.. She calls Sai..
Sai: Hi meri rani what happened? Remembered me???

Aishu: Cries..
Sai: Why are you crying?? What happened?
Aishu: I want to meet you..
Sai: By weekend ill come back India.. You don’t cry..
Aishu: Ok Sai come fast…
Sai: Meri rani ill come there by 2days take care..
Aishu: Ok bye..

Sai goes to book tickets to return back India as fast as possible.. Here aishu keeps crying.. Tapu gets Arvi’s call,he asks where are you both? Tapu says we had come out for shopping da.. Arvi asks her to take care of aishu.. She says yas boss ill.. Aishu start feeling stomach pain.. Tapu asks what happened? Aishu replies something in her ear’s.. Tapu helps her and take her to her room.. After 15min aishu comes out.. Tapu asks are you okay? Aishu smiles.. And hugs Tapu crying.. She says Im bad girl much bad I thought about him,what he might have felt?? tapu says no dear he knows you very well.. Aishu keeps crying..cursing herself.. Tapu makes her have tablets and sleep.. She locks that room..thinks sorry arvi bhai I wanted her to know how much you love her..but as promised I didn’t tell anything just gave hints to her..

Tapu call and inform arvi I left aishu at home as she wanted. Arvi tells ok.. He leaves office after 30min..he keeps thinking of aishu and his closeness now a days.. He smiles.. He reach home..see aishu sleeping.. He keeps his hand on her forehead..feels she have fever.. He calls doctor.. After a while doctor comes and check aishu.. Dr say her menstrual cycle na so she got fever nothing else.. Arvi thanks Dr and goes to get fruits for aishu.. When he arrives he see her sleeping.. Thinks she might have come home for this reason.. He goes and prepares dinner.. Comes to room,,wake her up and feed her.. She keeps observing him..she starts to cry…suddenly hugs him..he thinks she is undergoing that pain but she is crying bcz she didn’t understand him.. He says nothing gonna happen sleep well and everything will be alright.. He makes her sleep.. He brings oil and massage her legs.. He takes care of her.. Then after some time he have dinner and sleep…

Morning aishu wakes up and find arvi sleeping on sofa.. She thinks why do you love me so much? She starts crying.. He wakes up and comes to her ask why you are crying? Are you okay? Sleep ill get you hot water.. She hugs him crying.. He seat on his knee..asks her what happened? Is it paining badly? Shall we go to doctor? She nods no..but keep crying.. He wipe’s her tears and kiss her on forehead. She keeps seeing him with tearful eyes.. He asks her to lie down.. I’ll come within 10min…

Aishu hugs her teddy bear and sleep.. He brings juice for her.. He see her sleeping and thinks why she is so sensitive? Why should undergo such pain? Shall I take her to doctor? Let she become okay then ill speak with her.. He wakes her up and makes her have juice.. He asks shall I call amma? She nods no.. Ask him to go for office..tomorrow ill join you.. He says I won’t go first you take rest.. She smiles and say there is important meeting at office.. He says you’re more important than it.. She stares at him and ask you are going…ill take care of myself.. He nods ok .. She thinks how much im hurting you? Im worst girl on earth.. Who can’t understand her hubby’s love for her.. He comes out after taking bath .. She tries to keep her foot down .. Before that he asks to wipe your foot with cloth else you’ll fall.. She nods ok.. Before she takes cloth to wipe he comes near her and wipe it… She keeps starring at him..

Precap : Aishu deciding not to know about their old love story but creating new love story which I more special than that..

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  1. Wow. . . Tapu did a realy gud job by showing fotos 🙂 i wish i 2 gt a hubby lyk arvi . . . 😉 Bt bad luck dat such a man doesnt exist on dis earth :-/
    n i lyk aishu’s idea f faling in love again frm the start. . . N v wil gt to read anothr lov stry of aishvi 🙂 😀 :-* pls updt nxt part too. . . . Cant wait dr. . .

  2. pooja u r really making us mad with ur story. Like we girls r only thinking of a hubby like arvi these days. as if prince charming frm fairy tales. wish some one is there like him.
    aishu u r really lucky. arvi n aishu r just amazing. N now another love story is gonna start. This is frm aishu’s side. I’m more excited for it.

  3. I love arvi yaar much caring he is…superrb episode pooja

  4. Awwwww so cute yaar

  5. Awww superb loved it :*

  6. Wow.. Amazing.. 60 episodes.. Great gng dear..

  7. words yar..
    .aishu very lucky

  8. Really love after marriage baby …reaching the topic slowly..pooja u r so grt dr.,…aww arshu rokzzz…i want their fresh luv and romance ya…aishu makng their new luv story spl will be interesting…waiting eagerly for your next update dr?

  9. Hi pooja thanks for sharing the link I have read all your parts (60) you are really amazing u have really very good skills of writing this story but while reading it’s really not a imagination but we can feel it for real life of two people??

  10. Great episode pooja. Arvi is so loving and caring. I wish all get a hubby like him… Aishu is really luck.
    In this episode I’ll say the hero is tapu.. Thanku tapu..
    Pooja update nxt part soon…..

  11. Awesome

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