Love After Marriage (Part 6)


Recap: Arvi and ash deciding to be friends
Arvi and ash come home. Amma see time and tells them to have lunch. While having lunch Ash tells Amma they are ready for marriage. Amma asks her really? Arvi nods yes. She asks ash to prepare coffee, ash goes to prepare. Arvi tells Amma this decision is making her pressurized but Amma tell him about date which was fixed for engagement and informed to relatives about it, how in Hindu religion others think if a girl relationship break before engagement itself. He asks her not to think of all this now and just I wanted ash be happy and free from tension. She tells doctor had told if ash undergoes too much tension she might start remembering things. Arvi just nods. After having coffee which ash had prepared he leaves.
Amma ask Ash again if you really want this to happen. Ash tells her whatever makes her Amma is important to her and she is finalised it. Amma tell her to take tablets and nap for a while. Ash goes to her room.
Amma tells about ash decision to Arvi’s mom and appa. Arvi’s mom decides to meet and do further arrangement. Appa comes home at 7pm ,he as bring ash favourite sweets and chocolates. Amma tells him about what all happened from morning. He asks her why did you pressurized her so much, she tells same reason which she gave for arvi. Appa argues with her but she calm’s him telling about religion and all.
After nap Ash wakes up,but because of tablets she is sleepy. She feel like taking shower before that she texts Arvi sorry we couldn’t go for movie. Her parents come to her room and her appa ask her why she wanna leave him and go to in-laws home so early. She replies him it is amma decision. He assures her you will be happy dear and don’t worry ?. She smiles back and both her parents bless her.

Precap: Just Arvi and Ash outing ???

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